More North Africa Terrain

My first week of leave has been a productive one. I have finished the two ridges and the hill for my North Africa terrain set, painted some Anglo-Danes (four hearth guard with Dane axes, one with spear) and three of the grassy hills are almost done.

North Africa Table

I set up all the North Africa terrain I now have on my 1200mm square desert board to check it all out. It’s probably a little much for such a small battlefield, but that only means I won’t have to make as much more to fill out an 1800x1200mm table.

When I finished the hills I realised that the desert board I had (as in the physical MDF board all the terrain is on in these images) was probably a little brown and it shows in these pictures. I might lighten it up with more Unbleached Titanium, but I might also just do up another few boards instead.

Here we have the front and rear of the first ridge.

The hill from two angles.

And the second ridge front and back. I am really pleased with how they all turned out – actually that’s a bit of an understatement, I think they’re some of the best terrain pieces I’ve ever made. The ridge faces came up great, likewise the scree piles. The grassy hills I have on my table to put the finishing touches on aren’t bad, but these desert hills blow them away in my opinion. I’ll post up pictures of the grassy hills later and you can be the judge though.

Next Up

A mate is coming around today for Flames of War, his 8th Army force not being ready we’ll be hitting the eastern front. I’ll make sure to take plenty of images and get an AAR up sometime this week. I’m planning to use at least one of my new hills, so that’ll be the first sneak peak of them. Then in the coming week I want to finish off my Anglo-Danes (currently there are 20 models still to paint, not an insignificant task, but very doable), so I’ll probably take the whole week to finish the two grassy ridges and last grass hill. Beyond that, I have a Welsh force to do, 10 more trees to get cracking on, two or three buildings I want to make for SAGA (they’ll be a few weeks out) and then there are plenty of other things to paint – like the SU-76s and PTRD teams that have been sitting on my shelf for three years…

Until next time.

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