Making a Guild Ball Pitch

Last week I finished off my Guild Ball pitch.

The Pitch

I hit up Bunnings for supplies for this project. A sheet of MDF, 1830x915x3mm cut in half to form two 915mm squares, a sheet of XPS 1200x600x30mm (I had a second sheet at home), some non-slip rubbing matting material (roughly 900mm square), and some duct tape.

I glued my two sheets of XPS on to one of the pieces of MDF. After it had dried, I clamped the second square of MDF on to form some sort of MDF XPS sandwich. I then cut the excess off with a knife, before using my hot wire cutter to bring it right back to the edge and make it nice and neat.

Some wood putty was required to fill the join where the XPS sheets met, and as it turned out I didn’t fill the slight dip in that section quite enough. I then glued sand on the XPS surface and sealed with PVA.

Next up I painted the play surface. A heavy coat of dark brown, followed by a light coat of a lighter brown, then a dry brush off off/bone white.

I mixed up some flock (light, dark, and mid green in a ratio of 1:1:2) and glued that on to the play surface, again sealing with PVA. I mucked up the sealing and didn’t cover the whole surface sufficiently, so I had to redo.

The play surface has a nice variety of green, with some dirt and sand looking spots too. I like how they add variety. Next I used a stencil of the Guild Ball logo I made (Photoshopped to get the right size, printed, glued to cardstock, then cut out with a scalpel – I’ve included the templates at the end of this post) and sponged it on in white. I probably went a little heavy and I had to touch up the flock to mark out the G, but it came out alright. Next I lay out the pitch markings with masking tape and brushed them on in white. Finally I used another template to do fancy goal markings (I knocked up a half template in Photoshop).

12 - Pitch pre taping

For the final touches I taped around the edges with the duct tape. I made cuts at the corners to fold and stick the excess to the underside of the pitch. Finally, I covered the back in PVA and glued on my anti-slip rubber matting material.

I’m pretty pleased with the finished product. I think it really pops from the table (which was the aim), and the non-slip matting means I don’t have to place a tablecloth on my kitchen table to protect it when setting the board up, in addition to the pitch not sliding around when bumped.

The above templates will give you a Guild Ball logo and half a goal line marking. Each are 150mm square. When using the half goal marking, remember to ensure the surface of the stencil is dry before flipping it to do the other half of the goal marking!

Guild Ball – Fish (Shark) V Alchemists (Smoke)

Thursday night game at Harlequin Halls, tonight’s match: Fish V Alchemists.


Me: Greyscales, Salt (msct), Siren, Shark (cpt), Jac, Angel.

Michael: Mercury, Naja (msct), Venin, Smoke (cpt), Compound, Calculus

Match Report

Michael won the roll off and elected to kick. I can’t recall who kicked, but passing his kick test and re-rolling the scatter wasn’t enough to stop the ball failing to clear the half way line. Good omens for Fish! I opted to give the ball to Greyscales. I assigned one influence each to Greyscales, Salt, Siren, and Jac, 6 to Shark and 4 to Angel.

1 - lineup

Greyscales started, moved up and passed to Salt. The Alchemists did a little movement, then Salt moved up a little and passed to Siren. Compound put up his Foul Odour before Siren moved back and failed to pass to Shark. He was able to snap it any way as it passed through his base. Another Alchemist shifted into the centre of the field, before Shark used Tidal Surge on Angel, moving her up 4”. He then moved up to the centre of the pitch and hit a pass to Angel, who used a momentous dodge to get a further 4” up and just before the halfway line to my right. Shark’s last influence was spent to give Angel Quick Foot. Michael knew what was coming, but didn’t have a lot he could do, so he opted to throw fire at Shark, dealing 2 damage and giving him Burning. Angel was next, sprinting up the pitch, staying out of Compound’s Counter-Charge range, Nimble, Supershot, kick and goal! Me 4 v Michael 0.

Before kicking back in, Michael played the plot card that puts a Vengeance token on a goal kicker when they score. The ball came back in and ended up with Compound. The rest of the turn saw players move towards the centre of the pitch with templates a plenty thrown around. Salt took damage and Burning, Shark took more damage and was Poisoned, Jac and Angel also both became Poisoned.

Turn two and I won the roll off and elected to have the first activation. I went with 6 Shark, 4 Jac, 2 Angel, and one each for Siren and Greyscales. Shark was first and dove right into the enemy line. It was spectacular. A bunch of not much was achieved. I generated 6 momentum, did a bunch of dodging but ultimately moved back because I couldn’t see a way through the line. My last attack applied Gut & Strings to one of the Alchemists (Venin I believe) before I removed Shark’s conditions. This was a mistake, and healing would have been the better choice. The rest of this turn was fairly uneventful. I shifted my players around, Greyscales and Siren moving up, Salt coming over to assist Shark and Jac. Jac got blinded and did close to nothing with his influence, more damage was put out on Shark, Salt, and Jac, including stacking Poison, Burning, and Bleed on the mascot and captain. Angel did nothing. Smoke ended up with the ball after a pass from Compound.

6 - midpitch

Turn three and I lost the roll off. At this point, shark had 7hp left, Greyscales was threatening the ball big time though. I opted with 4 Greyscales, 4 Shark, 3 Siren, 2 Jac, and none for Siren and Salt. Naja went first and moved in to hit Shark, he failed to do a huge amount though, leaving Shark with 5hp (I think). I decided hitting another goal was more important than making use of Shark’s influence. Greyscales moved and used Where’d He Go? to get in on Smoke, tackled the ball, dodged out, and hit a goal. Me 8 v Michael 0. The ball came back in with a bad scatter in between Smoke and Naja – well within distance for Shark to pull off a move and pick it up. Michael wasn’t going to let that happen, and I believe Calculus came in and took him down. Salt got blasted at about the same point. Me 8 V Michael 3.

Smoke collected the ball in her activation, but Siren Seduced her to pass it to Greyscales. I forgot about my Composure plot card and promptly missed the pass, which would have given me a Snapshot and chance to end the game. The ball scatter passed through Greyscales and he picked it up. Angel did her nothing, then the Alchemists (I forget who) closed on Greyscales, triggering Unpredictable Movement. I used Jac to generate some momentum, but not a huge amount. This was a mistake and I should have charged Mercury who was gearing up for a charge on Greyscales. The charge came, I counter attacked, but he wrapped, tackling the ball and pushing me back 2” and out of melee range.

7 - shark and salt back on

Turn four and I again lost the roll off. Mercury activated and dropped the ball with Compound before moving off to the centre of the pitch and throwing out a Fire Blast. I stalled with Jac, doing little. I can’t recall the Alchemist’s next move, but I then activated Shark, who’d come on near my goal. I ran him up to Venin, generated some momentum and got him into Tidal Surge range of Angel, shifting her up and into cover. Compound shifted across to his old spot to protect the goal and engage Angel. He also passed to Smoke, who I promptly Seduced with Siren. This time the pass was good, Shark took the ball and momentous dodged into cover. Siren then moved up to engage as many Alchemists as possible (four). Naja ran over to engage Shark. I pulled a Wingbacker charge from Salt on the right to try engage him, but he used Unpredictable Movement to avoid and still have range on Shark. Smoke then dove in to try take the ball back. I counter-attacked and not only did she fail to tackle, I dodged out of her melee.

Turn five and once again I lost the roll. It was all up to Smoke. She was loaded up and she dove in on Shark. He successfully counter-attacked and dodged away with the ball again – this time into cover. She dropped a smoke template, teleported up and wailed on Shark. She couldn’t hit enough successes to steal the ball though. Shark activated, hit her for a momentous 1” dodge, jogged around to Compound, Tidal Surged up to the goal, and tapped it in – just (1, 2, 2, 4). Me 12 V Michael 3.


I think the score belies how intense this game was. Michael really dished out the pain on me. Greyscales and Jac were close to dropping, Siren and Angel had a little bit of damage, and Shark was back on at half health. He just couldn’t keep control of the ball when it wasn’t on Compound. When he tried to get it to Smoke to make a goal play, Siren was there and ready to throw a spanner in the works. All up, a very hard fought and thoroughly enjoyable match.



Rest of the Fish

As I have mentioned all my fish are now painted. Here’s Kraken, Corsair, Tentacles, Hag, Sakana, and Veteran Siren.

New Players

Corsair, Kraken, Tentacles, Hag, Sakana, and Veteran Siren

There’s not much to say this post, here’s all six.

Kraken. Affixing him to his base was a right pain. The pins just didn’t not want to glue right.

Corsair. He was easier to pin, mostly because the pins were sunk into modelling putty filling the slot in the base.

Tentacles. His right eye is a bit screwy. It annoys me, but otherwise he’s pretty cool.

Hag. So many pieces! And affixing her to her base was nerve racking. It went well though, too well. I expect her to break off at some point and need fixing, then I’ll be cursing loudly.

Sakana. Not much to say here, he was actually simple to assemble.

Veteran Siren. Assembling her was rage inducing. The tab on her feet was too long to fit in the slot, so it needed trimming. Then gluing her arms on was a horrific experience. Particularly her right arm. The pieces are so tiny pinning is not an easy task (I don’t have find enough wire to do it properly anyway). Got there in the end, though I expect her arms to need fixing at some point.


Blessing of the Scum Father 2

I took part in the Blessing of the Scum Father 2 Guild Ball event at Harlequin Halls last Saturday. Unfortunately, once again, I’m picture-less. The pressure of the clock really doesn’t allow it when you’re playing. It was a good event, eight players, three rounds, with prizes all round.

Match 1

First up, I was matched with Tobias who was running Engineers. A veteran of the game down from Queensland, I knew I’d have a hard time beating him, but if I didn’t go 12-0, I’d chalk it up as a victory. I switched out Jac for Kraken for something different, I can’t remember all Tobias’ line-up, but Pin Vice was captain and Velocity was there to score all the goals and that’s what mattered.

It was a very long, grindy match. I elected to kick, for reasons that I’m not sure. I shan’t make that mistake again. After the ball was collected, it was passed back to Velocity who took the momentous dodge back behind her deployment line. At some point Pin Vice made the move up the pitch and took out Salt. I did not approve of her actions. Shark went in on Pin Vice and I got oh so close to taking her out with some great rolling. That was a trend that would continue.

Turn 2 and I continued to wail on Pin Vice, but every time I’d get her so very close to being taken out and she’d be healed after reanimating.

It was Turn 3 before the first goal was scored (at least), with Velocity finding the post. I quickly followed up with a goal from Shark so at least I wouldn’t go down with nothing to my name. I also got so very, very close to pushing Pin Vice off the pitch, but alas, it did not eventuate.

Turns 4 and 5 were more of the same: I kept trying to push Pin Vice around; Angel ended up getting Taken Out; and then Velocity scored again. But this stage I’d clocked out, so that was the game.

Match 2

Next up was another Engineers team, played by Shaun of Jackal Designs (he does laser cutting and engraving, including custom jobs, check it out). I lost the roll off this time and found myself kicking again. This was a very quick, two turn game. I was unable to break the opponent scores, I score, opponent scores, I score, opponent scores cycle however.

Velocity netted a goal in Turn One by bouncing from Jac to Greyscales. Shark followed up in Turn 2, dodging away from Colossus (who’d knocked him down Turn 1 and I’d been unable to generate momentum to stand him up, so I had to forfeit my move in the first turn), moving up the field, and nailing it.

The ball made its way back to Velocity via Colossus, who took a snap shot to score a screamer. Velocity then used Knee Slider to get back into the centre of the pitch near Colossus. I got the ball back to Angel, but she was tackled by Ratchet (I think). Siren seduced Ratchet to pass to Shark, who replied with his own snap shot. The ball came back in within snap range of Velocity, something not even Match Fixing could solve. She darted away and easily nailed goal number three.

Match 3

It was the playoffs for the wooden spoon, or decorative plate as the case was. I was up against Daniel who was playing Hunters. Daniel had played just as few games as I had, but he was using a team that is much harder to master than my slippery Fish, so I felt pretty confident.

He was wily of my Fish ways, and after I won the roll off and elected to receive, he put the ball way to the right, out of range for Angel to pick it up. I’m not very familiar with the Hunters’ line up, so I’m not sure who it was that collected the ball. I honestly can’t recall how I got the ball off the Hunter player, but it ended up with Shark. Turn 2 I was able to activate Shark, use Tidal surge to thread through two Hunters, generate a couple of momentum and doge closer to the goal and score my first. I then used knee slider to reposition on the centre left of the pitch.

The ball made its way back towards my deployment, only to be Seduced into a pass to Greyscales. Turn 3 I worked on setting up the play, and in Turn 4 got the ball from Greyscales to Shark, who once again used Tidal Surge to get past the bear, get a couple of attacks in on a 1” melee Hunter for momentum, then make the shot.

Daniel managed a goal in reply about now, which was the only 4 VPs he’d score for the day. I got the ball back in on Angel and after a slight delay as the ball was tackled off Angel as she tried to leave threat range, forcing her to divert and tackle it back, I nailed my third goal to win 12-4.


I ended up placing 7th, incorrectly announced as 5th on the day. There were prizes for all though, with extra prizes for the top placers. The prize pool was largely donated by Darryl who runs Nerdvana Games (he’s great, if you live in Adelaide, or Australia in general, and are into X-Wing, Guild Ball, or Infinity, get your stuff from him). I netted both Quaff and Mash (prize and bonus prize for first tournament) for my Brewers, so I ended up very much ahead. Everyone also got a chibi card (I got Shark).

All in all it was a great day. I doubled the amount of Guild Ball matches I’d played, and I learnt some things too. I take particular pride in my Seduce to Snap Shot, and my uses of Tidal Surge in the last game.

Next Time

I still have to post about the second half of my Fish being painted (might do that tomorrow), this week I also finished my Guild Ball pitch (which looks awesome) so I’ll set a reminder to post that in the next week (perhaps next Friday), and finally I’ll write up last night’s match (Fish V Alchemists) today or tomorrow and get that up also within the next week (I have pictures too!). Happy wargaming!

Guild Ball – Fish (Shark) V Engineers (Pin Vice)

Another Guild Ball Thursday at Harlequin Halls. This time I remembered to take pictures!


Me: Angel, Shark (cpt), Siren, Salt (msct), Jac, Greyscales

Campbell (the other half of the aforementioned Double Dodge): Colossus, Pin Vice, Velocity, Ratchet, Hoist, Mother (msct)

Match Report

Cam won the roll off and elected to kick. Velocity made the kick, but failed the test and then copped rough scatter that put the ball slightly in his half, so things were off to a good start as I got to give possession of the ball to one of my models. I went with Greyscales, with the intention to pass down the line and generate loads of momentum.

1 - Fish line up

2 - Engineer's Lineup

Can’t recall Cam’s influence allocations for turn one, but mine were one a piece of Jac, Salt, and Siren, six for Shark, three for Angel, and two for Greyscales. Greyscales went first, moved up, passed to Jac and put up decoy. I believe Cam responded by chucking out a nest from Mother. Jac moved up, Salt followed and received a pass from Jac. Next, Pin Vice threw out Alternator on Velocity and Deletion on someone too, before Salt passed to Siren. Velocity then activated and charged Siren thanks to the extra movement from Alternator. I threw up defensive stance, but that didn’t stop Velocity tackling the ball off Siren and then making a successful two dice shot on goal. Me 0 V Cam 4.

I kicked the ball back in in front Angel and Shark. Angel went next, jogging up the left, collecting the ball, activating Super Shot, passing back to Shark, who used a momentous dodge to move forward, and then activating Nimble. Cam did some repositioning of Ratchet. It was Shark’s turn to do Shark things. He charged Pin Vice, generated some momentum and used the dodges to get in range of goal, then shot and scored. I then played the Knee Slider plot card to get Shark out of danger and into the middle of the field. Me 4 v Cam 4. Cam kicked the ball back in, scattering it into space between Mother and Ratchet. The rest of the turn was pretty unexciting with movement from Colossus and Hoist, and Siren trying and failing to hit Colossus.

I was ahead in momentum and won the roll off for Turn 2. Shark was also within 4” of Angel, so I had 15 influence to assign. I went three Angel, six Shark, three Siren, and one a piece for Greyscales, Jac, and Salt. Shark was up first, sprinting in to grab the ball, using Gut and Strings on Ratchet, followed by three momentous push dodge results, before hitting his legendary and scoring a second goal. Me 8 V Cam 4. Cam brought the ball in and snapped it to Pin Vice. Colossus then lumbered up and hit out at Angel, singling her out. I didn’t think repositioning Siren to attempt a Seduce in range of Colossus was a good idea, so next I jogged Jac across and pushed Colossus closer to Angel. Colossus counter-attacked in response, also singling out Jac. Cam popped Pin Vice’s Heroic and Legendary, then passed to Ratchet (I think), who promptly failed passing back to Pin Vice. The ball scattered just shy of snap range in between Ratchet and Pin Vice – both within sprinting and then goal kicking distance for Angel. Cam went to use Controller on Ratchet, before he realised he was at 0”/0” because of the stack between Shark’s legendary and Gut and Strings. Angel was up. She put up nimble and sprinted. Colossus brought down a 7 dice parting blow, but failed to score a single six. Collecting the ball, I bonus timed a shot which hit home. Match over, Me 12 V Cam 4.


It was a good, quick game. I remembered to use Shark’s legendary and I didn’t get anyone taken out (football V football though, so that’s not overly surprising). Cam copped a couple of bad rolls that caused him some serious problems. The first was the kick off scatter, the second was the pass back to Pin Vice. You can’t rely on luck, but can’t complain about it going my way!

Next Time

All my Fish are painted, so that will show up soon, and I’ll have a post on Blessing of the Scum Father sometime this week too. Then, this Thursday, it’ll be the regular Guild Ball match. Happy wargaming!



Guild Ball – Fish (Shark) V Union (Blackheart)

I’ve finally found the time to post up the match report from last Thursday’s game. Unfortunately no pictures again. Also unfortunately Bolt Action and SAGA were called off. On the positive side, I do have pictures from last night’s game and will get that up soon (hopefully).


Me: Angel, Shark (cpt), Siren, Salt (msct), Jac, Greyscales

Opponent (Dave, one half of Double Dodge, go check that): Rage, Harry, Blackheart, Avarisse & Greede (henceforth A&G), Mist, Coin

Match Report

Dave won the roll off and elected to kick. Harry took the kick and the ball ended in front Greyscales. I went with three influence for Angel, five Shark, one each for Siren, Salt and Jac, and two for Greyscales. I can’t recall Dave’s loading, but I know Blackheart was fully loaded and there were three on A&G.

Greyscales activated first, jogging into cover, collecting ball, moving back slightly, and passing to Jac. Which he missed. The ball scatted in front of Siren just out of snap range. Greyscales then put up Decoy. Coin went next and did a thing to Rage. Siren went next and collected the ball, which she passed to Salt. I think Harry went next, moving up and throwing a Molotov near my centre left back (a couple of inches in front Siren). Salt went next, moving close enough to pass to Angel. Which he also missed. This time the scatter passed through her base, so it snapped to her. Downside was I didn’t get the momentous dodge I wanted.

A&G were next, A picking up G, moving up the pitch, setting him down and G running over and dodging into combat with Greyscales. With my defence up to six and the -1 TAC from cover, G failed to connect. Angel went next, sprinting to the cover on my left, hitting supershot, and successfully passing back to Shark. I used momentous dodge to put Shark up the field. Mist then moved up a little. Shark then activated Quick Foot and sprinted around the Molotov into combat with Harry. I used a couple of attacks to generate momentum and dodge closer, before bonus timing a shot and scoring a goal. Me 4 v Dave 0. I then used the dodge from scoring the goal to go even deeper into bat country. The ball came in right near Blackheart and snapped to him. Finally fully loaded Blackheart activated and went in on Shark. At the end of his activation Shark had lost 5hp and Dave had generated himself a stack of momentum.

Dave won the initiative roll off for turn two and again Blackheart was fully loaded. Everyone else saw some influence too, though I can’t recall the exact amount. For my part, two Shark, three Angel, four siren, three Greyscales, one Jac and Salt. Blackheart activated first and lay into Shark. He fell a single box of damage shy of taking Shark out though. Shark went next and I attacked for a momentous dodge and was downed in a counter attack. YOLO. Me 4 v Dave 2. Coin was next and dished out another buff, this time to Harry. Next up, Siren spent momentum to ignore the rough ground in the middle of the pitch and successfully Seduced Blackheart, who passed to her. She used a momentous dodge to go back four inches and drop the ball, snapping it to Angel.

Harry then charged Siren and hit her pretty hard, dealing 7 damage and leaving her with Bleed. Angel then made her play, sprinting up, supershot, nailing goal number two. Me 8 v Dave 2. The ball came back in near Mist.

Rage was next and charged Angel. He pushed her around and she ended up 4hp down and in-between Rage and Blackheart. I then moved Jac in and engaged G, rolling really well and scoring 3 damage. Mist then collected the ball and jogged back to protect it. Greyscales then wailed on G some, but not particularly well before A came in to defend his little buddy, knocking Jac down, pushing him around and scoring six damage. Salt then ran over to add to Crowded Out on G because why not? At the end of the turn, Bleed took out Siren. Me 8 v Dave 4.

Dave had all the momentum in the world and I had one, he’d be going first again in turn three. I brought Siren and Shark back on the right side and jogged them up. Six for Shark, three Siren, four Greyscales, and one Jac. Again, don’t recall Dave’s allocations. Blackheart went first and beat Angel down, taking her out. Me 8 v Dave 6. In the process he triggered On My Mark, having Mist pass the ball to him, moving up and dropping the ball. I then sent Siren in on G, achieving a few damage. A then smacked Siren down for a second time, and some healing was dished out on G. Me 8 v Dave 8. I stood Jac up and took a swing at G for a single damage. At this point I’m not sure which of Dave’s players went, I think it was an unexciting move by Rage.

Greyscales was next and he laid into G. For three damage. Over four influence. #fishthings. Mist then moved up next, collecting ball and passing to Harry who used a momentous dodge to get closer to the goal. There was probably some more healing on G. Mistakes had been made, but it’s cool, I just wanted that little bugger down. Shark jogged in and wailed on G. One damage. One damage. One damage. One damage. One damage, down. Me 10 v Dave 8. And then there was no one left to hit. Harry activated and moved up, kicked for goal, and nailed it.

That’s the match: Me 10 v Dave 12.


Another great game and some good learnings. First thing I realised was I should have brought Siren and Shark on different sides of the pitch (I had no idea On My Mark was a possibility, will know for next time). Second thing was that in turn two, Shark could have used his Legendary and then tried for a Tidal Surge on Rage, shifting him back into the middle of nowhere. Together that would have protected Siren and Angel (Rage and Harry wouldn’t have been able to move up and engage either), and saved one or both of them so I could move them out of harm’s way (my movement being greater than theirs). A third thing I thought while typing all this out: not sure if I used my free goal scoring dodge on Angel. Should have if I didn’t. And finally, running Siren in to certain death was Poor Choices.

Next Time

Saturday is Blessing of the Scum Father 2, which looks like it’ll be three rounds. Hopefully I’ll have match reports for all my matches. Alternatively just one higher level report on the whole tournament. Whatever the case, everyone is set to get a prize! I’ve also painted all my Fish now, so I’ll post up pictures of the other six (Kraken, Corsair, Tentacles, Hag, and Veteran Siren) soon.

Guild Ball – First Game

I had my first full game of Guild Ball last night. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures, so you’ll have to be content with a wall of text.

Team Lineup

Me: Greyscales, Jac, Shark (cpt), Salt (msct), Siren, Angel

Opponent (Elly): Greyscales, Veteran Siren, Kraken, Corsair (cpt), Tentacles (msct)

Match Report

I elected to kick, running Shark straight down the middle of the pitch and kicking the ball to the forward left into rough ground. It scatter to the right and forward a bit, landing not far from Elly’s Greyscales.

Turn 1

I can’t recall how Elly assigned his influence, but I went with 6 on Shark, 2 on Angel, 1 Salt, 1 Jac, 2 Greyscales (could have been 2 Jac and 1 Greyscales actually), and 1 on Siren.

Elly’s Greyscales retrieved the ball, passed to Corsair and activated Decoy. I then activated Shark, realised running headlong into the enemy team with no support was a Bad Idea, and decided to use Elly’s Greyscales as a momentum battery. I think I ended up netting three momentum.

Corsair charged in on Shark and knocked him down. He then proceeded to beat Shark rather badly, before passing the ball to his Angel, who used momentum to dodge forward. I didn’t have a great deal to do next, so I just moved Angel up into cover and activated Nimble.

Elly’s Angel then pelted up the pitch, just to the left of mine, hit supershot and nailed a goal. I can’t quite recall my play next, but either Greyscales or Jac retrieved the ball (I think it was Greyscales) and passed to Jac.

With me unable to get anyone close enough to Shark, Elly spent his next activation crowding out Shark, moving up Veteran Siren. Jac moved up, passed to Salt. Tentacles came up to add to the crowd out bonus on Shark. Salt ducked across and passed to my Angel. Kraken came in and caused Serious Pain to Shark – but he managed to stay up on 1hp! Finally Siren moved up slightly and attacked Elly’s Angel for a result I can’t recall.

Turn 2

I had the momentum advantage, but it didn’t help me for I rolled a 1 against Elly’s 6. My influence for this turn was 2 Shark, 3 Angel, 3 Siren, 2 Greyscales, 2 Jac, and 1 Salt.

Corsair went first, moving away from Shark and nabbing the ball of my Angel with Rough Seas. I was ok with this though, because I followed up with Seduce from Siren and had Corsair pass the ball straight back.

Elly knew my goal play from Angel would come next, so he shifted Tentacles to try make the shot harder. I was still able to avoid the tougher shot with a sprint and a Super Shot, ending up with a screamer.

The ball came back in, and I believe Kraken finished off Shark before nabbing the ball and passing to Corsair. I rued putting 2 influence on Shark instead of 1 at this point, but charged Jac in on Corsair anyway and got a tackle result. Veteran Siren moved up with Death Gaze and took on Jac, who took 1 damage before counter attacking. Veteran Siren then scored a momentous push-dodge, before Greyscales ran in on Veteran Siren and netted two damage. I can’t recall what Elly’s last move was, but Salt made his way to my left back.

Turn Three

Shark came back on the left side of the pitch and I won the initiative roll off – good times! I went with 4 Shark, 1 Salt, 3 Siren, 1 Greyscales, 4 Jac, 1 Angel (I had an extra influence for my goal last turn).

Jac went first, scoring a tackle, breaking Close Control, a second tackle, winning possession, a momentous push, to get Corsair away, and a pass to Salt. Corsair then turned and ran into my Angel, who went Full Defensive. He proceeded to wail on her to no avail, much to my delight and Elly’s frustration.

Salt was up next and moved closer to Shark before passing to him. Next Angel’s luck ran out, for Kraken came in and proceeded to beat her senseless thanks to significant crowding out bonuses. I then made my Shark play: Quick Foot, sprint, followed by a successful shot on goal.

The ball came back in just passed the melee that’d taken down my Angel – plenty close enough for Elly’s Angel to jog to the ball, back to a good shooting spot, and make a successful Super Shot even with crowding out from Siren.

Game over: 8 (Me) plays 12 (Elly).


I really enjoyed the game and learnt a number of things. Firstly, Shark might be a great Rambo, but don’t try run him into an entire enemy team. Second, I probably should have used a single influence on Shark turn two and given an extra to Greyscales or Jac. Third, I should have considered holding off my goal scoring in turn three to set something up to prevent an instant answering goal from Elly. Fourth, read my players more (i.e. double check them before the game) because I realised afterwards I forgot a few things, like Jac’s Resolute (which would have come into play once or twice) and probably had a couple of options I overlooked. I’d probably look to have more influence on Siren turn one too.

Overall though I’m pretty pleased. It was my first six man game (after only two three man games) and I nailed two goals, which I’m pretty pleased with.

I’ll have two more matches before 29 April (club plays every Thursday) when I’ve put myself in for the club’s next Guild Ball tournament. I’m looking forward to it!

Next Time

I’ll be having a game of Bolt Action or Flames of War tomorrow (hopefully the latter), so that report should be up before the weekend is out provided nothing else pops up! Also, Kraken and Veteran Siren are almost done, so expect to see them soon too. I’ll be painting Corsair and Sakana next, and getting Tentacles and Hag (provided she’s in stock) next week for next weekend. I’m taking 24 April off work and 25 April being ANZAC Day, two four day weekends in a row mean there’s no excuse not to have a fully painted Fisherman’s Guild! (Also there’s an ISU-152 for Bolt Action to finish…)

Until then!

Guild Ball – Fishermen’s Guild

It’s been a while. I’ve not been doing any wargaming anything of late – lack of opponents means lack of motivation (X-Wing doesn’t count, even though I play weekly and have been going to events). I found a group near enough to me that plays Guild Ball (which I’ve been wanting to learn and play for ages now) regularly though and found motivation to finish getting a team together.

Greyscales, Jac and Salt

I have previously posted about Shark, Angel and Siren who come with the Fisherman’s Guild starter box. Last week I picked up Greyscales, Jac and Salt so I could field a full team and start playing games (albeit without any player options).

01 - New players

I’m happy with how they all turned out and continued with my marshy base theme.

Unlike Shark, Greyscales’ hands actually aligned without issue! So that was a bonus. His right leg is in a different position than I’ve seen online, but I prefer my positioning.

Jac’s weapon hand was very recalcitrant, but I got there in the end. I continued with earthy tones using colours associated with water (i.e. blue and green), but also added a bit of red to Jac.

Salt is the best because he is an otter. I like Salt. And like the ball, he was very easy to paint.

11 - The team 2

And here we have the whole team together: Shark (cpt), Salt (msct), Greyscales, Angel, Jac and Siren. Ready to kick goals and kick more goals, and I’ve plenty more goals.


I’m going to head along to the club and learn the game. I’m in Melbourne Wednesday to Saturday next week, but when I am back (or maybe Monday or Tuesday) I will probably pick up two or three more models (probably Corsair, Kraken and Sakana). After they’re done, I’ll see where things are at. I might fully finish off the Fishermen’s Guild before getting started on the Brewer’s – the starter box models will just have to live undercoated and with the base flesh coat done for a while longer.

Guild Ball – Fishermen’s Guild Starter

In the past week I’ve finished off my Fishermen’s Guild starter box for Guild Ball.

Guild Ball

Back in the day, I very nearly supported the Guild Ball Kickstarter. I asked my D&D mates (non-wargamers) if they’d be interested in playing, but the response was lacklustre and I couldn’t justify expending the funds at the time. Now I somewhat regret not backing it. The miniatures are fantastic and the game looks really fun.

I decided to get two teams together earlier this year and picked up the starter packs for the Fishermen’s and Brewer’s Guilds. The reason I chose these two was that I liked the sound of the Fishermen’s playstyle and the Brewer’s Guild are the Brewer’s Guild. I mean really, do you need any other reason? I’d also like to put a quick plug here for Nerdvana Games. They’re an Adelaide based company who I decided to give a go for this order and boy was I stoked with their service. If you live in Adelaide, provided the product is in stock, you’ll get it the same day you order it and postage is free. Their range is limited to a few games but if you play Guild Ball, Infinity or X-Wing I highly recommend them.


I painted Shark and the ball a few months back now.


Both came out quite nice but I am particularly pleased with the ball. It’s funny how something so small and simple can provide such satisfaction when complete. I decided to theme my bases as marshy ground, like along a river bank or wetland area. I used Vallejo still water (the clear one) for the water effects and I’m pretty happy with the results. You can tell I was experimenting across the four models with the best way to make the effect. I’m still not set on any one result.


Angel and Siren I did over the past couple of weeks. I really like Angel’s model, although I think her hair turned out a little yellow. Siren’s, on the other hand, was hell for me. I think she turned out alright in the end, but it was very difficult for me to tell what was what when painting her. A note on painting black (e.g. Siren’s hair): if you don’t already, I highly recommend using German Grey (Valllejo Model Colour) and then washing (fairly heavily) with black ink of your choice (I use Nuln Oil in Citadel’s range, their inks are the only Games Workshop products I use these days – I just like inks in pots rather than dropper bottles).

Next Up for Guild Ball

The Brewer’s Guild starter box is next on my list to do. I’m a little annoyed that I’ve glued sand on their bases when now I’m thinking I’d prefer flagstones or cobbles. I might see what I can do about that. Then I’ll probably get Salt (season one Fishermen’s mascot) and a couple more players for my Fishermen (probably Greyscales and Jac) and get them together. I also need to find some opponents. So if you’re in Adelaide and play Guild Ball or looking to get into Guild Ball, let me know!

Happy wargaming.

Dungeons and Dragons Things

In addition to the dungeons tiles I got together the other week, I also painted some Bones miniatures from Reaper and made some dungeon props. For the most part I have not been particularly flattering towards Reaper’s Bones range, and I somewhat maintain that position. I will say, however, that the simpler miniatures are (in my opinion) better and much more suited to the polymer medium that Reaper are using for the range than the more complicated or fancy miniatures. This is especially the case for someone like me who uses more basic techniques and goes for a more straight forward look. As for the dungeon props, I drew much inspiration and ideas from DMG and DM Scotty and all turned out very nice. So, without further delay.

Crates and Ladder

The first things I made were these three crates and ladder. I used them in my first session with my second group who were attacking goblins holed up in a barn. To make the creates I modified the method showcased by DMG, which you can find here (opens new tab). What I did not like about his method was how fiddly it was. Instead of gluing the cardboard panels on the inside of the matchstick frame one by one, I first made some 20mm cardboard cubes. I then glued the matchsticks on around the cube. It was not perfect, and there are gaps where the matchsticks that are glued on later in the process don’t quite sit flush with parts of the box (because they’re aligned with the matchsticks that are glued earlier in the frame making process). I think the effect still works well though and you could avoid gaps by being a little more careful and precise without adding too much time to the construction. Painting was a breeze: Raw Umber and then Mud Puddle dry brush. Easy stuff.


I made six wooden doors and a stone door. Of the props I made, these are my favourite and I am particularly pleased with the wooden doors. They are made from balsa wood sticks cut down to 40mm lengths. After three sticks are glued together to form the door I made some door handles out of copper wire. To do this I wound the copper wire (.7mm I think it is, I use it for pinning my Infinity models when pinning is required) around a paint brush. I then used wire cutters to take a single circle worth off the resulting spring one cut at a time. To afix the handle to the door I used some green stuff modelling putty and then pressed the top part of the handle in and smoothed it down a bit to look like the handle looped thrown a metal holder. There are handles on both sides of the door. Once the handles were affixed I glued the door to a 25mm base. The stone door is just a piece of cardboard with cardstock around it to make it look like a single solid piece. I used cardstock for the bracing on the doors.

Painting again was easy. The wood is Raw Umber then Mud Puddle, the bracing and handle backing is Black and the handle itself is Brassy Brass (I think). The stone door has Terracotta bracing. The stone door and bases are Shadow Grey dry brushed with Stonewall Grey. The bases then have black lines hand painted in to mimic stone flooring.


Next we have some beds and tables. It’s all simple stuff constructed from balsa wood and matchsticks. Not much to say here, they’re painted up the same as everything else wooden.

Bones Miniatures

Here we have a wolf and a badger. I miss animal companions in 5th 😦



Next we have some goblins. These are an example of simple models that look great. Exactly the sort of thing the Bones range should be focused on. Their hoods and leather armour are Charred Brown, skin is Desert Yellow, metal parts are Gunmetal Grey, Brown Leather and Beasty Brown are also used on wooden and leather parts variously.

And here are some female heroes. They are ok, but they aren’t my favourite models. The only hero model I’ve painted up in the Bones range that I have really liked was gay pride mage. He turned out fantastic. Why? He was a simpler model.

And here are the best examples of why simple models in the Bones range are fantastic. Sorry the images aren’t better but I can assure you these models look great. They are straight forward, basic, but they look superb. Aprons are Bonewhite, the woman has a Charred Brown dress and Stonewall Grey shirt. The innkeeper has Shadowgrey pants and a German Camo Beige shirt. These are my favourite Bones minis that I have painted, excepting gay pride mage.