Guild Ball – Fish (Shark) V Union (Blackheart)

I’ve finally found the time to post up the match report from last Thursday’s game. Unfortunately no pictures again. Also unfortunately Bolt Action and SAGA were called off. On the positive side, I do have pictures from last night’s game and will get that up soon (hopefully).


Me: Angel, Shark (cpt), Siren, Salt (msct), Jac, Greyscales

Opponent (Dave, one half of Double Dodge, go check that): Rage, Harry, Blackheart, Avarisse & Greede (henceforth A&G), Mist, Coin

Match Report

Dave won the roll off and elected to kick. Harry took the kick and the ball ended in front Greyscales. I went with three influence for Angel, five Shark, one each for Siren, Salt and Jac, and two for Greyscales. I can’t recall Dave’s loading, but I know Blackheart was fully loaded and there were three on A&G.

Greyscales activated first, jogging into cover, collecting ball, moving back slightly, and passing to Jac. Which he missed. The ball scatted in front of Siren just out of snap range. Greyscales then put up Decoy. Coin went next and did a thing to Rage. Siren went next and collected the ball, which she passed to Salt. I think Harry went next, moving up and throwing a Molotov near my centre left back (a couple of inches in front Siren). Salt went next, moving close enough to pass to Angel. Which he also missed. This time the scatter passed through her base, so it snapped to her. Downside was I didn’t get the momentous dodge I wanted.

A&G were next, A picking up G, moving up the pitch, setting him down and G running over and dodging into combat with Greyscales. With my defence up to six and the -1 TAC from cover, G failed to connect. Angel went next, sprinting to the cover on my left, hitting supershot, and successfully passing back to Shark. I used momentous dodge to put Shark up the field. Mist then moved up a little. Shark then activated Quick Foot and sprinted around the Molotov into combat with Harry. I used a couple of attacks to generate momentum and dodge closer, before bonus timing a shot and scoring a goal. Me 4 v Dave 0. I then used the dodge from scoring the goal to go even deeper into bat country. The ball came in right near Blackheart and snapped to him. Finally fully loaded Blackheart activated and went in on Shark. At the end of his activation Shark had lost 5hp and Dave had generated himself a stack of momentum.

Dave won the initiative roll off for turn two and again Blackheart was fully loaded. Everyone else saw some influence too, though I can’t recall the exact amount. For my part, two Shark, three Angel, four siren, three Greyscales, one Jac and Salt. Blackheart activated first and lay into Shark. He fell a single box of damage shy of taking Shark out though. Shark went next and I attacked for a momentous dodge and was downed in a counter attack. YOLO. Me 4 v Dave 2. Coin was next and dished out another buff, this time to Harry. Next up, Siren spent momentum to ignore the rough ground in the middle of the pitch and successfully Seduced Blackheart, who passed to her. She used a momentous dodge to go back four inches and drop the ball, snapping it to Angel.

Harry then charged Siren and hit her pretty hard, dealing 7 damage and leaving her with Bleed. Angel then made her play, sprinting up, supershot, nailing goal number two. Me 8 v Dave 2. The ball came back in near Mist.

Rage was next and charged Angel. He pushed her around and she ended up 4hp down and in-between Rage and Blackheart. I then moved Jac in and engaged G, rolling really well and scoring 3 damage. Mist then collected the ball and jogged back to protect it. Greyscales then wailed on G some, but not particularly well before A came in to defend his little buddy, knocking Jac down, pushing him around and scoring six damage. Salt then ran over to add to Crowded Out on G because why not? At the end of the turn, Bleed took out Siren. Me 8 v Dave 4.

Dave had all the momentum in the world and I had one, he’d be going first again in turn three. I brought Siren and Shark back on the right side and jogged them up. Six for Shark, three Siren, four Greyscales, and one Jac. Again, don’t recall Dave’s allocations. Blackheart went first and beat Angel down, taking her out. Me 8 v Dave 6. In the process he triggered On My Mark, having Mist pass the ball to him, moving up and dropping the ball. I then sent Siren in on G, achieving a few damage. A then smacked Siren down for a second time, and some healing was dished out on G. Me 8 v Dave 8. I stood Jac up and took a swing at G for a single damage. At this point I’m not sure which of Dave’s players went, I think it was an unexciting move by Rage.

Greyscales was next and he laid into G. For three damage. Over four influence. #fishthings. Mist then moved up next, collecting ball and passing to Harry who used a momentous dodge to get closer to the goal. There was probably some more healing on G. Mistakes had been made, but it’s cool, I just wanted that little bugger down. Shark jogged in and wailed on G. One damage. One damage. One damage. One damage. One damage, down. Me 10 v Dave 8. And then there was no one left to hit. Harry activated and moved up, kicked for goal, and nailed it.

That’s the match: Me 10 v Dave 12.


Another great game and some good learnings. First thing I realised was I should have brought Siren and Shark on different sides of the pitch (I had no idea On My Mark was a possibility, will know for next time). Second thing was that in turn two, Shark could have used his Legendary and then tried for a Tidal Surge on Rage, shifting him back into the middle of nowhere. Together that would have protected Siren and Angel (Rage and Harry wouldn’t have been able to move up and engage either), and saved one or both of them so I could move them out of harm’s way (my movement being greater than theirs). A third thing I thought while typing all this out: not sure if I used my free goal scoring dodge on Angel. Should have if I didn’t. And finally, running Siren in to certain death was Poor Choices.

Next Time

Saturday is Blessing of the Scum Father 2, which looks like it’ll be three rounds. Hopefully I’ll have match reports for all my matches. Alternatively just one higher level report on the whole tournament. Whatever the case, everyone is set to get a prize! I’ve also painted all my Fish now, so I’ll post up pictures of the other six (Kraken, Corsair, Tentacles, Hag, and Veteran Siren) soon.

British V Deutsche Afrika Korp – Engagement

The Easter long weekend and my mate Tom was keen to catch up, so what better time to (finally) play some more Flames of War?

Mission and Table

I rolled up engagement for the mission. Tom won the roll off and was the attacker. Objectives were placed more or less opposite each other. My side (the one with the two ridges) had one behind the rough terrain on my left flank, and the other just behind the ridge in the centre. Tom has one just over the hill and the other I placed near the road on the other side of the field.


We just ran with everything we had (only my force fits an organisation chart).


HQ with two Panzer III Ls

Two Panzer platoons – 1st with two Panzer IV F2s, two Panzer III Ls and a Panzer III N, 2nd with one Panzer IV F2, two Panzer III Ls and one Panzer III N

Heavy anti-aircraft battery with two Flak 88s with extra crew (so rate of fire 3)

Priority air support from Ju87G Stukas



HQ and two heavy armoured platoons with three shermans a piece

Light armour platoon with three honey stuarts

Kingforce armour platoon with three Churchill IIIs – this platoon wasn’t actually part of the force organisation chart, but we were doing a fun “use everything” battle, so it came under the company’s command

Sporadic air support from Hurricane IIICs


Order of Battle

I deployed my Flak 88s on the objective on my left flank and my second Panzer platoon behind the ridge in the centre. Tom positioned a platoon of Shermans in the centre of the field and the Churchills on the road.

19 - British Advance

I had first turn and did a big fat load of nothing. Meeting Engagement meant I couldn’t call in air support. Reserves were on delay. I didn’t want to sneak my Panzers out yet, and I made the call that the Flak 88s couldn’t fire (everything for me was supposed to count as having moved, Flak 88s are immobile. So I considered they’d been towed on and set up). Tom similarly did little, moving up his Shermans and Churchills. The Shermans opened fire on the Flak 88s, but were in effective.

Turn 2 and I kept my Panzers still again. My Stukas came in and wrecked two Churchills, while my Flak 88s bust open a single Sherman. Tom’s turn and the lone Churchill stuck around and moved up. The Shermans returned fire on the Flak 88s, but again were ineffective.

Turn 3 and there were no reserves to be seen. With two of the Churchills dead and the third showing me side armour, I moved out my Panzers. The Flak 88s wrecked the remaining two Shermans, but my Panzers couldn’t penetrate the Churchill’s armour. Toms turn and his Churchill turned to take on my Panzers, and his Hurricanes showed up to strafe my Flaks. The Hurricanes managed to take out a Flak, but the Churchill’s shots were ineffective.

Turn 4 and I still had no reserves. My Stukas came in again as I moved my Panzers up. The Churchill took a hit from the Stukas, but somehow wasn’t knocked out. The Churchill failed to remount, and the Hurricanes didn’t show up either.

Turn 5 and finally my first Panzer platoon showed up, driving in on the centre of the field. My Stukas were back as my Panzers continued their advance. Once more I just couldn’t crack the Churchill. British reinforcements also arrived in the form of two Sherman platoons (including the HQ). They came in from the corner opposite the Flak 88 though, which was not ideal. The Churchill remounted and decided to advance, opening fire and scoring one kill on the second Panzer platoon. Unfortunately the Shermans were out of range.

Turn 6 and my Panzers made it onto the objective, if I started next turn with them on it I’d end the battle. My final lot of reserves, the command platoon, showed up in the centre of the field. Meanwhile, my Stukas again tried to knock out the last Churchill but failed. The second Panzer platoon moved up to engage it but were likewise ineffective. Meanwhile my Flak bailed a single Sherman. The Sherman failed to remount while the others moved up. Unfortunately for me the Honey Stuarts not only showed up, but arrived right in front of my Panzers. The Hurricanes also came back for another strafe. The dice were not in Tom’s favour though and by the end of the shooting phase, only a single Panzer from the first platoon was destroyed.

Turn 7 and I turned everything in the centre towards the Shermans on the left. My Stukas were back, this time on the Shermans. When the guns stopped firing, one of the Sherman platoons and the Honey Stuarts were all smoking wrecks. The battle was all but over, but Tom shifted up his Shermans (the bailed one remounted) anyway. The Shermans failed to do anything, but the Churchill took out two more Panzers and the last Panzer from the first platoon quit the field.


Turn 8 and my second platoon was on the far right objective uncontested. Victory to Germany! It was a good battle, though the dice were definitely in my favour. Tom was a big fan of snake eyes, and he really could have used one of the Sherman platoons on the other flank.

Next Time

I’ve a game of Bolt Action, and hopefully some SAGA too, teed up for next Saturday. In addition, Thursday night is Guild Ball. Finally, I finished Kraken yesterday and Veteran Siren today. Unfortunately Sakana’s blister was baseless, so I’ll need to solve that problem before I can do any work on him.

Happy wargaming!

Guild Ball – First Game

I had my first full game of Guild Ball last night. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures, so you’ll have to be content with a wall of text.

Team Lineup

Me: Greyscales, Jac, Shark (cpt), Salt (msct), Siren, Angel

Opponent (Elly): Greyscales, Veteran Siren, Kraken, Corsair (cpt), Tentacles (msct)

Match Report

I elected to kick, running Shark straight down the middle of the pitch and kicking the ball to the forward left into rough ground. It scatter to the right and forward a bit, landing not far from Elly’s Greyscales.

Turn 1

I can’t recall how Elly assigned his influence, but I went with 6 on Shark, 2 on Angel, 1 Salt, 1 Jac, 2 Greyscales (could have been 2 Jac and 1 Greyscales actually), and 1 on Siren.

Elly’s Greyscales retrieved the ball, passed to Corsair and activated Decoy. I then activated Shark, realised running headlong into the enemy team with no support was a Bad Idea, and decided to use Elly’s Greyscales as a momentum battery. I think I ended up netting three momentum.

Corsair charged in on Shark and knocked him down. He then proceeded to beat Shark rather badly, before passing the ball to his Angel, who used momentum to dodge forward. I didn’t have a great deal to do next, so I just moved Angel up into cover and activated Nimble.

Elly’s Angel then pelted up the pitch, just to the left of mine, hit supershot and nailed a goal. I can’t quite recall my play next, but either Greyscales or Jac retrieved the ball (I think it was Greyscales) and passed to Jac.

With me unable to get anyone close enough to Shark, Elly spent his next activation crowding out Shark, moving up Veteran Siren. Jac moved up, passed to Salt. Tentacles came up to add to the crowd out bonus on Shark. Salt ducked across and passed to my Angel. Kraken came in and caused Serious Pain to Shark – but he managed to stay up on 1hp! Finally Siren moved up slightly and attacked Elly’s Angel for a result I can’t recall.

Turn 2

I had the momentum advantage, but it didn’t help me for I rolled a 1 against Elly’s 6. My influence for this turn was 2 Shark, 3 Angel, 3 Siren, 2 Greyscales, 2 Jac, and 1 Salt.

Corsair went first, moving away from Shark and nabbing the ball of my Angel with Rough Seas. I was ok with this though, because I followed up with Seduce from Siren and had Corsair pass the ball straight back.

Elly knew my goal play from Angel would come next, so he shifted Tentacles to try make the shot harder. I was still able to avoid the tougher shot with a sprint and a Super Shot, ending up with a screamer.

The ball came back in, and I believe Kraken finished off Shark before nabbing the ball and passing to Corsair. I rued putting 2 influence on Shark instead of 1 at this point, but charged Jac in on Corsair anyway and got a tackle result. Veteran Siren moved up with Death Gaze and took on Jac, who took 1 damage before counter attacking. Veteran Siren then scored a momentous push-dodge, before Greyscales ran in on Veteran Siren and netted two damage. I can’t recall what Elly’s last move was, but Salt made his way to my left back.

Turn Three

Shark came back on the left side of the pitch and I won the initiative roll off – good times! I went with 4 Shark, 1 Salt, 3 Siren, 1 Greyscales, 4 Jac, 1 Angel (I had an extra influence for my goal last turn).

Jac went first, scoring a tackle, breaking Close Control, a second tackle, winning possession, a momentous push, to get Corsair away, and a pass to Salt. Corsair then turned and ran into my Angel, who went Full Defensive. He proceeded to wail on her to no avail, much to my delight and Elly’s frustration.

Salt was up next and moved closer to Shark before passing to him. Next Angel’s luck ran out, for Kraken came in and proceeded to beat her senseless thanks to significant crowding out bonuses. I then made my Shark play: Quick Foot, sprint, followed by a successful shot on goal.

The ball came back in just passed the melee that’d taken down my Angel – plenty close enough for Elly’s Angel to jog to the ball, back to a good shooting spot, and make a successful Super Shot even with crowding out from Siren.

Game over: 8 (Me) plays 12 (Elly).


I really enjoyed the game and learnt a number of things. Firstly, Shark might be a great Rambo, but don’t try run him into an entire enemy team. Second, I probably should have used a single influence on Shark turn two and given an extra to Greyscales or Jac. Third, I should have considered holding off my goal scoring in turn three to set something up to prevent an instant answering goal from Elly. Fourth, read my players more (i.e. double check them before the game) because I realised afterwards I forgot a few things, like Jac’s Resolute (which would have come into play once or twice) and probably had a couple of options I overlooked. I’d probably look to have more influence on Siren turn one too.

Overall though I’m pretty pleased. It was my first six man game (after only two three man games) and I nailed two goals, which I’m pretty pleased with.

I’ll have two more matches before 29 April (club plays every Thursday) when I’ve put myself in for the club’s next Guild Ball tournament. I’m looking forward to it!

Next Time

I’ll be having a game of Bolt Action or Flames of War tomorrow (hopefully the latter), so that report should be up before the weekend is out provided nothing else pops up! Also, Kraken and Veteran Siren are almost done, so expect to see them soon too. I’ll be painting Corsair and Sakana next, and getting Tentacles and Hag (provided she’s in stock) next week for next weekend. I’m taking 24 April off work and 25 April being ANZAC Day, two four day weekends in a row mean there’s no excuse not to have a fully painted Fisherman’s Guild! (Also there’s an ISU-152 for Bolt Action to finish…)

Until then!

Guild Ball – Fishermen’s Guild

It’s been a while. I’ve not been doing any wargaming anything of late – lack of opponents means lack of motivation (X-Wing doesn’t count, even though I play weekly and have been going to events). I found a group near enough to me that plays Guild Ball (which I’ve been wanting to learn and play for ages now) regularly though and found motivation to finish getting a team together.

Greyscales, Jac and Salt

I have previously posted about Shark, Angel and Siren who come with the Fisherman’s Guild starter box. Last week I picked up Greyscales, Jac and Salt so I could field a full team and start playing games (albeit without any player options).

01 - New players

I’m happy with how they all turned out and continued with my marshy base theme.

Unlike Shark, Greyscales’ hands actually aligned without issue! So that was a bonus. His right leg is in a different position than I’ve seen online, but I prefer my positioning.

Jac’s weapon hand was very recalcitrant, but I got there in the end. I continued with earthy tones using colours associated with water (i.e. blue and green), but also added a bit of red to Jac.

Salt is the best because he is an otter. I like Salt. And like the ball, he was very easy to paint.

11 - The team 2

And here we have the whole team together: Shark (cpt), Salt (msct), Greyscales, Angel, Jac and Siren. Ready to kick goals and kick more goals, and I’ve plenty more goals.


I’m going to head along to the club and learn the game. I’m in Melbourne Wednesday to Saturday next week, but when I am back (or maybe Monday or Tuesday) I will probably pick up two or three more models (probably Corsair, Kraken and Sakana). After they’re done, I’ll see where things are at. I might fully finish off the Fishermen’s Guild before getting started on the Brewer’s – the starter box models will just have to live undercoated and with the base flesh coat done for a while longer.

Operation Iron Centaur

Well what do you know, it’s neither Guild Ball pitch ideas or things for D&D, it’s an Infinity after-action report! Note: apologies the images of the game are a bit washed out, I always forget to shut the blind to cut the sunlight down.

Table and Mission


I rolled up Antenna Field for the mission and we set the points value at 300 for a regular game. The table set up I did gave some pretty sweet firing lanes, but some good positives and negatives to both sides. One of the two story buildings in particular had sight over four of the objectives (represented by my weapon cates).

The two classified objectives I drew were both hacking ones – Data Scan and HVT: Espionage – which made me pretty glad I made a last minute tweak to my strike team!

Ariadna Strike Team

I took a pretty standard, skirmish and camo heavy, “grab all the objectives and mine them to hell” force:

Group 1:

Colonel Voronin (Lt)

2x Chasseur (Forward Observer)

2x Grunt (Inferior infiltration, heavy flamethrower)

Spesnatz (Ambush camo, HMG)

Assault Pack

Marauder (Paramedic)

Isobel McGregor (Rifle, Assault Pistol)

Group 2:

Cataren (T2 Sniper)

2x Caledonian Volunteers (Chain rifle)

2x Foxtrot Rangers (henceforth known as FTRs)

Tankhunter (Portable Autocannon)

Isobel was the late inclusion. I don’t usually take her because frankly just taking a Wardriver is a better deal. But I had the points and didn’t really have anything to spend the extra points a Wardriver would free up on.

I also wanted to use some things that my mate, Matty, hadn’t seen before. That led to the inclusion of the Assault Pack and the Cataren (who I try to work in to every list any way after in his second mission he netted over 200pts in kills).

Tactics for this list are pretty standard: flamethrowers (hopefully) infiltrate in; Chasseurs and FTRs infiltrate as far up as possible, get to the objectives ASAP and unload their mines; heavy hitters (Spesnatz, Tankhunter and Cataren) pick things off and hold the line; Volunteers guard the deployment.


I won the WIP off and took first turn. If you’ve read any of my Operation Flamestrike reports you’ll know this is pretty standard for me. If I don’t win it, my opponent usually gives it to me. So I’m used to having to make my moves first and clear out nasty sniper and HMG nests.

Matty surprised me and took the deployment without the two storey buildings. They were brilliant sniper nests and I knew he had two (pre-game talk).

My Grunts failed their infiltration rolls, which was pretty bad, but these things happen and you shouldn’t plan a game around having models in your opponents half of the field. I settled with putting one a piece on my far left and right flanks.

Then, from left to right, the Handler took the painted building; just in front the girder pile on the left flank one of the Chasseurs and FTRs infiltrated; the decoy and Tankhunter took the top of the left two story building, the Spetsnatz at the base; Isobel was on the ground floor of the middle two storey building, reading to dash out and hold my antenna; the second FTR infiltrated as far forward in the middle as possible; then behind the shipping container on the right were the Antipodes and cataren; in front of them was the second Chassuer and the Marauder.

Finally, Voronin and a Caledonian were in the back centre and the last Caledonian was on the ground floor of the left two storey building.

I can’t recall the precise Tohaa deployment, but the basics were as follows. The left flank had a TO camo marker right up next to the building my Chasseur was in (a Clipsos). The L shaped building on the left had a Triad including an engineer with a K1 rifle. In the centre of the field was a sapper with a viral sniper. Finally the building on the far right was loaded up with three Triads. Two Gao-Raels, one with a sniper the other with a spitfire and each in a different Triad were set up to cover the field from cover. Out of sight were a couple of Makauls, an engineer and some Kamaels.


Turn One – Ariadna

First order of the game saw a move move from the Antipodes with their irregular order. The Gao-Rael with the spitfire discovered the front one, so I decided to hold off pumping orders in them for now. If he had failed, I certainly would have.


Instead, in response I moved my Cataren up. Climbing the two storey building on the right in the mid section of the field with climbing plus, the Gao-Rael sniper failed to discover him before he went prone. Creeping him up I lined up a shot on the spitfire alone. Queue two orders in which I failed to kill the spitfire and almost lost my own head for the trouble. With only a single order in Group 2 left, I decided to leave it for now and see what else I could achieve.


A succession of orders to Group One saw both Chasseurs move up and hit prone without being discovered to plant themselves next to the antennae on the left and right of the field. Then came the mines, one on the left, two on the right. Isobel also moved up and prone next to the antenna on the edge of my deployment.

With the objectives secure, it was time to pump orders into my Spesnatz and shift him to deal with the Gao-Rael sniper. What we didn’t realise was a Kamael on the ground floor could also see him when he broke camo to take his shots. The sniper had chosen to discover, so I went with two free shots on him, the Kamael took the other two – also free shots because Matty failed to consider the -12 thanks to camo, surprise shot, cover and range. The result? A single hit on the sniper which was saved.

At this point I had a single order in both combat groups left. I’d secured the objectives, but I was set to have a full and highly efficient Tohaa murder list coming at me. I put another order into the Spesnatz, two shots a piece again. The sniper shot back, the Kamael dodged. Both failed and not only did all my shots hit home, they took a crit a piece. Both then failed their armour saves, leaving the Kamael Very Dead and the sniper unconscious. The kicker was that both were leaders to their respective Triad – two deaths and two broken links. Not good for Tohaa!

But it got worse. With my last order the Cataren was back up and going toe to toe with the spitfire. Both shots landed home and both saves were failed. The last Gao-Rael was turned to red mist from a total for four wounds and the third triad on the right was broken.

Turn One – Tohaa

It was more or less all over red rover for Matty’s Tohaa at this point. The loss of the Kamael was no biggie, but the two Gao-Raels were a big chunk of his killing power. On top of that, I’d broken three triads. None the less, he persevered.

He reformed a triad on the right with two Makauls and a bio-engineer. They then spent several orders throwing eclipse grenades for some and moving to creep up the field without my Cataren being able to do anything in response. They broke through the smoke out of my Cataren’s field of fire and unleashed a double shot heavy flamethrower on my Antipodes.


The dogs nimbly dodged the flames and used kinemetika to move closer to the triad. The last order from the makaul triad saw them move into close combat with my Antipodes using assault to get in also. The result was a 2v3 melee which ended in a stalemate – a 16 and 20 saved one dog from the nasty viral close combat weapon.

Over on the other flank, the triad with the K1 rifle moved up – also using eclipse grenades to cover their advance. Matty took a risk and broke through the smoke with a move move. I took the opportunity to pop my tankhunter, firing on the engineer. The K1 rifle was promptly blown apart by the autocannon, yet more pain for the Tohaa.


At this point it was clear the game was all but over. Matty decided to leap his Makaul on the left into combat with my Chasseur – whom he easily dispatched, unfortunately my mine did the same to him. The sapper and the tankhunter had a shoot out, but again my luck came through with another 16 and 20 save against a viral sniper shot.

Turn Two – Ariadna


We played out the melee in full over three orders, in each an Antipode died. You don’t get to see close combat in Infinity all that often and certainly not a brawl like we had going. It was certainly the highlight, even if the Makauls were head and shoulders above my dogs.

With the Antipodes all dead, I moved my grunt on the right out from the building and took out the Makauls in two successive orders with my light shotgun. He even survived a heavy flamethrower for his trouble.

Finally the tankhunter blew the sapper into tiny little pieces with his autocannon.

End Game

I still had plenty of orders left, but with the Tohaa left with a single Clipsos and a bunch of Kamaels in full retreat, there really wasn’t much point.

We didn’t bother tallying the score, but it would have been something like 6-0.


Neither of us had played since April-May, so we were a bit rusty. Matty took the side he did because of his sapper, which couldn’t get good lines of fire on the side of the board with the better sniper/HMG nests. The Kamael on the ground floor that the Spesnatz took out was very poorly positioned (he wasn’t in cover). Also has the models out in the open assigned as the link leader was a Very Bad Idea.

For me, there wasn’t anything that I did that struck me as a poor move. Moving the grunt out before the combat had ended would have been smarter, but it wasn’t necessary. Everything operated as it should and my plan went off without a hitch, more or less.

Personally I find Tohaa quite a formidable faction to come up against – especially given my preference for first turn. Tohaa are a very strong reactive turn faction. But if you can break their triads they really break down quickly. Hopefully Matty has better luck next time and we get a better game – our last match back in April was a real nailbiter that ended in a draw.

Next Time

Progress on my Welshmen isn’t as good as I had hoped, but I’ve been busier than expected. They should be done before Christmas though, so I’ll be happy with that. I’ve draft a few posts on some different things, so I’ll pick one of those for next time.

Until then, happy wargaming.


SAGA – Welsh Hearthguard and Warlord

I finally prepped my 4pt Welsh force for SAGA last week and got stuck in to painting them.

Hearthguard and Warlord

So far I’ve finished the four hearthguard and the warlord.


I was a bit sceptical when I was painting them, but I’m happy with the final result. It’s amazing the impact a wash has on a miniature. I quite like the Gripping Beast models and they weren’t too hard to prep. I remember affixing the spears for my Anglo-Danes was a lot more fiddly than the Welsh were. I went with Desert Yellow (Army Painter) for the undercoat, just like I used for my Anglo-Danes (and use for my Soviets too).


The fun thing about SAGA is that you can do a bit of a mixture of colours given the time period. It does mean painting takes a little longer though because you can’t get a production line going. I really like the whorl shield designs, the cross ones are pretty basic. I copied the shield design for the warlord from the Gripping Beast images, but left out the dragons because I hand paint my designs and there is no way in hell I can paint a tiny dragon!

Next up I’ll ge the 16 warriors done, then the 12 levy. I’d like to get them all done by Christmas, which should be very doable. I’d be even happier if I could get them all done before I go on leave (16 December is my last day for the year), but given how busy I am at the moment I don’t think that will be achievable.

Next Time

Probably some thoughts o Guild Ball pitch ideas. Alternatively some happy snaps of the miniatures I’ve painted for D&D this year. Until then, happy wargaming.


Guild Ball – Fishermen’s Guild Starter

In the past week I’ve finished off my Fishermen’s Guild starter box for Guild Ball.

Guild Ball

Back in the day, I very nearly supported the Guild Ball Kickstarter. I asked my D&D mates (non-wargamers) if they’d be interested in playing, but the response was lacklustre and I couldn’t justify expending the funds at the time. Now I somewhat regret not backing it. The miniatures are fantastic and the game looks really fun.

I decided to get two teams together earlier this year and picked up the starter packs for the Fishermen’s and Brewer’s Guilds. The reason I chose these two was that I liked the sound of the Fishermen’s playstyle and the Brewer’s Guild are the Brewer’s Guild. I mean really, do you need any other reason? I’d also like to put a quick plug here for Nerdvana Games. They’re an Adelaide based company who I decided to give a go for this order and boy was I stoked with their service. If you live in Adelaide, provided the product is in stock, you’ll get it the same day you order it and postage is free. Their range is limited to a few games but if you play Guild Ball, Infinity or X-Wing I highly recommend them.


I painted Shark and the ball a few months back now.


Both came out quite nice but I am particularly pleased with the ball. It’s funny how something so small and simple can provide such satisfaction when complete. I decided to theme my bases as marshy ground, like along a river bank or wetland area. I used Vallejo still water (the clear one) for the water effects and I’m pretty happy with the results. You can tell I was experimenting across the four models with the best way to make the effect. I’m still not set on any one result.


Angel and Siren I did over the past couple of weeks. I really like Angel’s model, although I think her hair turned out a little yellow. Siren’s, on the other hand, was hell for me. I think she turned out alright in the end, but it was very difficult for me to tell what was what when painting her. A note on painting black (e.g. Siren’s hair): if you don’t already, I highly recommend using German Grey (Valllejo Model Colour) and then washing (fairly heavily) with black ink of your choice (I use Nuln Oil in Citadel’s range, their inks are the only Games Workshop products I use these days – I just like inks in pots rather than dropper bottles).

Next Up for Guild Ball

The Brewer’s Guild starter box is next on my list to do. I’m a little annoyed that I’ve glued sand on their bases when now I’m thinking I’d prefer flagstones or cobbles. I might see what I can do about that. Then I’ll probably get Salt (season one Fishermen’s mascot) and a couple more players for my Fishermen (probably Greyscales and Jac) and get them together. I also need to find some opponents. So if you’re in Adelaide and play Guild Ball or looking to get into Guild Ball, let me know!

Happy wargaming.

Friday Post – 18th of November, 2016

Well now, haven’t the months flown since my last post? It’s been quite an unproductive winter this year, none the less I’m starting to do things again. I’m not sure when I will have an after action report again, but for now I am sorting out a few wordy-picturey posts as I paint things, plus some various thoughts posts.

Today I’ve just a quick overview of what’s been happening. I might try fit some pictures in to make it more interesting.

Get out of Here, Winter

Winter was Very Crazy.

You may or may not be aware that the entirety of my state (South Australia) lost power for about eight hours (for those of us in the metro area, it took days to restore power to some regional areas) in late September. The outage occurred when a series of tornadoes (not something that occurs here and certainly nothing those in the US would have experienced) ripped across the state and took out something like 22-29 high voltage transmission pylons, brining down two out of our three high voltage transmission lines. As a result of the ensuing voltage collapse, power generation went into safety shutdown, ditto the interconnector with Victoria. And so the state was plunged into a blackout. Making my way home from work, I’ve never seen the CBD so busy as I made my way home. Also it was pissing with rain.

On the whole for this winter, the rain was incessant, the wind incredible. We are well above average rainfall and I can say that everyone is thoroughly sick of the wet and cold weather. Spring has finally arrived proper though (only two months late) and with it my enthusiasm to paint things, play games and maybe make some more terrain.

I’ve not been wholly ideal however. My mate Dan and I are finally playing X-Wing regularly. We’ve been playing weekly for at least three months now. It’s also encouraged me to expand my X-Wing collection, mostly with for my Rebels (Dan mainly plays Imperial, but is building up a Scum collection too). X-Wing is a fun game and maybe I should try some after action reports for it some time. Though personally I find it better suited to video reports. Below is my X-Wing collection, less my two ARC-170s which I picked up the other month. also my second X-Wing T70 (I think the other is somewhere in the X-Wing mass there. If not, I have two).


I’ve finally started on my American Civil War stuff and have nearly completed my first infantry battalion. It just needs to be based. Unfortunately because of the way I’m basing my stuff I’ll need an extra box of infantry and an extra box of zouvaes. Also an extra box of artillery because of the gun I’ve misplaced (which annoys me greatly).


The above lot was actually done bay in May. Blimey…


I got the SDKFz (above) done in September, but I knocked the right headlight off and blowed if I can find the bugger. It’s probably been vaccumed by now. I’m also missing the top hatch – which annoys me more – I don’t ever recal it being packed with the model, so that’s annoying.

I’m also slowly painting my Guild Ball minis. I picked up a couple of starter sets earlier in the year and I’m slowly working through those. I might try find some opponents soon to learn the game. Not so sure about that but. Pictures in the future when everything is done.

Finally, I’ve painted a few things for D&D. We’ve been playing very regularly (for me) and I can safely say 2016 has been the year I’ve played the most D&D (approximately fortnightly). Playing regularly has really spurred my enthusiasm for the game and I’ve now got a second group going through Curse of Strahd. I’ll endeavour to do a post with some pics and tales in the future.

Next Time

I’m considering what to prioritise painting, but first will definitely be Siren for my Fishermen and basing the first battalion for my Union army. Next I am likely to (finally) tackle my Welsh starter force for SAGA because once that is painted, I’ll have two 4pt forces and will be able to play a game against my brother or mate Tom (my opponent in my Bolt Action and Flames of War AARs).

In the meantime I’ll see about using my downtime at work to whip up a few short progress posts to put up on a regular basis for the rest of the year. So until then, happy wargaming.

Prussian Landwehr

Things have been rather quiet recently and I haven’t been playing many games of anything. Being the middle of winter undercoating anything is difficult, but I have been doing some work on things that I was able to undercoat before the nice weather ended. As a result, I’ve finally finished my box of Prussian Landwehr from Warlord Games.

Prussian Landwehr

The models are single piece plastic, with the exception of the command figures which are metal. I’ve never been perturbed by Warlord’s use of large proportions so I quite like the models. The command did take a bit of cleaning though – the flag pole was particularly annoying to get through the hands. I’ve not sorted out a flag for the unit yet so that is still on the to do list, but otherwise they are complete. I like how they have turned out but I’m not sure when I will be getting more things to build my force from.

I recently stumbled across this site however with a breakdown of the Army of the Lower Rhine. It has given me a lot of inspiration when planning what I want to get next and the elements that I’d like them to represent. I’m not so pedantic that I want eveyr accurately represented though, so I shan’t be bothering with any sort of craziness like uniform variations and things.

American Civil War

When I can undercoat things again my force will be the American Civil War. Sometime about the end of May or start of June our order for the Battle in a Box American Civil War set produced by Perry Miniatures came through. My mate and I have split the forces with him doing Confederate and myself Union. I’ve assembled my infantry, general and one gun but still have my cavalry (of which we bought an extra box so we each have 12 models instead of six) and the second gun to assemble.

The product is pretty fantastic. It’s good value and gives you two forces straight out the box to start playing games with. It doesn’t quite breakdown properly if you are basing four men on 40mm bases (they are depicted with six on 60mm bases with 18 men to a unit). So if you want to base your models that way you’ll also want to grab another box of cavalry, infantry and Zouvaes.

It would have been good to have had a breakdown of what was actually in the box for those of us unfamiliar with the product’s composite parts. I was able to find a list on a forum somewhere which outlines the contents (correctly) as follows:

  • 2 generals (which can both look unique and are unique to the box set I believe)
  • 13 sprues of Confederate infantry (five men a sprue, these are the same as Perry’s Confederate infantry 1861-65 box)
  • 4 sprues of Confederate command options (eight men, a model for an officer and a model for a drummer or standard bearer. The models on the infantry sprues can also be used for a standard bearer)
  • 4 sprues of ACW Infantry (48 men, can be painted as either side, use for the Union troops. These are the same as Perry’s ACW Infantry box and include an officer on each sprue plus a model that can either be a standard bearer or drummer)
  • 4 sprues of Zouvaes (20 men, same as Perry’s Zouvaes box)
  • 2 sprues of Zouvaes command options (four men, one officer and a standard bearer/drummer model on each sprue)
  • 3 sprues of ACW cavalry (same as Perry’s ACW cavalry box set)
  • 4 guns (options for various sizes)
  • 3 sprues of artillery crew (18 men total)
  • Bases
  • Farmhouse
  • Rail fencing galore
  • Firepower A5 rulebook (quick play ACW rules)

Overall the Battle in a Box American Civil War product is very good and if you are looking to get into gaming in the period I highly recommend picking it up.

That’s all for now, hopefully my next update won’t be so long coming. Happy wargaming.





Operation Barbarossa Mini-Campaign 3 – 1000pts – Kiev Defensive Operation (Point Defence)

The third in our three game set of Operation Barbarossa. I’d already lost the set, so I was very keen to a void a clean sweep!

Table and Mission


The battle was set in the outskirts of Kiev, 1941 – the First Battle of Kiev, also know as the Kiev Defensive Operation. We selected point defence for the mission with the Soviets would be defending from the built up side. The objectives were the church yard on the far left, the government building in the centre, and the house of the far right flank. To win, the Germans would need to hold two or three objectives.


Again, no image of the forces. In the images of the battle, pretend like the men with SMGs have rifles, I don’t have enough! Also it’s a struggle for me to read the yellow on red order die, so if you can read them in the images (which is doubtful I think) they are very unlikely to be on the order that was actually issued.


Captain with two staff (Regular)

1st Lieutenant with two staff (Regular)

Three rifle squads, each with 12 men, one with AT grenades (Inexperienced)

Two LMG squads, each with 10 men and an LMG (Inexperienced)

Maxim MMG (Regular)

82mm Mortar (Regular)

Zis-3 AT gun (Regular)

T-34/76 (Regular)


1st Lieutenant with one staff (Veteran)

Four Heer squads, each with eight men and LMG (Regular)

Heer Pioneer squad with eight men, including flamethrower team (Veteran)

Two Hanomag halftracks (Inexperienced)

MG-42 MMG team (Regular)

Panzer III J (Regular)



I positioned one of the rifle squads without AT grenades behind the fence covering the church yard. In the central building I positioned my Maxim on the upper floor on the left, sniper on the upper floor on the right, Lieutenant on the stairs out of sight and one of the LMG squads on the ground floor. Finally on the far right I deployed my Zis-3 and the rest of my force was placed in reserve. The German preparatory bombardment failed to hit the Zis-3, but added two pins to all other units except my LMG squad, which only received one.

Order of Battle


I pulled the first die and immediately put the Zis-3 into ambush. I tried to do the same with the Maxim but it rolled double sixes – FUBAR! Luckily I rolled friendly fire and with no valid target it just went down. Then came the interesting move of one of the halftracks with a squad of Heer driving straight at my Zis-3. Springing my ambush, the Zis-3 hit and destroyed the halftrack, then rolled a maximum six hits on the unit inside, killing four of them! First blood to the Soviets thanks to some very questionable German tactics – more on that in the Aftermath. The rest of the turn was fairly uneventful. The rifle squad near the church yard failed their order test, likewise the Lieutenant so they both went down. The rest of the German force moved on: Heer squad on the far left, halftrack with pioneers on the left road, Panzer III behind that (it fired on the Maxim and managed three sixes in a row to score a wound with its hull MG), two Heer squads in the centre of the field (one moving through the wheat field, the other on the hill), then the MG42 and Lieutenant on the far right. Finally, my sniper took a long shot and hit the Heer in the field (centre left) but failed to kill the target.


Turn two and I brought my Captain on first to motivate the riflemen on the left. His support ensured they went into ambush when ordered. The Maxim also went into ambush. On the far right, the Germans moved up the MG42 and Lieutenant into the house. Meanwhile in the centre the two Heer squads ran into the houses opposite the government building. On the left the Heer advanced and engaged in a firefight with the riflemen opposite – with one of the riflemen being killed. The surviving halftrack advanced up the road and I pulled the next die to bring on my T-34 behind the government building, but with an angle on the halftrack. Which it promptly missed. Next die was me again and I went with the Zis-3. I considered the Heer in the building opposite, but decided to go with the long shot on the halftrack – which I hit and then, thanks to the +1 pen on side armour, destroyed! I again rolled six hits on the squad inside and again killed four! Things were not going well for the Germans. The Panzer III trundled up behind the wrecked halftrack and tried to pick off the Maxim again, without any success. I then brought on my remaining squads: rifle squad with AT grenades on the road of the left; mortar in the centre with spotter to the right behind the trees near the road; LMG squad between the mortar and spotter; and last rifle squad into the objective house on the far right. I also conducted some fire against the squad in the house in the centre on the right, scoring a single hit from my sniper but nothing from the LMG squad on the ground floor and no kills. Finally: the Heer that bailed out the halftrack ran up to the trees on the right but got caught in the open.


The Panzer III was up first turn three and zipped towards the T-34 and out of sight of the Zis-3. It shot wide and in return was struck by the T-34, but also to no effect. I opted to fire my Zis-3 on the unit in the right house but only scored a single hit with HE ammunition, killing the unlucky Heer. On the right the four man Heer squad ran forward and I opened up with my rifle squad in the house, killing two. The Heer in the right house then ran out towards the Zis-3. I lobbed a mortar shell at them, but missed, and then opened up with the LMG squad – killing five! In the building my Maxim and LMG squad went into ambush, expecting an assault from the remaining squad in the house. Meanwhile the sniper shot at the Heer in the house but failed to score a kill. On the left, the Pioneers and Heer ran into the church and the riflemen shot at them to no effect.


Turn four and the two Heer on the road assaulted the Zis-3, scoring only one kill. In response the Zis also scored one kill and a second round of the assault was fought. One kill a piece again saw the Heer dispatched but the Zis down to a single man. My rifle squad on the right opened up and finished off the other two man Heer squad, before the MG-42 ended my Zis-3. I repositioned my sniper to take on the MG and lobbed a mortar shell at it for good measure – but missed. On the left the Panzer III failed to do anything to the T-34 again, but in response this time the T-34 dealt it a crew stunned result. The Heer in the church assaulted the left most rifle squad and cut it down, but not without taking casualties. The Captain added to those losses with SMG fire. The remaining Pioneers then lit up the flamethrower and took on the other rifle squad on the left, but only scored a single hit! Rifle fire from the Pioneers further whittled down that squad, but they held firm and then proceeded to assault the Heer in the church yard. The Heer were eliminated, but only three riflemen remained. Finally, the Heer in the house knew they had to do something and ran left, with the Maxim and LMG team opening up as they repositioned, killing three and adding two pins.


Turn five and the T-34 scored the first dice and took out the Panzer III. I rallied my three riflemen into another assault, this time against the Pioneers in the Church. All three Pioneers were cut down and in response only two riflemen died with the last man standing keeping to the field. The last Heer squad ran into the church, which the Maxim peppered with rounds, scoring a couple of this but no kills. My two LMG squads ran across to the left while my rifles on the right shot at and scored a kill on the MG-42 team, which took out the mortar’s spotter. The mortar repositioned for a view on the MG.


Turn six and everything converged on the church. The Heer were whittled down to three men with five pins and went down. On the right the riflemen took out the MG-42, leaving only the Lieutenant at the back of the field.



We didn’t bother rolling for a turn seven because there were only five Germans left on the field and only the most impossible of odds that the battle would result in anything but a Soviet victory. So, just like the real battle, the Soviets held on for that bit longer!

I was very pleased to have taken an extra officer and my Zis-3 did a sterling job. I was very much aided by some questionable German tactics. Basically what my mate attempted to do was completely ignore the centre and split his forces into two, striking at the flanks. I was very surprised he decided to go head to head with the Zis. I expected the next units to come on to try overwhelm it, but they deployed on the other side of the field. He regretted his tactical decisions almost immediately and in hindsight would focus his entire strength on one objective. So a good game, but a very decisive Soviet victory to end the set.

Next Time

It’s to be decided what we’ll be playing and when next time. We are waiting for our Perry Miniatures Battle in a Box to arrive so we can dive into the American Civil War – something I’m very much looking forward to. In the meantime I want to get my Prussian Landwehr done and some other Bolt Action things. Next post or two will likely be about things I have painted and terrain – notably the government building from this after action report. Happy wargaming!