Something Different – American Civil War Union Infantry

You might recall a mate and I went halves on Perry Miniature’s Battle in a Box American Civil War deal.

Union Infantry

Having done so much Guild Ball stuff recently, I decided I’d finally get around to basing my first unit of Union American Civil War infantry. I painted them up about September or October last year, and they’ve just been sitting on my desk waiting for me to finishing basing them.

01 - Union Inf

So I finally did.

02 - Union inf2

There’s not really much to say about them. The flag was grabbed off the net and doubled up for folding purposes. I printed two pages of 8 a page, so I should be set for Union flags for ever.

03 - Union inf 3

I’ll have to motivate myself to get the rest done at some point. I’m annoyed that I lost one of my cannons though – crew is all there, but the gun (which I know I assembled because it was infuriating) has gone AWOL.

I might see about doing some other random things to break up the deluge of Guild Ball – like finally finishing my ISU-152. I’m hoping for a game of Bolt Action sometime next month too. And maybe SAGA. It’d be awesome if I could get both in. I really need more historical fans round my area…


Guild Ball – Fish (Shark) V Hunters (Theron)

Weekly Thursday game, Fish (Shark) v Hunters (Theron)


Me: Greyscales, Salt (msct), Siren, Shark (cpt), Jac, Angel

Campbell (of Double Dodge): Jaecar, Theron (cpt), Vet Hearne, Zerola, Chaska, Fahad (msct)

Match Report

Cam won the roll off and elected to receive. I decided to kick off with Siren, the ball landing about 2” over the half way line on the right in front Chaska and Fahad.

1 - Kick off

I went with four influence for Siren, six Shark, and one a piece for the rest of the team. All the Hunters were assigned influence, but I forget the allocations. Fahad went first, moving up to pick up the ball and back to the deployment line to drop it off. I then moved up Jac into cover on the right. Vet Hearne charged Siren, knocking her down and doing 1 damage. I moved Salt up into Vet Hearne, before Zerola had Chaska jogging up the pitch setting up a possible charge on Siren, but also great pinball for Shark. I decided to take the opportunity and charged Vet Hearne, triggered Tidal Surge into Chaska, then a momentous dodge, then another off Zerola to pick up the ball, a third to bounce back for an uncontested shot, then nailed my first goal. Me 4 v Cam 0. I threw down Knee Slider and moved Shark back to block off the Chaska charge route to Siren. Cam used Superfan to put the ball with Jaecar.

Unfortunately this put me in a position where Theron could charge Shark, and he did so. Theron knocked Shark around, applying a snare and pushing him around for Chaska. Greyscales moved next, jogging up and hitting Where’d He Go? to engage Vet Hearne. Jaecar made his move, throwing out a trap near Greyscales and jogging up, leaving the ball on the deployment line. I decided to stand up Siren, forfeiting her movement, and used her to generate three momentum. Chaska then laid into Shark, knocking him down and reducing him to 10hp. My final move was to sprint Angel up to within 4” of Shark.

Cam was up one momentum on me, and subsequently won the roll off and elected to go first. I forget the allocations, but Theron received a full six and Fahad two. I went with four Greyscales, Jac, and Angel, and three on Siren. Fahad was up first, charging into Shark, taking him out in two attacks easily and dodging around to engage Angel. Me 4 v Cam 2. Cam also played Man Marking for an extra two influence. He also triggered the linked activation with Zerola, who grabbed the ball and jogged off to the back right, taking the ball out of range for me to grab this turn.  I decided to charge Jac into Chaska, knocking him down and pushing him about. Jaecar then sprinted around Greyscales, taking a parting blow and some damage, before laying into Siren, who was left on 3hp and knocked down.

3 - Part way T2.jpg

I wasn’t sure what to do next, but figured this wasn’t going to be my turn so I best set myself up for next. I activated Angel and struck out at Fahad, missing everything on my first attack. My second attack was all hits however and I hit momentous double dodge, then sprinted just short of Zerola (not wanting to trigger Unpredictable Movement) and activated Nimble. Theron went next, finishing off Siren and turning on Jac who was snared and took minor damage. Me 4 v Cam 4.

I ran Salt around Vet Hearne to trigger the trap next to Greyscales before Vet Hearne moved in to join the gang up on Jac, who took a little more damage. Greyscales made his way up the pitch into cover on the left, clearing conditions on Jac but discarding his last influence. Finally, Chaska stood up and used Boom Box twice (from a blessing) to knock Jac back a total of 8”.

Cam was well ahead in momentum and was first up again. I brought Shark back on the right side and Siren in front my goal. Influence for me went six to Shark, four Angel, two Greyscales, one Jac and Siren. Chaska was up first, charging Jac and pushing him back two, before hitting Boombox and sending him off the table. Me 4 v Cam 6. I was ok with this play however because it allowed Angel to sprint around Zerola into Tap In range, grabbing the ball on the way, Super Shot, then easily score goal number two. Me 8 v Cam 6. The ball came back in into space between Greyscales, Jaecar, and the scrum to the right. Scatter was favourable to me and put Greyscales in a goal scoring position. This forced Cam to activate Vet Hearne to grab the ball and pass to Jaecar – which he missed. His original scatter would have allowed Jaecar to snap the ball, but I played Match Fixing and instead it ended up heading the same direction, but much further, snapping to Fahad instead.

4 - End game

With eyes on the prize I activated Shark. He charged Fahad who went defensive stance. I scored a momentous dodge, second attack netted the tackle, two more attacks (one Fahad, one Chaska) for another two momentous dodges, hit his legendary (in the event my dice went bad), then a clear pass to Angel, who then nailed a bonus timed snap shot (with Super Shot this was a six dice kick needing two 3s) to score goal number three. Match over, Me 12 v Cam 6.


Kicking off with Siren is something I’ve wanted to try for a while now. I think I shouldn’t have sent her up as far, but it turned out ok. I possibly should have used Knee Slider to get Shark back more, but that would have meant saying goodbye to Siren turn one. The scrum in the middle was a real mire for me, but after Shark and Siren were taken out in turn two, it allowed me to spread everyone out and cover all sides of the pitch, while Cam was roving around in a pack. Cam’s shanked pass to Jaecar was a real boon to me, but even he’d nailed it, chances are he’d be looking at a goal and a take out (Siren again0, with the ball coming back in for Shark to pick up and score with. So tough spot all round for him.

Finally, Jac getting knocked off the pitch was pretty cool too. I like it when things get knocked off the pitch, even my own.

I’m hoping to teach the basics of Guild Ball to my youngest brother this weekend, then next Thursday I’ll be back at it again for another match. Till then!



Guild Ball – Fish (Shark) v Union (Blackheart)

Game from the other Thursday that I hadn’t got around to posting up, Fish v Union. Unfortunately there was no game last week (18 May 2017), but I’ll aim to get this week’s game up more promptly after the fact.


Me: Greyscales, Salt (msct), Siren, Shark (cpt), Jac, Angel

Darryl (of Nerdvana Games): Mist, Blackheart, Coin, Snakeskin, Avarisse & Greede, Decimate.

Match Report

I won the roll off and elected to receive. Snakeskin kicked off and scored a poor scatter, so Darryl re-rolled and scored a worse scatter, putting the ball a bit in front of Salt. I went with six influence for Shark, four for Angel, and one a piece for everyone else. Salt activated first, collected the ball and passed to Siren. This was a big mistake, because Snakeskin then activated, charged Siren, tackled the ball, threw up clone, and dodged, then scored. Me 0 v Darryl 4. Snakeskin then repositioned into cover.

6 - Kickoff.jpg

Ikicked the ball back in just in front Siren and used her to collect and pass to Shark. Decimate then moved up the pitch. Shark then put Quick Foot on Angel, used Tidal Surge on her, then moved up and passed to Angel, who took a momentous dodge 4” up. Coin threw up a token and jogged around a bit, nothing exciting, before Angel made her play. She sprinted up the right side of the pitch, hit Nimble, Supershot, and kicked on goal with five dice. And missed. The ball failed to scatter passed the goal, allowing Blackheart to collect and pass it back and forth between himself and Avarisse. Or he would have, had Avarisse not failed his kick, scattering the ball into space near the centre of the pitch.

7 - right side.jpg

Things were not going well and I could tell this was going to be a quick game, but there had to be something cool I could do. And you better believe there was. Snakeskin was a little over the goal line. I activated Jac, hit Ramming Speed, jogged him into Snakeskin to push her back towards the board edge, then used Jac’s heroic (for the first time ever). A further 4” push put her off the board and Taken Out. Me 2 v Darryl 4.

Next came Avarisse & Greede who powered up the pitch. Greede lept off Avarisse and worked his way through Siren with the ball. He couldn’t get out of both Siren and Jac’s range, but even with the -1 kick for being in Jac’s melee range he easily scored. Me 2 v Darryl 8. The ball came in and Greyscales collected it, before Mist made his way up the pitch.

8 - end T1.jpg

Turn two and I won the roll off and, stupidly, decided to go second. I forgot Mist had 2” melee. Also tackle on the first column. Also that Greyscales has 17” goal threat range. The influence assignment really doesn’t matter. Mist went first, charged Greyscales, nabbed the ball and dodged, and made an easy shot on goal. Match over, Me 2 v Darryl 12.

9 - end of game


It was a very quick game in which I made several mistakes. Passing to Siren: poor choice. Not going first in the second turn: another poor choice. Angel failing a 5 dice kick: the worst luck. I certainly didn’t bring my A game to the table, so hopefully I can be more focused this week!


Making a Guild Ball Pitch

Last week I finished off my Guild Ball pitch.

The Pitch

I hit up Bunnings for supplies for this project. A sheet of MDF, 1830x915x3mm cut in half to form two 915mm squares, a sheet of XPS 1200x600x30mm (I had a second sheet at home), some non-slip rubbing matting material (roughly 900mm square), and some duct tape.

I glued my two sheets of XPS on to one of the pieces of MDF. After it had dried, I clamped the second square of MDF on to form some sort of MDF XPS sandwich. I then cut the excess off with a knife, before using my hot wire cutter to bring it right back to the edge and make it nice and neat.

Some wood putty was required to fill the join where the XPS sheets met, and as it turned out I didn’t fill the slight dip in that section quite enough. I then glued sand on the XPS surface and sealed with PVA.

Next up I painted the play surface. A heavy coat of dark brown, followed by a light coat of a lighter brown, then a dry brush off off/bone white.

I mixed up some flock (light, dark, and mid green in a ratio of 1:1:2) and glued that on to the play surface, again sealing with PVA. I mucked up the sealing and didn’t cover the whole surface sufficiently, so I had to redo.

The play surface has a nice variety of green, with some dirt and sand looking spots too. I like how they add variety. Next I used a stencil of the Guild Ball logo I made (Photoshopped to get the right size, printed, glued to cardstock, then cut out with a scalpel – I’ve included the templates at the end of this post) and sponged it on in white. I probably went a little heavy and I had to touch up the flock to mark out the G, but it came out alright. Next I lay out the pitch markings with masking tape and brushed them on in white. Finally I used another template to do fancy goal markings (I knocked up a half template in Photoshop).

12 - Pitch pre taping

For the final touches I taped around the edges with the duct tape. I made cuts at the corners to fold and stick the excess to the underside of the pitch. Finally, I covered the back in PVA and glued on my anti-slip rubber matting material.

I’m pretty pleased with the finished product. I think it really pops from the table (which was the aim), and the non-slip matting means I don’t have to place a tablecloth on my kitchen table to protect it when setting the board up, in addition to the pitch not sliding around when bumped.

The above templates will give you a Guild Ball logo and half a goal line marking. Each are 150mm square. When using the half goal marking, remember to ensure the surface of the stencil is dry before flipping it to do the other half of the goal marking!

Guild Ball – Fish (Shark) V Alchemists (Smoke)

Thursday night game at Harlequin Halls, tonight’s match: Fish V Alchemists.


Me: Greyscales, Salt (msct), Siren, Shark (cpt), Jac, Angel.

Michael: Mercury, Naja (msct), Venin, Smoke (cpt), Compound, Calculus

Match Report

Michael won the roll off and elected to kick. I can’t recall who kicked, but passing his kick test and re-rolling the scatter wasn’t enough to stop the ball failing to clear the half way line. Good omens for Fish! I opted to give the ball to Greyscales. I assigned one influence each to Greyscales, Salt, Siren, and Jac, 6 to Shark and 4 to Angel.

1 - lineup

Greyscales started, moved up and passed to Salt. The Alchemists did a little movement, then Salt moved up a little and passed to Siren. Compound put up his Foul Odour before Siren moved back and failed to pass to Shark. He was able to snap it any way as it passed through his base. Another Alchemist shifted into the centre of the field, before Shark used Tidal Surge on Angel, moving her up 4”. He then moved up to the centre of the pitch and hit a pass to Angel, who used a momentous dodge to get a further 4” up and just before the halfway line to my right. Shark’s last influence was spent to give Angel Quick Foot. Michael knew what was coming, but didn’t have a lot he could do, so he opted to throw fire at Shark, dealing 2 damage and giving him Burning. Angel was next, sprinting up the pitch, staying out of Compound’s Counter-Charge range, Nimble, Supershot, kick and goal! Me 4 v Michael 0.

Before kicking back in, Michael played the plot card that puts a Vengeance token on a goal kicker when they score. The ball came back in and ended up with Compound. The rest of the turn saw players move towards the centre of the pitch with templates a plenty thrown around. Salt took damage and Burning, Shark took more damage and was Poisoned, Jac and Angel also both became Poisoned.

Turn two and I won the roll off and elected to have the first activation. I went with 6 Shark, 4 Jac, 2 Angel, and one each for Siren and Greyscales. Shark was first and dove right into the enemy line. It was spectacular. A bunch of not much was achieved. I generated 6 momentum, did a bunch of dodging but ultimately moved back because I couldn’t see a way through the line. My last attack applied Gut & Strings to one of the Alchemists (Venin I believe) before I removed Shark’s conditions. This was a mistake, and healing would have been the better choice. The rest of this turn was fairly uneventful. I shifted my players around, Greyscales and Siren moving up, Salt coming over to assist Shark and Jac. Jac got blinded and did close to nothing with his influence, more damage was put out on Shark, Salt, and Jac, including stacking Poison, Burning, and Bleed on the mascot and captain. Angel did nothing. Smoke ended up with the ball after a pass from Compound.

6 - midpitch

Turn three and I lost the roll off. At this point, shark had 7hp left, Greyscales was threatening the ball big time though. I opted with 4 Greyscales, 4 Shark, 3 Siren, 2 Jac, and none for Siren and Salt. Naja went first and moved in to hit Shark, he failed to do a huge amount though, leaving Shark with 5hp (I think). I decided hitting another goal was more important than making use of Shark’s influence. Greyscales moved and used Where’d He Go? to get in on Smoke, tackled the ball, dodged out, and hit a goal. Me 8 v Michael 0. The ball came back in with a bad scatter in between Smoke and Naja – well within distance for Shark to pull off a move and pick it up. Michael wasn’t going to let that happen, and I believe Calculus came in and took him down. Salt got blasted at about the same point. Me 8 V Michael 3.

Smoke collected the ball in her activation, but Siren Seduced her to pass it to Greyscales. I forgot about my Composure plot card and promptly missed the pass, which would have given me a Snapshot and chance to end the game. The ball scatter passed through Greyscales and he picked it up. Angel did her nothing, then the Alchemists (I forget who) closed on Greyscales, triggering Unpredictable Movement. I used Jac to generate some momentum, but not a huge amount. This was a mistake and I should have charged Mercury who was gearing up for a charge on Greyscales. The charge came, I counter attacked, but he wrapped, tackling the ball and pushing me back 2” and out of melee range.

7 - shark and salt back on

Turn four and I again lost the roll off. Mercury activated and dropped the ball with Compound before moving off to the centre of the pitch and throwing out a Fire Blast. I stalled with Jac, doing little. I can’t recall the Alchemist’s next move, but I then activated Shark, who’d come on near my goal. I ran him up to Venin, generated some momentum and got him into Tidal Surge range of Angel, shifting her up and into cover. Compound shifted across to his old spot to protect the goal and engage Angel. He also passed to Smoke, who I promptly Seduced with Siren. This time the pass was good, Shark took the ball and momentous dodged into cover. Siren then moved up to engage as many Alchemists as possible (four). Naja ran over to engage Shark. I pulled a Wingbacker charge from Salt on the right to try engage him, but he used Unpredictable Movement to avoid and still have range on Shark. Smoke then dove in to try take the ball back. I counter-attacked and not only did she fail to tackle, I dodged out of her melee.

Turn five and once again I lost the roll. It was all up to Smoke. She was loaded up and she dove in on Shark. He successfully counter-attacked and dodged away with the ball again – this time into cover. She dropped a smoke template, teleported up and wailed on Shark. She couldn’t hit enough successes to steal the ball though. Shark activated, hit her for a momentous 1” dodge, jogged around to Compound, Tidal Surged up to the goal, and tapped it in – just (1, 2, 2, 4). Me 12 V Michael 3.


I think the score belies how intense this game was. Michael really dished out the pain on me. Greyscales and Jac were close to dropping, Siren and Angel had a little bit of damage, and Shark was back on at half health. He just couldn’t keep control of the ball when it wasn’t on Compound. When he tried to get it to Smoke to make a goal play, Siren was there and ready to throw a spanner in the works. All up, a very hard fought and thoroughly enjoyable match.



Rest of the Fish

As I have mentioned all my fish are now painted. Here’s Kraken, Corsair, Tentacles, Hag, Sakana, and Veteran Siren.

New Players

Corsair, Kraken, Tentacles, Hag, Sakana, and Veteran Siren

There’s not much to say this post, here’s all six.

Kraken. Affixing him to his base was a right pain. The pins just didn’t not want to glue right.

Corsair. He was easier to pin, mostly because the pins were sunk into modelling putty filling the slot in the base.

Tentacles. His right eye is a bit screwy. It annoys me, but otherwise he’s pretty cool.

Hag. So many pieces! And affixing her to her base was nerve racking. It went well though, too well. I expect her to break off at some point and need fixing, then I’ll be cursing loudly.

Sakana. Not much to say here, he was actually simple to assemble.

Veteran Siren. Assembling her was rage inducing. The tab on her feet was too long to fit in the slot, so it needed trimming. Then gluing her arms on was a horrific experience. Particularly her right arm. The pieces are so tiny pinning is not an easy task (I don’t have find enough wire to do it properly anyway). Got there in the end, though I expect her arms to need fixing at some point.


Blessing of the Scum Father 2

I took part in the Blessing of the Scum Father 2 Guild Ball event at Harlequin Halls last Saturday. Unfortunately, once again, I’m picture-less. The pressure of the clock really doesn’t allow it when you’re playing. It was a good event, eight players, three rounds, with prizes all round.

Match 1

First up, I was matched with Tobias who was running Engineers. A veteran of the game down from Queensland, I knew I’d have a hard time beating him, but if I didn’t go 12-0, I’d chalk it up as a victory. I switched out Jac for Kraken for something different, I can’t remember all Tobias’ line-up, but Pin Vice was captain and Velocity was there to score all the goals and that’s what mattered.

It was a very long, grindy match. I elected to kick, for reasons that I’m not sure. I shan’t make that mistake again. After the ball was collected, it was passed back to Velocity who took the momentous dodge back behind her deployment line. At some point Pin Vice made the move up the pitch and took out Salt. I did not approve of her actions. Shark went in on Pin Vice and I got oh so close to taking her out with some great rolling. That was a trend that would continue.

Turn 2 and I continued to wail on Pin Vice, but every time I’d get her so very close to being taken out and she’d be healed after reanimating.

It was Turn 3 before the first goal was scored (at least), with Velocity finding the post. I quickly followed up with a goal from Shark so at least I wouldn’t go down with nothing to my name. I also got so very, very close to pushing Pin Vice off the pitch, but alas, it did not eventuate.

Turns 4 and 5 were more of the same: I kept trying to push Pin Vice around; Angel ended up getting Taken Out; and then Velocity scored again. But this stage I’d clocked out, so that was the game.

Match 2

Next up was another Engineers team, played by Shaun of Jackal Designs (he does laser cutting and engraving, including custom jobs, check it out). I lost the roll off this time and found myself kicking again. This was a very quick, two turn game. I was unable to break the opponent scores, I score, opponent scores, I score, opponent scores cycle however.

Velocity netted a goal in Turn One by bouncing from Jac to Greyscales. Shark followed up in Turn 2, dodging away from Colossus (who’d knocked him down Turn 1 and I’d been unable to generate momentum to stand him up, so I had to forfeit my move in the first turn), moving up the field, and nailing it.

The ball made its way back to Velocity via Colossus, who took a snap shot to score a screamer. Velocity then used Knee Slider to get back into the centre of the pitch near Colossus. I got the ball back to Angel, but she was tackled by Ratchet (I think). Siren seduced Ratchet to pass to Shark, who replied with his own snap shot. The ball came back in within snap range of Velocity, something not even Match Fixing could solve. She darted away and easily nailed goal number three.

Match 3

It was the playoffs for the wooden spoon, or decorative plate as the case was. I was up against Daniel who was playing Hunters. Daniel had played just as few games as I had, but he was using a team that is much harder to master than my slippery Fish, so I felt pretty confident.

He was wily of my Fish ways, and after I won the roll off and elected to receive, he put the ball way to the right, out of range for Angel to pick it up. I’m not very familiar with the Hunters’ line up, so I’m not sure who it was that collected the ball. I honestly can’t recall how I got the ball off the Hunter player, but it ended up with Shark. Turn 2 I was able to activate Shark, use Tidal surge to thread through two Hunters, generate a couple of momentum and doge closer to the goal and score my first. I then used knee slider to reposition on the centre left of the pitch.

The ball made its way back towards my deployment, only to be Seduced into a pass to Greyscales. Turn 3 I worked on setting up the play, and in Turn 4 got the ball from Greyscales to Shark, who once again used Tidal Surge to get past the bear, get a couple of attacks in on a 1” melee Hunter for momentum, then make the shot.

Daniel managed a goal in reply about now, which was the only 4 VPs he’d score for the day. I got the ball back in on Angel and after a slight delay as the ball was tackled off Angel as she tried to leave threat range, forcing her to divert and tackle it back, I nailed my third goal to win 12-4.


I ended up placing 7th, incorrectly announced as 5th on the day. There were prizes for all though, with extra prizes for the top placers. The prize pool was largely donated by Darryl who runs Nerdvana Games (he’s great, if you live in Adelaide, or Australia in general, and are into X-Wing, Guild Ball, or Infinity, get your stuff from him). I netted both Quaff and Mash (prize and bonus prize for first tournament) for my Brewers, so I ended up very much ahead. Everyone also got a chibi card (I got Shark).

All in all it was a great day. I doubled the amount of Guild Ball matches I’d played, and I learnt some things too. I take particular pride in my Seduce to Snap Shot, and my uses of Tidal Surge in the last game.

Next Time

I still have to post about the second half of my Fish being painted (might do that tomorrow), this week I also finished my Guild Ball pitch (which looks awesome) so I’ll set a reminder to post that in the next week (perhaps next Friday), and finally I’ll write up last night’s match (Fish V Alchemists) today or tomorrow and get that up also within the next week (I have pictures too!). Happy wargaming!

Guild Ball – Fish (Shark) V Engineers (Pin Vice)

Another Guild Ball Thursday at Harlequin Halls. This time I remembered to take pictures!


Me: Angel, Shark (cpt), Siren, Salt (msct), Jac, Greyscales

Campbell (the other half of the aforementioned Double Dodge): Colossus, Pin Vice, Velocity, Ratchet, Hoist, Mother (msct)

Match Report

Cam won the roll off and elected to kick. Velocity made the kick, but failed the test and then copped rough scatter that put the ball slightly in his half, so things were off to a good start as I got to give possession of the ball to one of my models. I went with Greyscales, with the intention to pass down the line and generate loads of momentum.

1 - Fish line up

2 - Engineer's Lineup

Can’t recall Cam’s influence allocations for turn one, but mine were one a piece of Jac, Salt, and Siren, six for Shark, three for Angel, and two for Greyscales. Greyscales went first, moved up, passed to Jac and put up decoy. I believe Cam responded by chucking out a nest from Mother. Jac moved up, Salt followed and received a pass from Jac. Next, Pin Vice threw out Alternator on Velocity and Deletion on someone too, before Salt passed to Siren. Velocity then activated and charged Siren thanks to the extra movement from Alternator. I threw up defensive stance, but that didn’t stop Velocity tackling the ball off Siren and then making a successful two dice shot on goal. Me 0 V Cam 4.

I kicked the ball back in in front Angel and Shark. Angel went next, jogging up the left, collecting the ball, activating Super Shot, passing back to Shark, who used a momentous dodge to move forward, and then activating Nimble. Cam did some repositioning of Ratchet. It was Shark’s turn to do Shark things. He charged Pin Vice, generated some momentum and used the dodges to get in range of goal, then shot and scored. I then played the Knee Slider plot card to get Shark out of danger and into the middle of the field. Me 4 v Cam 4. Cam kicked the ball back in, scattering it into space between Mother and Ratchet. The rest of the turn was pretty unexciting with movement from Colossus and Hoist, and Siren trying and failing to hit Colossus.

I was ahead in momentum and won the roll off for Turn 2. Shark was also within 4” of Angel, so I had 15 influence to assign. I went three Angel, six Shark, three Siren, and one a piece for Greyscales, Jac, and Salt. Shark was up first, sprinting in to grab the ball, using Gut and Strings on Ratchet, followed by three momentous push dodge results, before hitting his legendary and scoring a second goal. Me 8 V Cam 4. Cam brought the ball in and snapped it to Pin Vice. Colossus then lumbered up and hit out at Angel, singling her out. I didn’t think repositioning Siren to attempt a Seduce in range of Colossus was a good idea, so next I jogged Jac across and pushed Colossus closer to Angel. Colossus counter-attacked in response, also singling out Jac. Cam popped Pin Vice’s Heroic and Legendary, then passed to Ratchet (I think), who promptly failed passing back to Pin Vice. The ball scattered just shy of snap range in between Ratchet and Pin Vice – both within sprinting and then goal kicking distance for Angel. Cam went to use Controller on Ratchet, before he realised he was at 0”/0” because of the stack between Shark’s legendary and Gut and Strings. Angel was up. She put up nimble and sprinted. Colossus brought down a 7 dice parting blow, but failed to score a single six. Collecting the ball, I bonus timed a shot which hit home. Match over, Me 12 V Cam 4.


It was a good, quick game. I remembered to use Shark’s legendary and I didn’t get anyone taken out (football V football though, so that’s not overly surprising). Cam copped a couple of bad rolls that caused him some serious problems. The first was the kick off scatter, the second was the pass back to Pin Vice. You can’t rely on luck, but can’t complain about it going my way!

Next Time

All my Fish are painted, so that will show up soon, and I’ll have a post on Blessing of the Scum Father sometime this week too. Then, this Thursday, it’ll be the regular Guild Ball match. Happy wargaming!