Guild Ball – Fish (Shark) v Union (Blackheart)

Game from the other Thursday that I hadn’t got around to posting up, Fish v Union. Unfortunately there was no game last week (18 May 2017), but I’ll aim to get this week’s game up more promptly after the fact.


Me: Greyscales, Salt (msct), Siren, Shark (cpt), Jac, Angel

Darryl (of Nerdvana Games): Mist, Blackheart, Coin, Snakeskin, Avarisse & Greede, Decimate.

Match Report

I won the roll off and elected to receive. Snakeskin kicked off and scored a poor scatter, so Darryl re-rolled and scored a worse scatter, putting the ball a bit in front of Salt. I went with six influence for Shark, four for Angel, and one a piece for everyone else. Salt activated first, collected the ball and passed to Siren. This was a big mistake, because Snakeskin then activated, charged Siren, tackled the ball, threw up clone, and dodged, then scored. Me 0 v Darryl 4. Snakeskin then repositioned into cover.

6 - Kickoff.jpg

Ikicked the ball back in just in front Siren and used her to collect and pass to Shark. Decimate then moved up the pitch. Shark then put Quick Foot on Angel, used Tidal Surge on her, then moved up and passed to Angel, who took a momentous dodge 4” up. Coin threw up a token and jogged around a bit, nothing exciting, before Angel made her play. She sprinted up the right side of the pitch, hit Nimble, Supershot, and kicked on goal with five dice. And missed. The ball failed to scatter passed the goal, allowing Blackheart to collect and pass it back and forth between himself and Avarisse. Or he would have, had Avarisse not failed his kick, scattering the ball into space near the centre of the pitch.

7 - right side.jpg

Things were not going well and I could tell this was going to be a quick game, but there had to be something cool I could do. And you better believe there was. Snakeskin was a little over the goal line. I activated Jac, hit Ramming Speed, jogged him into Snakeskin to push her back towards the board edge, then used Jac’s heroic (for the first time ever). A further 4” push put her off the board and Taken Out. Me 2 v Darryl 4.

Next came Avarisse & Greede who powered up the pitch. Greede lept off Avarisse and worked his way through Siren with the ball. He couldn’t get out of both Siren and Jac’s range, but even with the -1 kick for being in Jac’s melee range he easily scored. Me 2 v Darryl 8. The ball came in and Greyscales collected it, before Mist made his way up the pitch.

8 - end T1.jpg

Turn two and I won the roll off and, stupidly, decided to go second. I forgot Mist had 2” melee. Also tackle on the first column. Also that Greyscales has 17” goal threat range. The influence assignment really doesn’t matter. Mist went first, charged Greyscales, nabbed the ball and dodged, and made an easy shot on goal. Match over, Me 2 v Darryl 12.

9 - end of game


It was a very quick game in which I made several mistakes. Passing to Siren: poor choice. Not going first in the second turn: another poor choice. Angel failing a 5 dice kick: the worst luck. I certainly didn’t bring my A game to the table, so hopefully I can be more focused this week!


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