An Update

“Expect to see more 40k in the future” he said, “hopefully some after action reports within the next couple of months” he said.

And now it’s late May the following year.

I haven’t been idle all that time, but I did get disheartened for a bit.

Following my initial surge of industry, I struggled to do more painting for sight related reasons. As a result, I stalled. I kept assembling things though, and with assistance on the more complex kits I was able to field a force for my first game of 9e last month.

I’ve been meaning to write that battle up. I quite enjoyed myself. It was against Demons of Khorne and was a close contest that could’ve gone either way. That game enthused me to get more things, including ordering a neoprene mat, and to attempt some painting again.

Jessica, the Trygon

The result was that Jessica (yes, I named my Trygon Jessica) received a paint job. I’ve also got half my hormagaunts painted, and a warrior too (though I’m not as happy with him as the other stuff).

I had a second battle the other week, though it was a totally one-sided affair that would be best forgotten. None the less, I remain hopeful for more games in the future. Games that I will hopefully get written up for here.

Coming to an Ikea shelving unit near you

I’ve quite the nice little collection infesting my spare room to utilise when that time comes. Up to 60 termigants now (24 flesh borers, 36 devourers), a tyrannofex, five bases of rippers, a trygon, a broodlord, the Swarmlord, 24 genestealers, 12 hormagaunts, three venomthropes, and nine warriors (three venom cannons, six deathspitters). Further, I’ve eight genestealers to assemble and six hive guard for someone else to assemble.

Finally, on a more general note, while I’ve found doing hobby things increasingly difficult (even more so when I stopped in the first place), I’ve only become more enthusiastic for the hobby.

I’m really keen to see what limits I can push myself to, and utilise assistance to maximise my ability to participate. I also want to play all the games. Actually, that isn’t really anything new, as you can probably tell from my varied interests. In that regard there will be a very nice little post coming some time later this week. Possibly tomorrow. Yes, really.

For now, I conclude with that teaser and wish blessings of RNGesus upon your dice.

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