Guild Ball – Fish (Shark) V Union (Blackheart)

I’ve finally found the time to post up the match report from last Thursday’s game. Unfortunately no pictures again. Also unfortunately Bolt Action and SAGA were called off. On the positive side, I do have pictures from last night’s game and will get that up soon (hopefully).


Me: Angel, Shark (cpt), Siren, Salt (msct), Jac, Greyscales

Opponent (Dave, one half of Double Dodge, go check that): Rage, Harry, Blackheart, Avarisse & Greede (henceforth A&G), Mist, Coin

Match Report

Dave won the roll off and elected to kick. Harry took the kick and the ball ended in front Greyscales. I went with three influence for Angel, five Shark, one each for Siren, Salt and Jac, and two for Greyscales. I can’t recall Dave’s loading, but I know Blackheart was fully loaded and there were three on A&G.

Greyscales activated first, jogging into cover, collecting ball, moving back slightly, and passing to Jac. Which he missed. The ball scatted in front of Siren just out of snap range. Greyscales then put up Decoy. Coin went next and did a thing to Rage. Siren went next and collected the ball, which she passed to Salt. I think Harry went next, moving up and throwing a Molotov near my centre left back (a couple of inches in front Siren). Salt went next, moving close enough to pass to Angel. Which he also missed. This time the scatter passed through her base, so it snapped to her. Downside was I didn’t get the momentous dodge I wanted.

A&G were next, A picking up G, moving up the pitch, setting him down and G running over and dodging into combat with Greyscales. With my defence up to six and the -1 TAC from cover, G failed to connect. Angel went next, sprinting to the cover on my left, hitting supershot, and successfully passing back to Shark. I used momentous dodge to put Shark up the field. Mist then moved up a little. Shark then activated Quick Foot and sprinted around the Molotov into combat with Harry. I used a couple of attacks to generate momentum and dodge closer, before bonus timing a shot and scoring a goal. Me 4 v Dave 0. I then used the dodge from scoring the goal to go even deeper into bat country. The ball came in right near Blackheart and snapped to him. Finally fully loaded Blackheart activated and went in on Shark. At the end of his activation Shark had lost 5hp and Dave had generated himself a stack of momentum.

Dave won the initiative roll off for turn two and again Blackheart was fully loaded. Everyone else saw some influence too, though I can’t recall the exact amount. For my part, two Shark, three Angel, four siren, three Greyscales, one Jac and Salt. Blackheart activated first and lay into Shark. He fell a single box of damage shy of taking Shark out though. Shark went next and I attacked for a momentous dodge and was downed in a counter attack. YOLO. Me 4 v Dave 2. Coin was next and dished out another buff, this time to Harry. Next up, Siren spent momentum to ignore the rough ground in the middle of the pitch and successfully Seduced Blackheart, who passed to her. She used a momentous dodge to go back four inches and drop the ball, snapping it to Angel.

Harry then charged Siren and hit her pretty hard, dealing 7 damage and leaving her with Bleed. Angel then made her play, sprinting up, supershot, nailing goal number two. Me 8 v Dave 2. The ball came back in near Mist.

Rage was next and charged Angel. He pushed her around and she ended up 4hp down and in-between Rage and Blackheart. I then moved Jac in and engaged G, rolling really well and scoring 3 damage. Mist then collected the ball and jogged back to protect it. Greyscales then wailed on G some, but not particularly well before A came in to defend his little buddy, knocking Jac down, pushing him around and scoring six damage. Salt then ran over to add to Crowded Out on G because why not? At the end of the turn, Bleed took out Siren. Me 8 v Dave 4.

Dave had all the momentum in the world and I had one, he’d be going first again in turn three. I brought Siren and Shark back on the right side and jogged them up. Six for Shark, three Siren, four Greyscales, and one Jac. Again, don’t recall Dave’s allocations. Blackheart went first and beat Angel down, taking her out. Me 8 v Dave 6. In the process he triggered On My Mark, having Mist pass the ball to him, moving up and dropping the ball. I then sent Siren in on G, achieving a few damage. A then smacked Siren down for a second time, and some healing was dished out on G. Me 8 v Dave 8. I stood Jac up and took a swing at G for a single damage. At this point I’m not sure which of Dave’s players went, I think it was an unexciting move by Rage.

Greyscales was next and he laid into G. For three damage. Over four influence. #fishthings. Mist then moved up next, collecting ball and passing to Harry who used a momentous dodge to get closer to the goal. There was probably some more healing on G. Mistakes had been made, but it’s cool, I just wanted that little bugger down. Shark jogged in and wailed on G. One damage. One damage. One damage. One damage. One damage, down. Me 10 v Dave 8. And then there was no one left to hit. Harry activated and moved up, kicked for goal, and nailed it.

That’s the match: Me 10 v Dave 12.


Another great game and some good learnings. First thing I realised was I should have brought Siren and Shark on different sides of the pitch (I had no idea On My Mark was a possibility, will know for next time). Second thing was that in turn two, Shark could have used his Legendary and then tried for a Tidal Surge on Rage, shifting him back into the middle of nowhere. Together that would have protected Siren and Angel (Rage and Harry wouldn’t have been able to move up and engage either), and saved one or both of them so I could move them out of harm’s way (my movement being greater than theirs). A third thing I thought while typing all this out: not sure if I used my free goal scoring dodge on Angel. Should have if I didn’t. And finally, running Siren in to certain death was Poor Choices.

Next Time

Saturday is Blessing of the Scum Father 2, which looks like it’ll be three rounds. Hopefully I’ll have match reports for all my matches. Alternatively just one higher level report on the whole tournament. Whatever the case, everyone is set to get a prize! I’ve also painted all my Fish now, so I’ll post up pictures of the other six (Kraken, Corsair, Tentacles, Hag, and Veteran Siren) soon.

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