Blessing of the Scum Father 2

I took part in the Blessing of the Scum Father 2 Guild Ball event at Harlequin Halls last Saturday. Unfortunately, once again, I’m picture-less. The pressure of the clock really doesn’t allow it when you’re playing. It was a good event, eight players, three rounds, with prizes all round.

Match 1

First up, I was matched with Tobias who was running Engineers. A veteran of the game down from Queensland, I knew I’d have a hard time beating him, but if I didn’t go 12-0, I’d chalk it up as a victory. I switched out Jac for Kraken for something different, I can’t remember all Tobias’ line-up, but Pin Vice was captain and Velocity was there to score all the goals and that’s what mattered.

It was a very long, grindy match. I elected to kick, for reasons that I’m not sure. I shan’t make that mistake again. After the ball was collected, it was passed back to Velocity who took the momentous dodge back behind her deployment line. At some point Pin Vice made the move up the pitch and took out Salt. I did not approve of her actions. Shark went in on Pin Vice and I got oh so close to taking her out with some great rolling. That was a trend that would continue.

Turn 2 and I continued to wail on Pin Vice, but every time I’d get her so very close to being taken out and she’d be healed after reanimating.

It was Turn 3 before the first goal was scored (at least), with Velocity finding the post. I quickly followed up with a goal from Shark so at least I wouldn’t go down with nothing to my name. I also got so very, very close to pushing Pin Vice off the pitch, but alas, it did not eventuate.

Turns 4 and 5 were more of the same: I kept trying to push Pin Vice around; Angel ended up getting Taken Out; and then Velocity scored again. But this stage I’d clocked out, so that was the game.

Match 2

Next up was another Engineers team, played by Shaun of Jackal Designs (he does laser cutting and engraving, including custom jobs, check it out). I lost the roll off this time and found myself kicking again. This was a very quick, two turn game. I was unable to break the opponent scores, I score, opponent scores, I score, opponent scores cycle however.

Velocity netted a goal in Turn One by bouncing from Jac to Greyscales. Shark followed up in Turn 2, dodging away from Colossus (who’d knocked him down Turn 1 and I’d been unable to generate momentum to stand him up, so I had to forfeit my move in the first turn), moving up the field, and nailing it.

The ball made its way back to Velocity via Colossus, who took a snap shot to score a screamer. Velocity then used Knee Slider to get back into the centre of the pitch near Colossus. I got the ball back to Angel, but she was tackled by Ratchet (I think). Siren seduced Ratchet to pass to Shark, who replied with his own snap shot. The ball came back in within snap range of Velocity, something not even Match Fixing could solve. She darted away and easily nailed goal number three.

Match 3

It was the playoffs for the wooden spoon, or decorative plate as the case was. I was up against Daniel who was playing Hunters. Daniel had played just as few games as I had, but he was using a team that is much harder to master than my slippery Fish, so I felt pretty confident.

He was wily of my Fish ways, and after I won the roll off and elected to receive, he put the ball way to the right, out of range for Angel to pick it up. I’m not very familiar with the Hunters’ line up, so I’m not sure who it was that collected the ball. I honestly can’t recall how I got the ball off the Hunter player, but it ended up with Shark. Turn 2 I was able to activate Shark, use Tidal surge to thread through two Hunters, generate a couple of momentum and doge closer to the goal and score my first. I then used knee slider to reposition on the centre left of the pitch.

The ball made its way back towards my deployment, only to be Seduced into a pass to Greyscales. Turn 3 I worked on setting up the play, and in Turn 4 got the ball from Greyscales to Shark, who once again used Tidal Surge to get past the bear, get a couple of attacks in on a 1” melee Hunter for momentum, then make the shot.

Daniel managed a goal in reply about now, which was the only 4 VPs he’d score for the day. I got the ball back in on Angel and after a slight delay as the ball was tackled off Angel as she tried to leave threat range, forcing her to divert and tackle it back, I nailed my third goal to win 12-4.


I ended up placing 7th, incorrectly announced as 5th on the day. There were prizes for all though, with extra prizes for the top placers. The prize pool was largely donated by Darryl who runs Nerdvana Games (he’s great, if you live in Adelaide, or Australia in general, and are into X-Wing, Guild Ball, or Infinity, get your stuff from him). I netted both Quaff and Mash (prize and bonus prize for first tournament) for my Brewers, so I ended up very much ahead. Everyone also got a chibi card (I got Shark).

All in all it was a great day. I doubled the amount of Guild Ball matches I’d played, and I learnt some things too. I take particular pride in my Seduce to Snap Shot, and my uses of Tidal Surge in the last game.

Next Time

I still have to post about the second half of my Fish being painted (might do that tomorrow), this week I also finished my Guild Ball pitch (which looks awesome) so I’ll set a reminder to post that in the next week (perhaps next Friday), and finally I’ll write up last night’s match (Fish V Alchemists) today or tomorrow and get that up also within the next week (I have pictures too!). Happy wargaming!

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