Rest of the Fish

As I have mentioned all my fish are now painted. Here’s Kraken, Corsair, Tentacles, Hag, Sakana, and Veteran Siren.

New Players

Corsair, Kraken, Tentacles, Hag, Sakana, and Veteran Siren

There’s not much to say this post, here’s all six.

Kraken. Affixing him to his base was a right pain. The pins just didn’t not want to glue right.

Corsair. He was easier to pin, mostly because the pins were sunk into modelling putty filling the slot in the base.

Tentacles. His right eye is a bit screwy. It annoys me, but otherwise he’s pretty cool.

Hag. So many pieces! And affixing her to her base was nerve racking. It went well though, too well. I expect her to break off at some point and need fixing, then I’ll be cursing loudly.

Sakana. Not much to say here, he was actually simple to assemble.

Veteran Siren. Assembling her was rage inducing. The tab on her feet was too long to fit in the slot, so it needed trimming. Then gluing her arms on was a horrific experience. Particularly her right arm. The pieces are so tiny pinning is not an easy task (I don’t have find enough wire to do it properly anyway). Got there in the end, though I expect her arms to need fixing at some point.


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