Guild Ball – Fish (Shark) V Engineers (Pin Vice)

Another Guild Ball Thursday at Harlequin Halls. This time I remembered to take pictures!


Me: Angel, Shark (cpt), Siren, Salt (msct), Jac, Greyscales

Campbell (the other half of the aforementioned Double Dodge): Colossus, Pin Vice, Velocity, Ratchet, Hoist, Mother (msct)

Match Report

Cam won the roll off and elected to kick. Velocity made the kick, but failed the test and then copped rough scatter that put the ball slightly in his half, so things were off to a good start as I got to give possession of the ball to one of my models. I went with Greyscales, with the intention to pass down the line and generate loads of momentum.

1 - Fish line up

2 - Engineer's Lineup

Can’t recall Cam’s influence allocations for turn one, but mine were one a piece of Jac, Salt, and Siren, six for Shark, three for Angel, and two for Greyscales. Greyscales went first, moved up, passed to Jac and put up decoy. I believe Cam responded by chucking out a nest from Mother. Jac moved up, Salt followed and received a pass from Jac. Next, Pin Vice threw out Alternator on Velocity and Deletion on someone too, before Salt passed to Siren. Velocity then activated and charged Siren thanks to the extra movement from Alternator. I threw up defensive stance, but that didn’t stop Velocity tackling the ball off Siren and then making a successful two dice shot on goal. Me 0 V Cam 4.

I kicked the ball back in in front Angel and Shark. Angel went next, jogging up the left, collecting the ball, activating Super Shot, passing back to Shark, who used a momentous dodge to move forward, and then activating Nimble. Cam did some repositioning of Ratchet. It was Shark’s turn to do Shark things. He charged Pin Vice, generated some momentum and used the dodges to get in range of goal, then shot and scored. I then played the Knee Slider plot card to get Shark out of danger and into the middle of the field. Me 4 v Cam 4. Cam kicked the ball back in, scattering it into space between Mother and Ratchet. The rest of the turn was pretty unexciting with movement from Colossus and Hoist, and Siren trying and failing to hit Colossus.

I was ahead in momentum and won the roll off for Turn 2. Shark was also within 4” of Angel, so I had 15 influence to assign. I went three Angel, six Shark, three Siren, and one a piece for Greyscales, Jac, and Salt. Shark was up first, sprinting in to grab the ball, using Gut and Strings on Ratchet, followed by three momentous push dodge results, before hitting his legendary and scoring a second goal. Me 8 V Cam 4. Cam brought the ball in and snapped it to Pin Vice. Colossus then lumbered up and hit out at Angel, singling her out. I didn’t think repositioning Siren to attempt a Seduce in range of Colossus was a good idea, so next I jogged Jac across and pushed Colossus closer to Angel. Colossus counter-attacked in response, also singling out Jac. Cam popped Pin Vice’s Heroic and Legendary, then passed to Ratchet (I think), who promptly failed passing back to Pin Vice. The ball scattered just shy of snap range in between Ratchet and Pin Vice – both within sprinting and then goal kicking distance for Angel. Cam went to use Controller on Ratchet, before he realised he was at 0”/0” because of the stack between Shark’s legendary and Gut and Strings. Angel was up. She put up nimble and sprinted. Colossus brought down a 7 dice parting blow, but failed to score a single six. Collecting the ball, I bonus timed a shot which hit home. Match over, Me 12 V Cam 4.


It was a good, quick game. I remembered to use Shark’s legendary and I didn’t get anyone taken out (football V football though, so that’s not overly surprising). Cam copped a couple of bad rolls that caused him some serious problems. The first was the kick off scatter, the second was the pass back to Pin Vice. You can’t rely on luck, but can’t complain about it going my way!

Next Time

All my Fish are painted, so that will show up soon, and I’ll have a post on Blessing of the Scum Father sometime this week too. Then, this Thursday, it’ll be the regular Guild Ball match. Happy wargaming!



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