The Welsh are Ready for War

Just a quick update to show that I’m still alive. I’ve not had any games recently, but I’m hopefully I’ll have another Bolt Action AAR or two to post up over the next month.

The Welsh

It’s taken me long enough, but my Gripping Beast Welsh 4pt starter force for SAGA is finally all painted.

01 - Welsh

The starter force contains a warlord, four hearthguard, sixteen warriors (two groups of eight), and 12 levy.

Stuck with plenty of green and red throughout. The shields were also quite fun. I’m particularly fond of the hearthguard shield I did with the red whorl with the dark outline and dots.

I also have an Anglo-Dane force (also a 4pt starter from Gripping Beast), so I’ll be able to have games against myself or my brother.

Andrew, who was the commander of the British in this AAR also plays SAGA – in fact it’s his favourite wargame. He has Vikings, so there should be some variety in the AARs when I finally get some games (oh, did I mention I’m also working on a Norman force?)

Next Project

I got my brother a Mantic Undead starter army for Christmas, and I’ve been meaning to get an army for Kings of War since then so he can get some use out of it. I’ve finally got a cool idea for an army. So that’s my next project which I hope to share soon.

SAGA – Welsh Hearthguard and Warlord

I finally prepped my 4pt Welsh force for SAGA last week and got stuck in to painting them.

Hearthguard and Warlord

So far I’ve finished the four hearthguard and the warlord.


I was a bit sceptical when I was painting them, but I’m happy with the final result. It’s amazing the impact a wash has on a miniature. I quite like the Gripping Beast models and they weren’t too hard to prep. I remember affixing the spears for my Anglo-Danes was a lot more fiddly than the Welsh were. I went with Desert Yellow (Army Painter) for the undercoat, just like I used for my Anglo-Danes (and use for my Soviets too).


The fun thing about SAGA is that you can do a bit of a mixture of colours given the time period. It does mean painting takes a little longer though because you can’t get a production line going. I really like the whorl shield designs, the cross ones are pretty basic. I copied the shield design for the warlord from the Gripping Beast images, but left out the dragons because I hand paint my designs and there is no way in hell I can paint a tiny dragon!

Next up I’ll ge the 16 warriors done, then the 12 levy. I’d like to get them all done by Christmas, which should be very doable. I’d be even happier if I could get them all done before I go on leave (16 December is my last day for the year), but given how busy I am at the moment I don’t think that will be achievable.

Next Time

Probably some thoughts o Guild Ball pitch ideas. Alternatively some happy snaps of the miniatures I’ve painted for D&D this year. Until then, happy wargaming.


A Couple of Norman Knights

So I wasn’t as productive on the weekend as I had hoped, primarily because I decided to prioritise a social life above being a hermit, which is a real pain when you’ve plenty of miniatures to paint and terrain to build! I did, however, glue my tree trunks into their bases. I didn’t get around to using wood putty to make the round balsa look more like an actual trunk though. I’ll post about these at some later date when they’re done, or nearer to being done perhaps.

The other thing I did was paint a couple of Norman Knights.


I’m pretty pleased with the results, the miniatures are really easy to paint and look great as I have mentioned previously.


Only having to position the lower arms gives just as much variation of poses as positioning the arm as a whole, and the various mounts are all in great poses. I’m also pleased with my purchase of grass tufts for these models. I’ve been meaning to buy some for a while and I picked up a heap the other day off eBay from a user named leadbear. He hand makes the grass tufts locally (that is, here in South Australia). If you’re in Australia you should check them out, $8 for 160, 4mm high, various colours, plus some various styles (like the leafy tufts) that are a little more:

I’m not really sure what I’ll be working on over the next week. Probably more Norman knights, though I also undercoated my Soviet blisters. This weekend we look set for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Ed), but I’ll see about doing some work on those trees. Till then, happy wargaming!