This Week: Bolt Action – Soviet Infantry, T-34, Stug, MG-42 – Oh My!

So my mate and I decided we’d see about getting our things together and actually playing on some sort of regular basis – Flames of War, SAGA, Bolt Action, basically the stuff that makes for good written after action reports. We’re locked in for a game Wednesday week (28th of October).

Bolt Action Things

Before then I want to get my German (Heer) and Soviet forces up to 750ots:

01 - To paint

So I have 27 Soviet infantry, a T-34/76, an MG-42 team and a Stug G to get done. I would like to say here that Warlord Game’s T-34 model is fantastic. It looks great and it is really, really easy to put together. The only annoying bit is the storage on the back (I don’t actually like the way they look, I left them off all my T-34s for Flmaes of War). The Stug G on the other hand: frustrating.

The reason for this was that I purchased a resin one (I believe there is a plastic model that makes a G or Stuh 42). I had an issue with the left track (so right track in the image). It wasn’t cast flat on the side that glues to the hull. In the process of trying to shave it down a bit I put the Stanley knife into the palm of my hand, which was an undesirable situation. I managed to get the track on looking ok in the end though and used some green stuff to conceal the gap that still remained. I’m not looking forward to getting the side skirts on but.


So I still have 10 trees to finish:

02 - Trees in progress

I’ve not bothered with close ups yet, but I think they’re looking better than my first lot because I made the trucks thicker. I just have the messy part of cutting up the scourers for the foliage to go, so really they’re not that far away from done. I’ve also like to get some 28mm scale rural roads done before our battle too (I bought MDF for them today).

All That in a Week and a Half?

Yeah, nah, probably gunna struggle with it. I’ll get as much done as possible however and we’ll see what happens. So look forward to more painted things in the future (my Anglo-Danes still need a photo shoot) and an after action report for something, probably Bolt Action. Until next time.

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