Guild Ball – Fish (Shark) V Fish (Corsair)

I ended up playing X-Wing last week, so there was no game, but this week it was back to Guild Ball.

Line Up

Me: Greyscales, Siren, Salt (msct), Shark (cpt), Jac, Angel

Elly: Sakana, Hag, Veteran Siren, Corsair (cpt), Tentacles (msct), Greyscales

Match Report

I won the roll off and elected to kick. Siren was my kick off choice again and put the ball just over the line to the right. Influence went four to Siren, six Shark, and one a piece Angel, Greyscales, and Jac. I forget Elly’s allocations, but Corsair received a full stack.

1 - Kick off.jpg

Elly’s Greyscales went first, moving up and taking the ball, before passing back to Vet Siren and hitting decoy. I moved Siren up, hit seduce on Vet Siren, took a momentous dodge off the successful pass and passed the ball back to Jac. Hag activated, moved up, and hit her legendary to dodge Elly’s team up. Jac then moved up and passed to Angel. Corsair was next and he charged into Siren. I went defensive stance, but it didn’t do much. Siren was knocked down and stomped into the ground with ease in the following attacks. Me 0 v Elly 2. Angel moved up into cover and passed back to Shark. Veteran Siren then moved into the middle of Hag, Corsair, and Tentacles (who she brought along) and put up dread gaze.

I then went to make my Shark play, but no direction looked good. I ended up trying to go through Corsair, who counterattacked and tackled the ball off me. I was able to get it back, but by this point had spent four influence and there was no way to get through to take a shot. I attacked again for more momentum, then passed to Angel who used a momentous dodge to move up. The final moves were pretty dull, with Sakana and my Greyscales moving up but otherwise doing nothing exciting.

I won the roll off for turn two thanks to having more momentum and went first. Siren came back on in front my goal and I assigned six to Shark, four Angel, two Greyscales, and one to Jac. Corsair again received a full stack, plus some to Elly’s Greyscales, Vet Siren, Hag, and Sakana. I activated Angel, charged Tentacles, hit a momentous push dodge that I was able to use to neuter Tentacles counter attack, then hit Super Shot and kicked through Greyscales in melee range, nailing my first goal. Me 4 v Elly 2. I played Knee Slider off it and dodged Angel up and into tap in range of the goal for Snap Shot purposes. Elly played Super Fan to put the ball on Vet Siren, then moved Corsair into Shark, bringing Tentacles along with him. Shark was knocked down and pummelled – ending with on 3 hp left. But 3 hp was more than enough. I used momentum to stand up, jogged around Corsair (keeping Tentacles in melee range). At this point I should have used my legendary, instead I hit Tidal surge into Vet Siren and Greyscales then used my legendary – which fell just short of Sakana (I knew it’d be the case, that’s why I intended to use it before Tidal Surge but forgot). I tackled the ball off Vet Siren, attacked again for a momentous 1” dodge, then shot and scored my second. Me 8 v Elly 2.

2 - end T2

I think the ball came back in and snapped to Hag. Elly then activated his Greyscales and went in on Shark, but poor rolls meant he still couldn’t finish him off. I moved Jac into Corsair and brought Salt along too, and a bad roll netted me one momentum. Elly turned Vet Siren who went in on Shark and finished him off. Me 8 v Elly 4. I moved Greyscales up into Sakana, but failed to do much and had Sakana dodge out of reach in response. I used my last influence on him to Where’d He Go? up further. Hag then got the ball to Sakana, I shifted Siren up a bit, before Sakana jogged up and made an easy shot on goal. Me 8 v Elly 8. I put the ball back in far up on the left – in a great spot for both my Greyscales and Hag (with Shark to run on too) and the game was on.

Elly won the roll off and elected to go first. Sakana received a couple and Corsair the critical amount of four. Meanwhile I jogged Shark on the left side onto fast ground. Influence went six Shark, four Greyscales, one Angel, and three Siren. Hag was up first and dodged around to the ball and then kicked it off the pitch – which I did not see coming. The ball scattered back in and snapped to Corsair. I knew what to do and activated Siren, who successfully Seduced Corsair to pass to Greyscales, who took a momentous dodge to the left. Corsair was next and moved out of melee with Salt and Jac, taking two damage for his trouble. He tried to hit Rough Seas on Greyscales, but failed. He then hit a Drag on Greyscales, but he was out of influence and unable to try take the ball off me. Elly also had no momentum. Greyscales attacked twice for two momentous dodges, hit Where’d He Go?, jogged up into tap in range, and bonus timed to nail just not a goal, but a Screamer. Me 12 v Elly 8.


My two mistakes for the game were not taking a momentous dodge with Shark after receiving the pass in the first turn (which probably turned out for the best because it allowed for a two goal turn two), and forgetting to hit my legendary at Tentacles (which would have ranged Sakana and might have prevented Elly’s goal – it may not have though). Going into the last turn I knew I was in the better position. Elly was always going to need two activations to score, while I had both Shark and Greyscales around the ball and a momentum to start off with. Had Corsair received five or even six influence, things would have been different. Chances are he’d take the ball from Greyscales, then I’d need to spend two attacks just to get it back (in addition to perhaps needing one momentum to stand up or forfeiting my move). It was a close game though, could have gone either way, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.



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