The Post That Would Have Been Done on Friday if I Didn’t Work Late

So as the title of this post makes clear, I would have posted this Friday, but I worked late. The yesterday I was capital B Busy. But today, today I can share the Infinity models I have painted since April. This post is pretty pictures heavy and I’m in a bit of a rush here because my sister and co should be around for D&D very shortly.


Paracommando with HMG. Standard colour scheme (Stonewall Grey base, German Grey “S” shapes, Dead White patches and black splinters. Packs/bags are in German Camo Beige. Guns are in black with Beige Brown wooden parts).

And Paracommando with rifle. She shot something once. I don’t think it died. It was a sad day.


He has a boarding shotgun. He walks on from the side of the board and shoots things. That’s what he does. I’m used him a few times – not with any great success. Regular colour scheme, nothing special to report on here.

Traktor MULs



Above we have the Katyusha (or what I am going to call the Katyusha, I don’t actually know which is which). I originally tried the regular splinter camo pattern I do on my models. It didn’t work, however, so I went with splotches instead. The base is Stonewall Grey. On that I have large patches of German Grey, finishing with small patches of Dead White. The baggage at the back is just German Camo Beige with Brown Beige straps. Tracks are German Camo Grey dryburshed with Gunmetal Grey.

And then we also have the Uragen. I have actually used both models prior to painting. I like them both, however I think the Uragen is probably more worth it. If you are playing Supremacy or any of the game modes where the Baggage special rule is in play, the Traktor MULs are a great pick. That +20 points per model they count for when determining area control will win you games.

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