Friday Hobby Check In – April

This past month I’ve been hard at work at my late war German force.

German Forces, 1944-45

With ANZAC Day on a Wednesday this year, I decided to take off the four days around it. So I’ve spent the week furiously painting, and I’m pretty happy with the results.

01 - The Force

I got the officers, medic, and Puma were all done about a fortnight back. But the grenadiers and MG-42 team were assembled last week and painted this.

The officer models are pretty cool, but the medic is my favourite.

I used Army Painter Desert Yellow for the undercoat of the Puma. I sponged on German Camo Medium Brown and then German Camo Dark Green for the camouflage pattern (I know, I’m old school. Also I’m unable to use spray paint beyond undercoating). I’m also big on hand painting my vehicle numbers, symbols, and inspirational messages (see my T-34/85: победа!), and I think they came out ok.

I was out of Army Painter German Fieldgrey, so the MG-42 and grenadiers were undercoated with Army Painter Uniform Grey. I find the MG-42 team a little annoying to put together. It’s the tripod and gun assembly and getting that to fit right with the gunner’s hand, plus the belt from the loader. I think this one was assembled better than my first though. I also didn’t realise the loader’s head was on his base until I was partway through painting (that’s why he’s got a non-covered helmet).

I assembled both grenadier squads with an LMG-42, two panzerfausts (one being aimed, the other carried on the back of a rifleman), and an NCO armed with an STG-44. The box set isn’t bad, but your weapon options are pretty limited in that you only receive three Mauser 98k rifles per sprue (one being aimed, one being cycled, one without arms attach that you can use the advancing arms or carrying arm for). So each squad had a couple of G-43s.

The covered helmets and camo ponchos are painted in the same fashion as the Puma, except the colours are dabbed on with brush. I’ve also put streaks (mostly thin) of German Camo Beige around the place too.

All in all I think they came out well. The 600 point force is an officer, the two grenadier squads, MG-42 team, and the Puma. I didn’t assemble a spare grenadier to escort the officer (I can always use one of my eastern front Heer), but I think I’ll likely take both NCOs with STGs and a panzerfaust or two (I might only be able to afford one, I forget). I just find I tend to keep my officers at the back out of harm’s way – I’m not playing a British force after all!

Next Month

I’ll be working on my Americans next month. I still need to buy a couple of things for them, but I’ve a couple of infantry squads and an M8 to work on in the meantime. I’m not sure how much I’ll get done