Guild Ball – Fish (Shark) V Hunters (Theron)

Weekly Thursday game, Fish (Shark) v Hunters (Theron)


Me: Greyscales, Salt (msct), Siren, Shark (cpt), Jac, Angel

Campbell (of Double Dodge): Jaecar, Theron (cpt), Vet Hearne, Zerola, Chaska, Fahad (msct)

Match Report

Cam won the roll off and elected to receive. I decided to kick off with Siren, the ball landing about 2” over the half way line on the right in front Chaska and Fahad.

1 - Kick off

I went with four influence for Siren, six Shark, and one a piece for the rest of the team. All the Hunters were assigned influence, but I forget the allocations. Fahad went first, moving up to pick up the ball and back to the deployment line to drop it off. I then moved up Jac into cover on the right. Vet Hearne charged Siren, knocking her down and doing 1 damage. I moved Salt up into Vet Hearne, before Zerola had Chaska jogging up the pitch setting up a possible charge on Siren, but also great pinball for Shark. I decided to take the opportunity and charged Vet Hearne, triggered Tidal Surge into Chaska, then a momentous dodge, then another off Zerola to pick up the ball, a third to bounce back for an uncontested shot, then nailed my first goal. Me 4 v Cam 0. I threw down Knee Slider and moved Shark back to block off the Chaska charge route to Siren. Cam used Superfan to put the ball with Jaecar.

Unfortunately this put me in a position where Theron could charge Shark, and he did so. Theron knocked Shark around, applying a snare and pushing him around for Chaska. Greyscales moved next, jogging up and hitting Where’d He Go? to engage Vet Hearne. Jaecar made his move, throwing out a trap near Greyscales and jogging up, leaving the ball on the deployment line. I decided to stand up Siren, forfeiting her movement, and used her to generate three momentum. Chaska then laid into Shark, knocking him down and reducing him to 10hp. My final move was to sprint Angel up to within 4” of Shark.

Cam was up one momentum on me, and subsequently won the roll off and elected to go first. I forget the allocations, but Theron received a full six and Fahad two. I went with four Greyscales, Jac, and Angel, and three on Siren. Fahad was up first, charging into Shark, taking him out in two attacks easily and dodging around to engage Angel. Me 4 v Cam 2. Cam also played Man Marking for an extra two influence. He also triggered the linked activation with Zerola, who grabbed the ball and jogged off to the back right, taking the ball out of range for me to grab this turn.  I decided to charge Jac into Chaska, knocking him down and pushing him about. Jaecar then sprinted around Greyscales, taking a parting blow and some damage, before laying into Siren, who was left on 3hp and knocked down.

3 - Part way T2.jpg

I wasn’t sure what to do next, but figured this wasn’t going to be my turn so I best set myself up for next. I activated Angel and struck out at Fahad, missing everything on my first attack. My second attack was all hits however and I hit momentous double dodge, then sprinted just short of Zerola (not wanting to trigger Unpredictable Movement) and activated Nimble. Theron went next, finishing off Siren and turning on Jac who was snared and took minor damage. Me 4 v Cam 4.

I ran Salt around Vet Hearne to trigger the trap next to Greyscales before Vet Hearne moved in to join the gang up on Jac, who took a little more damage. Greyscales made his way up the pitch into cover on the left, clearing conditions on Jac but discarding his last influence. Finally, Chaska stood up and used Boom Box twice (from a blessing) to knock Jac back a total of 8”.

Cam was well ahead in momentum and was first up again. I brought Shark back on the right side and Siren in front my goal. Influence for me went six to Shark, four Angel, two Greyscales, one Jac and Siren. Chaska was up first, charging Jac and pushing him back two, before hitting Boombox and sending him off the table. Me 4 v Cam 6. I was ok with this play however because it allowed Angel to sprint around Zerola into Tap In range, grabbing the ball on the way, Super Shot, then easily score goal number two. Me 8 v Cam 6. The ball came back in into space between Greyscales, Jaecar, and the scrum to the right. Scatter was favourable to me and put Greyscales in a goal scoring position. This forced Cam to activate Vet Hearne to grab the ball and pass to Jaecar – which he missed. His original scatter would have allowed Jaecar to snap the ball, but I played Match Fixing and instead it ended up heading the same direction, but much further, snapping to Fahad instead.

4 - End game

With eyes on the prize I activated Shark. He charged Fahad who went defensive stance. I scored a momentous dodge, second attack netted the tackle, two more attacks (one Fahad, one Chaska) for another two momentous dodges, hit his legendary (in the event my dice went bad), then a clear pass to Angel, who then nailed a bonus timed snap shot (with Super Shot this was a six dice kick needing two 3s) to score goal number three. Match over, Me 12 v Cam 6.


Kicking off with Siren is something I’ve wanted to try for a while now. I think I shouldn’t have sent her up as far, but it turned out ok. I possibly should have used Knee Slider to get Shark back more, but that would have meant saying goodbye to Siren turn one. The scrum in the middle was a real mire for me, but after Shark and Siren were taken out in turn two, it allowed me to spread everyone out and cover all sides of the pitch, while Cam was roving around in a pack. Cam’s shanked pass to Jaecar was a real boon to me, but even he’d nailed it, chances are he’d be looking at a goal and a take out (Siren again0, with the ball coming back in for Shark to pick up and score with. So tough spot all round for him.

Finally, Jac getting knocked off the pitch was pretty cool too. I like it when things get knocked off the pitch, even my own.

I’m hoping to teach the basics of Guild Ball to my youngest brother this weekend, then next Thursday I’ll be back at it again for another match. Till then!



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