Things I’ve Painted This Week

So I painted some things this week after wasting the week before doing not much. Actually that’s not quite true, for I broke a promise to myself. I had said that I would not purchase any more miniatures for Infinity until I was done/mostly done the pile of stuff I have on my painting table at the moment. Aaaand then I went and bought the Dog Warriors box, the Cameronian blister and ordered the Spetsnatz with boarding shotgun (which didn’t arrive for some strange reason, even though it was in stock). This has led me to breaking a second promise, which was to never paint tartan again after the Grey Rifles model in the Ariadna starter. I think I did a better job of it this time, but it is still far from fantastic.

Karakuri no-so-Special Project


Here is a shot of the three Karakuri models. The image hasn’t got the front right hand model in focus unfortunately. They’re ok, I couldn’t get the eyes right on the Mk12 model (rear most model) as you can see in my post from when I finished that particular miniature. They’re ok though and I look forward to using them. Very basic: white, black piping, red swatches and chain rifles.



Here we have my second go at doing tartan. I think it came out much better this time round. In fact I really like how the model came out as a whole. The middle shot there sells him best I think. Up close the tartan is pretty lacklustre, but at table distance it looks nice. It was a base of Gory Red over which I did a coat of Bloody Red. Then horizontal stripes of German Camo Beige and Black and vertical stripes of Black. Body armour is Stonewall Grey over Shadow Grey, flesh is Dead White built up from Charred Brown to German Camo Beige. I kept the hair and tail darker with a light dry brush of German Camo Beige. All in all, he’s pretty cool I think.

Next up: Domaru Butai w/ Boarding Shotgun, Kempeitai w/ Combi-Rifle and the Comms Tech civvie from the JSA-Aridana dire does box (which I want done for next weekend’s ITS games).

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