Friday Post – Friday, 6th March 2015

That’s right, it’s a Friday update! This week I’ve painted three miniatures, made a list of all the hobby things I have pending/to do, madly put together some scatter terrain (in progress as I type) and got back to planning Bolt Action things.

 Domaru Butai with Boarding Shotgun


First up we have the Domaru Butai with boarding shotgun. Not much to say here really. She’s got white armour and red shoulder pads – that’s pretty stock standard JSA colouring right there. Gluing the arms on was a little fiddly, and I’m not convinced the right arm is in the correct spot on the shoulder, but it fits, it’s glued, I’m not complaining. Having the choice between fielding a chain rifle Domaru and a Domaru with a boarding shotgun is a good one to have, which is what the rest of the JSA painting is all about really – models that provide choice, rather than models that provide variety (the JSA range is only so big, and I, after all, own it all).

Kempeitai with Combi Rifle


Following the same theme, we have the other Kempeitai model, again providing more kit choice. She’s done the same as my other Kempeitai: pants are German Field Grey over German Grey (I love the JSA pants, did I ever mention that? ), coat and armour is Dead White, coat trim is Stonewall Grey. Middle chestplate area is Bloody Red (as are the shoulder pads) and on this model I decided the centre panel of the armour would be Electric Blue (on my other Kempeitai it is white). I also should mention here that I’ve changed how I do my swords and scabbards. On my earlier JSA models (Domaru Butai w/ Chain Rifle, Kempeitai w/ Boarding Shotgun etc) the scabbards are black with red trim (the sashes at the top of the scabbard) and sword grips are black. I’ve decided to add more colour and go with red blade grips, red scabbard and Electric Blue sashes. I’ve been looking forward to having this Kempeitai model done, I’ve more often than not found myself wanting to field a combi rifle on my Kempeitai, rather than the boarding shotgun (and there have been a couple of times the boarding shotgun choice has led to poor performance). Given the Kempeitai’s good, but not great, close combat abilities and the fact you really want to run them with Chain of Command and try keep them in safer firing zones, the combi rifle is the stronger choice in my opinion – hence the combi rifle costing more points to field.

Comms Tech


Finally we have the Comms Tech from the Dire Foes mission pack. This mission pack was my first ever Infinity purchase and until this model I have been yet to paint any of it (though I’ve looked over the contents to see how it all fits together etc). The reason I’m starting with the Comms Tech is pretty simple: I need a HVT model (preferably one for each faction really). With games 3 and 4 of our ITS league on tomorrow night, I wanted her done in time for that. Pretty simple and straight forward here: Black boots and belts, Stormy Blue pants, Hot Orange vest (gotta have a high vis vest on site, there was no way I was going to do the vest blue like Corvus Belli have her painted up!), Stone Wall Grey under shirt. She was very quick and easy to paint and I’m pleased with the results.

Other Things

I mentioned some other things above and from here on out we have a wall of text on what I’m planning to do next.

The first thing is to declare March “Infinity Month”. Last year I had “Flames of War – North Africa Month” in September over which I focused all my efforts in getting my DAK ready for battle (the battle part is still yet to happen, much to my disappointment). I did up a calander and planned out what I would paint each week and the whole thing was very successful. I’ve decided I’ll do the same thing this month for Infinity. So far I’ve got the three aforementioned models done. Over the next week I want to knock off the JSA Support Pack models (and maybe the Ninja with Hacking Device), following that I’ll do the Aragoto Senkenbutai box (and maybe the Haramaki with missile launcher), In the last week of March I’ll take on the Dog Warrior box and then in the last days of the month/first week of April knock off the Tracktor MULs (and maybe the Line Kazak with Missile Launcher). Getting all this done will knock off everything I actually anticipate using on a fairly regular basis. The only other task to add in there is to rebase my other Aragotos (which I am not looking forward to, I suspect it will be difficult). It will also shrink my Infinity painting pile down to three blisters (four if I count the Authorised Bounty Hunter) and two boxes (JSA TAG and the other two Dire Foes characters).

Another excellent thing to take place is that this weekend (which is a long weekend) I will finally be getting shelves up in my garage, providing much needed wargaming related storage space. With this done I can actually get terrain making projects going again – although I’ll probably not do anything until next month. The exception to that is knocking off some scatter terrain. The reason for my rush to get some done is, again, our ITS league games tomorrow. Two guys currently provide all our terrain, but extra scatter terrain has been requested if possible. I’m hoping that I will be able to get together: six pallets of bricks (I made the pallets last night, I’ll do the bricks tonight); six girder piles; four small electrical/traffic light control substation box things (the ones on corners near traffic light intersections); and maybe two large hydrant boxes (in miniature terms they’d be about 30mm deep, 30mm high and 60mm wide, or there abouts). It is all fairly simple and small stuff to put together and straight forward to paint, so I’m hopeful it will all be done in time.

Finally I’ve got back to planning Bolt Action things. I had wanted to dedicate Quarter 2 of 2014/15 to Bolt Action, however that wasn’t to be. Projecting out to the end of Infinity March, I anticipate that I will be able to focus significant energy on Bolt Action. While there are still plenty of other projects that could be done, that fact is that I will have enough on hand for Infinity that I can host two tables at home with easy. Likewise for Flames of War I’ve had my Eastern Front stuff in a useable position for years. I’d like to get my Bolt Action stuff to the same point, in fact I’d like to do quite a lot of things for Bolt Actions because it is a game that my mates (who do not actively collect and play wargames) would be in to, and it’s quite a bit less intricate than Infinity (where it pays big time to know what each and every model is capable of). I’ll likely fit in Infinity terrain production in the mix, but I’m hopeful that once Infinity March is over, and I can ease off the Infinity pedal, I’ll finally (finally1) be able to put significant effort into Bolt Action.

Only time will tell though. For now it is time to go back to making this scatter terrain as quickly as possible. There may be a post Sunday or Monday with the outcome of tomorrow’s ITS games, otherwise I anticipate another Friday post next week with the next results from Infinity March!

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