And then it was April Already

So it’s April already. Unfortunately I’ve been struggling with motivation to get things done at the moment, but Infinity March was a moderate success. I think the issue is I have enough Ariadna and JSA to field a 300pt force with plenty of choice, so it’s been slow going.

Haramaki with Missile Launcher


Nothing out of the ordinary here. I got my last Haramaki done the other week, so now I have all the models done (they only have an availability of 2 though, so even though there are 5 models, you’re only ever fielding 5). Blood Red, Dead White and German Field Grey over German Grey. Stock standard stuff.

Ninja with Hacking Device


I also got my last Ninja finished off the other week. This is the hacking device model. She’s pretty plain: Stormy Blue, Black for the helmet and Dead White for the face part. The pony tail is Blood Red. I ended up doing a few of the larger panels on the armour with a different blue (I forget which one, I’ve Imperial Blue in my mind, but I think I’m getting mixed up with Imperial Purple) to break it up a bit. Not particularly obvious though. A very basic looking model really.



I finally got around to sorting my tokens out. If you’re just starting out with Infinity, or haven’t got any tokens of your own yet, I highly recommend not purchasing them and instead making them up yourself. It seems hard at first, but it’s really quite easy. First you’ll need to generate some tokens, check out (opens in new window/tab). You simple put in how many of what you want, then click generate. You can then save the PDF and print it out where ever (e.g. at work).

Next you’ll need some 25mm acrylic discs. I grabbed them from (this link is the eBay store). There are also self-adhesive plastic “bubbles” that you can use, I prefer the discs though.

Once you have your discs all you need is a standard glue stick. The sort kids use in primary school. Put a generous amount of glue on your printed tokens one row at a time, then position the disc over the top and press down firmly. Do them all and then leave it all to dry. Glue sticks dry pretty quick, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long. Then grab yourself a scalpel or hobby knife (make sure you’ve a fresh blade in) and cut around the discs. As you cut them out make sure they’re all stuck well. For those that aren’t, have your gluestick on hand to patch them up and make sure they’re stuck down well.

I make 174 tokens and I could’ve done them in a single afternoon. That’s 174 tokens for $20 (plus a little for shipping), sure beats $20ish for 10 or so! Some of mine aren’t lined up super perfectly, but it hardly matters, they are tokens after all. Also my command tokens are circles rather than squares. Again, tokens, they’re for keeping track of things, this hardly matters.

Game On


Finally I set up the above table on which my mates and I played a couple of games. The first was two of my mates against each other playing Biotechvore. It’s one of the new missions for 2015 and if you’re yet to play it heed the following advice: remember the deployment zones are only 8 inches in; burn your command tokens early and use coordinated orders; link teams make things a lot easier. The Tohaa came out on top easily, partly because of the benefit of link teams, but also because the Nomad player didn’t realise the implications of the smaller deployment zone and the size of the virus area.

The second game was me using JSA against the Nomad player. We went with Highly Classified, again one of the new missions. I shan’t recount the blow by blow, but the end result was a 9:1 win for the JSA. I took a very different force to usual, fielding two Karakuri (combi rifle and Mk12), Asuka (as my Lt) and a Haramaki, plus three Keisotsu Butai (two forward observers and my light grenade launcher), Keisotsu Kohei with Yaozao servant and a Kempeitai with combi rifle and chain of command.

The highlights for me were Asuka gunning through the field and taking out two alguacils and a hell cat (that deviated right in front of her) and my Mk12, which proved to be a very nasty weapon. Lessons learnt for me were not to let Haramaki get kited and to remember that using ranged weapons is not such a bad idea when you’re at burst 1 anyway. In particular I should’ve used my Contender against the Rev Moira when she first shot at him, then followed up against the coordinated order with the Blitzen against the Grenzer (who I was fairly confident was the Lt). The Blitzen deals E/M damage, so (if successful and he’d failed his BTS) it would’ve rendered the Grenzer isolated and (if he was the Lt, which he was) put the force into Loss of Lt state.

The game ended amusingly though with me using three orders to lob grenades halfway across the field onto the Grenzer who’d gone for broke. All in all, it was a fun game and we learnt some things which is always good.

Currently I’m working on my next two Aragotos, but they’ve been on my painting table for two or so weeks now and aren’t moving fast at all. I’ll get them done at some point though. Then it’ll be onto my new blisters I think: paracommandos and Spetsnatz with boarding shotgun.

Till then.