Guild Ball – Fishermen’s Guild

It’s been a while. I’ve not been doing any wargaming anything of late – lack of opponents means lack of motivation (X-Wing doesn’t count, even though I play weekly and have been going to events). I found a group near enough to me that plays Guild Ball (which I’ve been wanting to learn and play for ages now) regularly though and found motivation to finish getting a team together.

Greyscales, Jac and Salt

I have previously posted about Shark, Angel and Siren who come with the Fisherman’s Guild starter box. Last week I picked up Greyscales, Jac and Salt so I could field a full team and start playing games (albeit without any player options).

01 - New players

I’m happy with how they all turned out and continued with my marshy base theme.

Unlike Shark, Greyscales’ hands actually aligned without issue! So that was a bonus. His right leg is in a different position than I’ve seen online, but I prefer my positioning.

Jac’s weapon hand was very recalcitrant, but I got there in the end. I continued with earthy tones using colours associated with water (i.e. blue and green), but also added a bit of red to Jac.

Salt is the best because he is an otter. I like Salt. And like the ball, he was very easy to paint.

11 - The team 2

And here we have the whole team together: Shark (cpt), Salt (msct), Greyscales, Angel, Jac and Siren. Ready to kick goals and kick more goals, and I’ve plenty more goals.


I’m going to head along to the club and learn the game. I’m in Melbourne Wednesday to Saturday next week, but when I am back (or maybe Monday or Tuesday) I will probably pick up two or three more models (probably Corsair, Kraken and Sakana). After they’re done, I’ll see where things are at. I might fully finish off the Fishermen’s Guild before getting started on the Brewer’s – the starter box models will just have to live undercoated and with the base flesh coat done for a while longer.

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