After Action Reports (AARs)

I have compiled a list of my AARs below to make them easier to find and navigate through. I hope this list grows long indeed and provides much interest and inspiration – I know I always love to read other people’s AARs! Enjoy 🙂

Bolt Action

Barbarossa Mini-Campaign 1 – 600pts – Point Defence

Barbarossa Mini-Campaign 2 – 750pts – Minsk Pocket (Envelopment)

Operation Barbarossa Mini-Campaign 3 – 1000pts – Kiev Defensive Operation (Point Defence)

British Paras v Soviet Guards – 750pts – Key Positions

Kursk Mini-Campaign 1 – 750pts – Maximum Attrition

Kursk Mini-Campaign 2 – 750pts – Envelopement

Kursk Mini-Campaign 3 – 1000pts – Hold Until Relieved

Learning Bolt Action Against Myself – 400pts – Soviets V Germans

Retrieving the Reconnaissance – Soviet V Germany – 750pts

Soviet Last Stand – 600pts – Surrounded – Soviet v Germany

War in the Far East – Soviet V Japan – 750pts – Demolition

Battle of Pleshchenitsy – Soviet V Germany – 1000pts

Double Envelopment – Soviet V German – 1000pts

Demolition – Fallschirmjäger v Soviet

Manhunt – Hungary v Soviet

Danger Close – Soviet v Hungary (Hold Until Relieved)

Top Secret – Soviet v Fallschirmjäger

Key Positions – Australians v Germans

Flames of War

El Alamein Mini-Campaign 1 – Counterattack from Hill 28

El Alamein Mini-Campaign 2 – Push for “Woodcock”

El Alamein Mini-Campaign 3 – Assault on Tel El Aqqaqir

British V Deutsche Afrika Korp – Engagement

Hungarians V Soviets (Mid-War)

Hungarians V Soviets – “A Hill Too Far” (Mid-War)

Guild Ball

Blessing of the Scum Father 2

Guild Ball – First Game – Fish (Shark) V Fish (Corsair) (unfortunately no pictures)

Guild Ball – 2017-04-20 – Fish (Shark) V Union (Blackheart) (And I forgot pictures again)

Guild Ball – 2017-04-27 – Fish (Shark) V Engineers (Pin Vice)

Guild Ball – 2017-05-04 – Fish (Shark) V Alchemists (Smoke)

Guild Ball – 2017-05-11 – Fish (Shark) v Union (Blackheart)

Guild Ball – 2017-05-25 – Fish (Shark) V Hunters (Theron)

Guild Ball – 2017-06-08 – Fish (Shark) V Fish (Corsair)

Guild Ball – 2017-06-22 – Fish (Shark) V Union (Blackheart)

Guild Ball – 2017-06-29 – Brewers (Tapper) v Fish (Shark)

Guild Ball – 2017-07-01 – Brewers (Tapper) V Fish (Shark)

Guild Ball – 2017-07-01 – Fish (Shark) v Brewers (Tapper)


Operation Iron Centaur

Victory at Sea

IJN v US Navy (Introductory game)

Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Blast From the Past – Orcs and Goblins vs Vampire Counts (2.120pts)

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