SAGA – Welsh Hearthguard and Warlord

I finally prepped my 4pt Welsh force for SAGA last week and got stuck in to painting them.

Hearthguard and Warlord

So far I’ve finished the four hearthguard and the warlord.


I was a bit sceptical when I was painting them, but I’m happy with the final result. It’s amazing the impact a wash has on a miniature. I quite like the Gripping Beast models and they weren’t too hard to prep. I remember affixing the spears for my Anglo-Danes was a lot more fiddly than the Welsh were. I went with Desert Yellow (Army Painter) for the undercoat, just like I used for my Anglo-Danes (and use for my Soviets too).


The fun thing about SAGA is that you can do a bit of a mixture of colours given the time period. It does mean painting takes a little longer though because you can’t get a production line going. I really like the whorl shield designs, the cross ones are pretty basic. I copied the shield design for the warlord from the Gripping Beast images, but left out the dragons because I hand paint my designs and there is no way in hell I can paint a tiny dragon!

Next up I’ll ge the 16 warriors done, then the 12 levy. I’d like to get them all done by Christmas, which should be very doable. I’d be even happier if I could get them all done before I go on leave (16 December is my last day for the year), but given how busy I am at the moment I don’t think that will be achievable.

Next Time

Probably some thoughts o Guild Ball pitch ideas. Alternatively some happy snaps of the miniatures I’ve painted for D&D this year. Until then, happy wargaming.


Guild Ball – Fishermen’s Guild Starter

In the past week I’ve finished off my Fishermen’s Guild starter box for Guild Ball.

Guild Ball

Back in the day, I very nearly supported the Guild Ball Kickstarter. I asked my D&D mates (non-wargamers) if they’d be interested in playing, but the response was lacklustre and I couldn’t justify expending the funds at the time. Now I somewhat regret not backing it. The miniatures are fantastic and the game looks really fun.

I decided to get two teams together earlier this year and picked up the starter packs for the Fishermen’s and Brewer’s Guilds. The reason I chose these two was that I liked the sound of the Fishermen’s playstyle and the Brewer’s Guild are the Brewer’s Guild. I mean really, do you need any other reason? I’d also like to put a quick plug here for Nerdvana Games. They’re an Adelaide based company who I decided to give a go for this order and boy was I stoked with their service. If you live in Adelaide, provided the product is in stock, you’ll get it the same day you order it and postage is free. Their range is limited to a few games but if you play Guild Ball, Infinity or X-Wing I highly recommend them.


I painted Shark and the ball a few months back now.


Both came out quite nice but I am particularly pleased with the ball. It’s funny how something so small and simple can provide such satisfaction when complete. I decided to theme my bases as marshy ground, like along a river bank or wetland area. I used Vallejo still water (the clear one) for the water effects and I’m pretty happy with the results. You can tell I was experimenting across the four models with the best way to make the effect. I’m still not set on any one result.


Angel and Siren I did over the past couple of weeks. I really like Angel’s model, although I think her hair turned out a little yellow. Siren’s, on the other hand, was hell for me. I think she turned out alright in the end, but it was very difficult for me to tell what was what when painting her. A note on painting black (e.g. Siren’s hair): if you don’t already, I highly recommend using German Grey (Valllejo Model Colour) and then washing (fairly heavily) with black ink of your choice (I use Nuln Oil in Citadel’s range, their inks are the only Games Workshop products I use these days – I just like inks in pots rather than dropper bottles).

Next Up for Guild Ball

The Brewer’s Guild starter box is next on my list to do. I’m a little annoyed that I’ve glued sand on their bases when now I’m thinking I’d prefer flagstones or cobbles. I might see what I can do about that. Then I’ll probably get Salt (season one Fishermen’s mascot) and a couple more players for my Fishermen (probably Greyscales and Jac) and get them together. I also need to find some opponents. So if you’re in Adelaide and play Guild Ball or looking to get into Guild Ball, let me know!

Happy wargaming.

Friday Post – 18th of November, 2016

Well now, haven’t the months flown since my last post? It’s been quite an unproductive winter this year, none the less I’m starting to do things again. I’m not sure when I will have an after action report again, but for now I am sorting out a few wordy-picturey posts as I paint things, plus some various thoughts posts.

Today I’ve just a quick overview of what’s been happening. I might try fit some pictures in to make it more interesting.

Get out of Here, Winter

Winter was Very Crazy.

You may or may not be aware that the entirety of my state (South Australia) lost power for about eight hours (for those of us in the metro area, it took days to restore power to some regional areas) in late September. The outage occurred when a series of tornadoes (not something that occurs here and certainly nothing those in the US would have experienced) ripped across the state and took out something like 22-29 high voltage transmission pylons, brining down two out of our three high voltage transmission lines. As a result of the ensuing voltage collapse, power generation went into safety shutdown, ditto the interconnector with Victoria. And so the state was plunged into a blackout. Making my way home from work, I’ve never seen the CBD so busy as I made my way home. Also it was pissing with rain.

On the whole for this winter, the rain was incessant, the wind incredible. We are well above average rainfall and I can say that everyone is thoroughly sick of the wet and cold weather. Spring has finally arrived proper though (only two months late) and with it my enthusiasm to paint things, play games and maybe make some more terrain.

I’ve not been wholly ideal however. My mate Dan and I are finally playing X-Wing regularly. We’ve been playing weekly for at least three months now. It’s also encouraged me to expand my X-Wing collection, mostly with for my Rebels (Dan mainly plays Imperial, but is building up a Scum collection too). X-Wing is a fun game and maybe I should try some after action reports for it some time. Though personally I find it better suited to video reports. Below is my X-Wing collection, less my two ARC-170s which I picked up the other month. also my second X-Wing T70 (I think the other is somewhere in the X-Wing mass there. If not, I have two).


I’ve finally started on my American Civil War stuff and have nearly completed my first infantry battalion. It just needs to be based. Unfortunately because of the way I’m basing my stuff I’ll need an extra box of infantry and an extra box of zouvaes. Also an extra box of artillery because of the gun I’ve misplaced (which annoys me greatly).


The above lot was actually done bay in May. Blimey…


I got the SDKFz (above) done in September, but I knocked the right headlight off and blowed if I can find the bugger. It’s probably been vaccumed by now. I’m also missing the top hatch – which annoys me more – I don’t ever recal it being packed with the model, so that’s annoying.

I’m also slowly painting my Guild Ball minis. I picked up a couple of starter sets earlier in the year and I’m slowly working through those. I might try find some opponents soon to learn the game. Not so sure about that but. Pictures in the future when everything is done.

Finally, I’ve painted a few things for D&D. We’ve been playing very regularly (for me) and I can safely say 2016 has been the year I’ve played the most D&D (approximately fortnightly). Playing regularly has really spurred my enthusiasm for the game and I’ve now got a second group going through Curse of Strahd. I’ll endeavour to do a post with some pics and tales in the future.

Next Time

I’m considering what to prioritise painting, but first will definitely be Siren for my Fishermen and basing the first battalion for my Union army. Next I am likely to (finally) tackle my Welsh starter force for SAGA because once that is painted, I’ll have two 4pt forces and will be able to play a game against my brother or mate Tom (my opponent in my Bolt Action and Flames of War AARs).

In the meantime I’ll see about using my downtime at work to whip up a few short progress posts to put up on a regular basis for the rest of the year. So until then, happy wargaming.