Guild Ball – Fish (Shark) V Alchemists (Smoke)

Thursday night game at Harlequin Halls, tonight’s match: Fish V Alchemists.


Me: Greyscales, Salt (msct), Siren, Shark (cpt), Jac, Angel.

Michael: Mercury, Naja (msct), Venin, Smoke (cpt), Compound, Calculus

Match Report

Michael won the roll off and elected to kick. I can’t recall who kicked, but passing his kick test and re-rolling the scatter wasn’t enough to stop the ball failing to clear the half way line. Good omens for Fish! I opted to give the ball to Greyscales. I assigned one influence each to Greyscales, Salt, Siren, and Jac, 6 to Shark and 4 to Angel.

1 - lineup

Greyscales started, moved up and passed to Salt. The Alchemists did a little movement, then Salt moved up a little and passed to Siren. Compound put up his Foul Odour before Siren moved back and failed to pass to Shark. He was able to snap it any way as it passed through his base. Another Alchemist shifted into the centre of the field, before Shark used Tidal Surge on Angel, moving her up 4”. He then moved up to the centre of the pitch and hit a pass to Angel, who used a momentous dodge to get a further 4” up and just before the halfway line to my right. Shark’s last influence was spent to give Angel Quick Foot. Michael knew what was coming, but didn’t have a lot he could do, so he opted to throw fire at Shark, dealing 2 damage and giving him Burning. Angel was next, sprinting up the pitch, staying out of Compound’s Counter-Charge range, Nimble, Supershot, kick and goal! Me 4 v Michael 0.

Before kicking back in, Michael played the plot card that puts a Vengeance token on a goal kicker when they score. The ball came back in and ended up with Compound. The rest of the turn saw players move towards the centre of the pitch with templates a plenty thrown around. Salt took damage and Burning, Shark took more damage and was Poisoned, Jac and Angel also both became Poisoned.

Turn two and I won the roll off and elected to have the first activation. I went with 6 Shark, 4 Jac, 2 Angel, and one each for Siren and Greyscales. Shark was first and dove right into the enemy line. It was spectacular. A bunch of not much was achieved. I generated 6 momentum, did a bunch of dodging but ultimately moved back because I couldn’t see a way through the line. My last attack applied Gut & Strings to one of the Alchemists (Venin I believe) before I removed Shark’s conditions. This was a mistake, and healing would have been the better choice. The rest of this turn was fairly uneventful. I shifted my players around, Greyscales and Siren moving up, Salt coming over to assist Shark and Jac. Jac got blinded and did close to nothing with his influence, more damage was put out on Shark, Salt, and Jac, including stacking Poison, Burning, and Bleed on the mascot and captain. Angel did nothing. Smoke ended up with the ball after a pass from Compound.

6 - midpitch

Turn three and I lost the roll off. At this point, shark had 7hp left, Greyscales was threatening the ball big time though. I opted with 4 Greyscales, 4 Shark, 3 Siren, 2 Jac, and none for Siren and Salt. Naja went first and moved in to hit Shark, he failed to do a huge amount though, leaving Shark with 5hp (I think). I decided hitting another goal was more important than making use of Shark’s influence. Greyscales moved and used Where’d He Go? to get in on Smoke, tackled the ball, dodged out, and hit a goal. Me 8 v Michael 0. The ball came back in with a bad scatter in between Smoke and Naja – well within distance for Shark to pull off a move and pick it up. Michael wasn’t going to let that happen, and I believe Calculus came in and took him down. Salt got blasted at about the same point. Me 8 V Michael 3.

Smoke collected the ball in her activation, but Siren Seduced her to pass it to Greyscales. I forgot about my Composure plot card and promptly missed the pass, which would have given me a Snapshot and chance to end the game. The ball scatter passed through Greyscales and he picked it up. Angel did her nothing, then the Alchemists (I forget who) closed on Greyscales, triggering Unpredictable Movement. I used Jac to generate some momentum, but not a huge amount. This was a mistake and I should have charged Mercury who was gearing up for a charge on Greyscales. The charge came, I counter attacked, but he wrapped, tackling the ball and pushing me back 2” and out of melee range.

7 - shark and salt back on

Turn four and I again lost the roll off. Mercury activated and dropped the ball with Compound before moving off to the centre of the pitch and throwing out a Fire Blast. I stalled with Jac, doing little. I can’t recall the Alchemist’s next move, but I then activated Shark, who’d come on near my goal. I ran him up to Venin, generated some momentum and got him into Tidal Surge range of Angel, shifting her up and into cover. Compound shifted across to his old spot to protect the goal and engage Angel. He also passed to Smoke, who I promptly Seduced with Siren. This time the pass was good, Shark took the ball and momentous dodged into cover. Siren then moved up to engage as many Alchemists as possible (four). Naja ran over to engage Shark. I pulled a Wingbacker charge from Salt on the right to try engage him, but he used Unpredictable Movement to avoid and still have range on Shark. Smoke then dove in to try take the ball back. I counter-attacked and not only did she fail to tackle, I dodged out of her melee.

Turn five and once again I lost the roll. It was all up to Smoke. She was loaded up and she dove in on Shark. He successfully counter-attacked and dodged away with the ball again – this time into cover. She dropped a smoke template, teleported up and wailed on Shark. She couldn’t hit enough successes to steal the ball though. Shark activated, hit her for a momentous 1” dodge, jogged around to Compound, Tidal Surged up to the goal, and tapped it in – just (1, 2, 2, 4). Me 12 V Michael 3.


I think the score belies how intense this game was. Michael really dished out the pain on me. Greyscales and Jac were close to dropping, Siren and Angel had a little bit of damage, and Shark was back on at half health. He just couldn’t keep control of the ball when it wasn’t on Compound. When he tried to get it to Smoke to make a goal play, Siren was there and ready to throw a spanner in the works. All up, a very hard fought and thoroughly enjoyable match.



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