Guild Ball – First Game

I had my first full game of Guild Ball last night. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures, so you’ll have to be content with a wall of text.

Team Lineup

Me: Greyscales, Jac, Shark (cpt), Salt (msct), Siren, Angel

Opponent (Elly): Greyscales, Veteran Siren, Kraken, Corsair (cpt), Tentacles (msct)

Match Report

I elected to kick, running Shark straight down the middle of the pitch and kicking the ball to the forward left into rough ground. It scatter to the right and forward a bit, landing not far from Elly’s Greyscales.

Turn 1

I can’t recall how Elly assigned his influence, but I went with 6 on Shark, 2 on Angel, 1 Salt, 1 Jac, 2 Greyscales (could have been 2 Jac and 1 Greyscales actually), and 1 on Siren.

Elly’s Greyscales retrieved the ball, passed to Corsair and activated Decoy. I then activated Shark, realised running headlong into the enemy team with no support was a Bad Idea, and decided to use Elly’s Greyscales as a momentum battery. I think I ended up netting three momentum.

Corsair charged in on Shark and knocked him down. He then proceeded to beat Shark rather badly, before passing the ball to his Angel, who used momentum to dodge forward. I didn’t have a great deal to do next, so I just moved Angel up into cover and activated Nimble.

Elly’s Angel then pelted up the pitch, just to the left of mine, hit supershot and nailed a goal. I can’t quite recall my play next, but either Greyscales or Jac retrieved the ball (I think it was Greyscales) and passed to Jac.

With me unable to get anyone close enough to Shark, Elly spent his next activation crowding out Shark, moving up Veteran Siren. Jac moved up, passed to Salt. Tentacles came up to add to the crowd out bonus on Shark. Salt ducked across and passed to my Angel. Kraken came in and caused Serious Pain to Shark – but he managed to stay up on 1hp! Finally Siren moved up slightly and attacked Elly’s Angel for a result I can’t recall.

Turn 2

I had the momentum advantage, but it didn’t help me for I rolled a 1 against Elly’s 6. My influence for this turn was 2 Shark, 3 Angel, 3 Siren, 2 Greyscales, 2 Jac, and 1 Salt.

Corsair went first, moving away from Shark and nabbing the ball of my Angel with Rough Seas. I was ok with this though, because I followed up with Seduce from Siren and had Corsair pass the ball straight back.

Elly knew my goal play from Angel would come next, so he shifted Tentacles to try make the shot harder. I was still able to avoid the tougher shot with a sprint and a Super Shot, ending up with a screamer.

The ball came back in, and I believe Kraken finished off Shark before nabbing the ball and passing to Corsair. I rued putting 2 influence on Shark instead of 1 at this point, but charged Jac in on Corsair anyway and got a tackle result. Veteran Siren moved up with Death Gaze and took on Jac, who took 1 damage before counter attacking. Veteran Siren then scored a momentous push-dodge, before Greyscales ran in on Veteran Siren and netted two damage. I can’t recall what Elly’s last move was, but Salt made his way to my left back.

Turn Three

Shark came back on the left side of the pitch and I won the initiative roll off – good times! I went with 4 Shark, 1 Salt, 3 Siren, 1 Greyscales, 4 Jac, 1 Angel (I had an extra influence for my goal last turn).

Jac went first, scoring a tackle, breaking Close Control, a second tackle, winning possession, a momentous push, to get Corsair away, and a pass to Salt. Corsair then turned and ran into my Angel, who went Full Defensive. He proceeded to wail on her to no avail, much to my delight and Elly’s frustration.

Salt was up next and moved closer to Shark before passing to him. Next Angel’s luck ran out, for Kraken came in and proceeded to beat her senseless thanks to significant crowding out bonuses. I then made my Shark play: Quick Foot, sprint, followed by a successful shot on goal.

The ball came back in just passed the melee that’d taken down my Angel – plenty close enough for Elly’s Angel to jog to the ball, back to a good shooting spot, and make a successful Super Shot even with crowding out from Siren.

Game over: 8 (Me) plays 12 (Elly).


I really enjoyed the game and learnt a number of things. Firstly, Shark might be a great Rambo, but don’t try run him into an entire enemy team. Second, I probably should have used a single influence on Shark turn two and given an extra to Greyscales or Jac. Third, I should have considered holding off my goal scoring in turn three to set something up to prevent an instant answering goal from Elly. Fourth, read my players more (i.e. double check them before the game) because I realised afterwards I forgot a few things, like Jac’s Resolute (which would have come into play once or twice) and probably had a couple of options I overlooked. I’d probably look to have more influence on Siren turn one too.

Overall though I’m pretty pleased. It was my first six man game (after only two three man games) and I nailed two goals, which I’m pretty pleased with.

I’ll have two more matches before 29 April (club plays every Thursday) when I’ve put myself in for the club’s next Guild Ball tournament. I’m looking forward to it!

Next Time

I’ll be having a game of Bolt Action or Flames of War tomorrow (hopefully the latter), so that report should be up before the weekend is out provided nothing else pops up! Also, Kraken and Veteran Siren are almost done, so expect to see them soon too. I’ll be painting Corsair and Sakana next, and getting Tentacles and Hag (provided she’s in stock) next week for next weekend. I’m taking 24 April off work and 25 April being ANZAC Day, two four day weekends in a row mean there’s no excuse not to have a fully painted Fisherman’s Guild! (Also there’s an ISU-152 for Bolt Action to finish…)

Until then!

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