Friday Hobby Check In – May 2018

Welcome to June. May was a busy month so I didn’t get a huge amount done, but there were some things.

Bolt Action – American Update

No pictures for this one, but I have assembled and undercoated 20 American GIs. NCOs have SMGs, two BARs, and the rest have a mix of M1903s and M1 Garands.

I also bought another box of US Infantry (and was thrilled to receive the email two days later to say a new US Infantry box would be released soon…), a half track, and an MMG team.

I’ve also got a partially assembled M8. It’s the old resin one and while I’ve got all the big things in place, it’s the fiddly little bits that I’m unsure where to place that remain. I’ve been unable to find the old assembly image so it’s been set aside in frustration for a time.

Guild Ball – Stoker

I finally got around to painting Stoker. Not much to say really, he came out ok.

I’m also pleased that I was able to get my hands on Esthers and Pint Pot, so I’ve all the Brewer’s models now (except regular Spigot, but I’m not fussed about that, I have the Veteran Spigot model which I can use. It’s not like both can be on the field at once). My one aim for June is to get those two models painted.

Reaper Bones

Here we have the clockwork dragon. This model is probably my favourite from the Reaper Bones line. The paint job is very basic, but I think it came out nice. It’s also a lot larger than I first envisaged. (The images I took tonight were a bit bright, so I’ve included one I took on the kitchen cupboard that does a better job of showing it off I think).

Then the other night I got this mage done in about an hour or so. Again, incredibly basic colour scheme for the most part. I somewhat wish I’d done two different colours coming out one a piece from each hand and mixing in the middle. I like the end result of the magical energy though. It reminds me of the most enjoyable colour combination in Magic: the Gathering: red and blue. (Again, I think the brightness fades it out a bit, but the magic goes blue from the hands, lightening through white to orange at the top).

I have so many Reaper Bones miniatures and hardly any are painted, so it is nice to get these two done. I’m not too keen on the medium used in Reaper Bones, but the simpler models come out quite nicely with basic paint jobs.

Next Time

I’m really not sure how productive the next few months will be. I always have so many things vying for my attention, and winter tends to be a less productive hobby time for me. I’d really like to see Esthers and Pint Pot painted though. I’ll also see if I can’t do a few more Reaper Bones, just for a bit of variety. I suspect the Americans will be waiting for the warmer months.

More immediately though, my brother and I will be playing some Guild Ball tomorrow. I might write up those match reports, dependent on how they go.