Guild Ball – Fishermen’s Guild Starter

In the past week I’ve finished off my Fishermen’s Guild starter box for Guild Ball.

Guild Ball

Back in the day, I very nearly supported the Guild Ball Kickstarter. I asked my D&D mates (non-wargamers) if they’d be interested in playing, but the response was lacklustre and I couldn’t justify expending the funds at the time. Now I somewhat regret not backing it. The miniatures are fantastic and the game looks really fun.

I decided to get two teams together earlier this year and picked up the starter packs for the Fishermen’s and Brewer’s Guilds. The reason I chose these two was that I liked the sound of the Fishermen’s playstyle and the Brewer’s Guild are the Brewer’s Guild. I mean really, do you need any other reason? I’d also like to put a quick plug here for Nerdvana Games. They’re an Adelaide based company who I decided to give a go for this order and boy was I stoked with their service. If you live in Adelaide, provided the product is in stock, you’ll get it the same day you order it and postage is free. Their range is limited to a few games but if you play Guild Ball, Infinity or X-Wing I highly recommend them.


I painted Shark and the ball a few months back now.


Both came out quite nice but I am particularly pleased with the ball. It’s funny how something so small and simple can provide such satisfaction when complete. I decided to theme my bases as marshy ground, like along a river bank or wetland area. I used Vallejo still water (the clear one) for the water effects and I’m pretty happy with the results. You can tell I was experimenting across the four models with the best way to make the effect. I’m still not set on any one result.


Angel and Siren I did over the past couple of weeks. I really like Angel’s model, although I think her hair turned out a little yellow. Siren’s, on the other hand, was hell for me. I think she turned out alright in the end, but it was very difficult for me to tell what was what when painting her. A note on painting black (e.g. Siren’s hair): if you don’t already, I highly recommend using German Grey (Valllejo Model Colour) and then washing (fairly heavily) with black ink of your choice (I use Nuln Oil in Citadel’s range, their inks are the only Games Workshop products I use these days – I just like inks in pots rather than dropper bottles).

Next Up for Guild Ball

The Brewer’s Guild starter box is next on my list to do. I’m a little annoyed that I’ve glued sand on their bases when now I’m thinking I’d prefer flagstones or cobbles. I might see what I can do about that. Then I’ll probably get Salt (season one Fishermen’s mascot) and a couple more players for my Fishermen (probably Greyscales and Jac) and get them together. I also need to find some opponents. So if you’re in Adelaide and play Guild Ball or looking to get into Guild Ball, let me know!

Happy wargaming.

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