Friday Hobby Check In – April

This past month I’ve been hard at work at my late war German force.

German Forces, 1944-45

With ANZAC Day on a Wednesday this year, I decided to take off the four days around it. So I’ve spent the week furiously painting, and I’m pretty happy with the results.

01 - The Force

I got the officers, medic, and Puma were all done about a fortnight back. But the grenadiers and MG-42 team were assembled last week and painted this.

The officer models are pretty cool, but the medic is my favourite.

I used Army Painter Desert Yellow for the undercoat of the Puma. I sponged on German Camo Medium Brown and then German Camo Dark Green for the camouflage pattern (I know, I’m old school. Also I’m unable to use spray paint beyond undercoating). I’m also big on hand painting my vehicle numbers, symbols, and inspirational messages (see my T-34/85: победа!), and I think they came out ok.

I was out of Army Painter German Fieldgrey, so the MG-42 and grenadiers were undercoated with Army Painter Uniform Grey. I find the MG-42 team a little annoying to put together. It’s the tripod and gun assembly and getting that to fit right with the gunner’s hand, plus the belt from the loader. I think this one was assembled better than my first though. I also didn’t realise the loader’s head was on his base until I was partway through painting (that’s why he’s got a non-covered helmet).

I assembled both grenadier squads with an LMG-42, two panzerfausts (one being aimed, the other carried on the back of a rifleman), and an NCO armed with an STG-44. The box set isn’t bad, but your weapon options are pretty limited in that you only receive three Mauser 98k rifles per sprue (one being aimed, one being cycled, one without arms attach that you can use the advancing arms or carrying arm for). So each squad had a couple of G-43s.

The covered helmets and camo ponchos are painted in the same fashion as the Puma, except the colours are dabbed on with brush. I’ve also put streaks (mostly thin) of German Camo Beige around the place too.

All in all I think they came out well. The 600 point force is an officer, the two grenadier squads, MG-42 team, and the Puma. I didn’t assemble a spare grenadier to escort the officer (I can always use one of my eastern front Heer), but I think I’ll likely take both NCOs with STGs and a panzerfaust or two (I might only be able to afford one, I forget). I just find I tend to keep my officers at the back out of harm’s way – I’m not playing a British force after all!

Next Month

I’ll be working on my Americans next month. I still need to buy a couple of things for them, but I’ve a couple of infantry squads and an M8 to work on in the meantime. I’m not sure how much I’ll get done

A Friday Hobby Check In

Just a quick post to show the things I’ve been working on over the past month.


Motivated by my then upcoming game the other week, I painted some new additions to my Soviets for Bolt Action. I did a much better job of assembling a Zis this time round, so the barrel is actually straight. The gun shield is in the wrong spot though I think, but it looks fine to me. Third time’ll be a charm I’m sure.

I also got my light mortar and flamethrower teams done. I undercoated these quite some time ago, so it was good to finally get them done. I’m not sure the light mortar will see use, but I’m sure I’ll field the flamethrower at some point.

Finally, I painted up my T-34/85. Warlord’s vehicles kits are nice, although they don’t have the detail of Rubicon kits. My one issue with this model is that the turret is not removable (the T-34/76 model’s turret is though).

08 - New Soviet Toys.jpg

Through painting all of these I was reminded what I like most about Bolt Action, or 28mm WWII in general: it’s really easy to paint. If you want you can go all out with fancy techniques, but basic techniques of solid colour, washes, and only small amounts of highlighting on key areas (e.g. skin) come out great. Especially for someone like me who is vision impaired, it means I can still get a good looking tabletop army out in good time.


Next up, here are some shots of the marshes I made the other week. These were really easy to make. The base is 3mm MDF on which I’ve applied a heavier amount of PVA than usual to glue sand. I made sure to leave areas glue free for where I’d be applying Vallejo Still Water.

Paint them up as usual (base of dark brown, dry brush lighter brown, very light dry brush of bone if desired), flock, and seal. Then mix up Vallejo Still Water with some light brown acrylic paint. Pour that into the sections without sand, wait for it to dry, then put some grass tufts about the play. Very quick and easy.

American Civil War Infantry – 2nd Battalion

07 - ACW Union Infantry

Before all the above, however, I had just finished my second battalion of American Civil War Union infantry – well, painting the men at least. I’m two short, so I still need a couple of extra guys for the officer’s base, but otherwise I just need to base the unit. I also got my Union general done too. Again, he just needs basing.

I don’t really have a time frame on my Union force. It’s been work in progress for quite some time now (closing in on two years I think). I need another box of Union infantry to finish my second battalion and make a third, a couple of extra Zouaves, an artillery box, then to assemble, paint, and base it all (including my cavalry battalion). It’s quite a bit of work when put like that, and without an opponent I don’t really have any motivation to get it all done in quick time.


05 - Hoplites

Finally, here’s a unit of hoplites. I bought a box each of Greek hoplites and Spartan hoplites from Warlord last year for a Kings of War project I came up with (a mythological Greek army).

06 - Hoplites.jpg

It’s another long term project, although if my brother does get around to getting his undead together I might focus more on it. The idea is to have a mix of human units alongside units of mythological creatures like minotaurs, centaurs, and so on. No official list exists for such an army, it’s just a cool thematic idea for friendly games with whoever is willing to play.

Next Up

I’ve decided my next Bolt Action army will be American GIs on the Western Front (France, Holland, and Germany). American infantry I have from the old Normandy box and the M8 I bought at the same time had a lot to do with my choice (I also have the downed US airman figure, I can’t remember what that came with). So I’ll be finishing off the undercoated Bolt Action things I’ve not gotten to (Puma, Tiger, another Stug G, and German officers and medic) and then working on some late war German and American forces. I’ll also be doing some new terrain, including hedgerows and houses.

I’m not sure on a timeframe, but I’m sure I’ll have a Western Front battle before the end of the year.

In the meantime I’ll be working on other things when I can or feel inclined to.

Addendum: I forgot to mention, you may have noticed from my last AARs that I got more roads painted. Well they’re now all done, including some new pieces (short sections, crossroads, and more bends). I might see about hitting them with some matte varnish though to take the sheen off the road surface in certain light.