New Years Eve Update

And with that the last week of 2014 is behind us. We are on the cusp of a new and exciting future. What wonders will 2015 hold? I think “more of the same, but slightly different” is a pretty good bet. Not too much has happened over the last week. I have done some FoW terrain work though, had a game of Infinity and considered an old hobby…

Flames of War Terrain

On Boxing Day I cracked open my new hot wire cutter and got to work carving out some ridges and a hill from one of the sheets of XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) foam I picked up from Bunnings the other month.


I’m not sure how clear the images above are – I probably should have taken the photographs on the floor (the tiles in my hall and kitchen/living area are dark grey). I’m pretty pleased with the results. Now all that needs done is sand and rocks to be glued on and then to paint them. I shan’t bother gluing them to MDF, though I might find that to be advisable. Trial and error, here we come!

Infinity Game

So I don’t have an image of the table for the game, unfrotunately, but I played a singled 300pts game, JSA VS Nomads on Sunday against a mate. I’d been hassling him to make some time for a game for ages, so it was great we could all head around another mate’s place (the Tohaa player I usually VS) and get a game in.

The mission was Emergency Transmission – there are 6 consoles in a circle around the central point of the table at a distance from the centre. In the very centre of the table is a single antenna. Objectives are to connect to consoles, send the transmission from the antenna (which can only be done if you’ve activated two consoles) and then hold the antenna. I had first turn and deployed first. My force was split into two groups of six: Group 1 was a kempeitai (chain of command), domaru butai (Lt), tokusetsu eisei, keisotsu butai (HMG), raiden seitobutai (hidden deployment) and oniwaban (hidden deployment). Group two was two aragoto senkenbutai (one a hacker, the other Asuka), a linked team of three keisotsu butai (two forward observers and a light GL) and a ninja (hidden deployment). I’m not sure my mate’s full list, but there was a TAG, a hellcat and a mobile brigada on the field, plus some Nomad line troops and other things.

My first turn my bikers, being impetuous, gunned up my left flank. His hacker tried to hack my hacker, but ended up frying his own brain and passing to unconcious. I then moved in and activated the left console on the centre line. My Keisotsu then activated a second console on my starting line. Asuka zipped up and opened up with her assault pistol on two enemies, downing a medic. My HMG then popped a line trooper. I should point out at this point that the Mobile Brigada missed a total of three ARO shots with his multirifle in this turn: two on the bikes, one on the HMG (if I recall correctly). This becomes a bit of a thing for him. The final thing to happen this turn was the kempeitai getting himself taken down while trying to make it to the central antenna – this did not please me, he was only unconcious though.

Mate’s first turn the Hellcat came on and turned Asuka’s body into a bullet cushion. His sniper then popped my HMG (just). His TAG laid surpression down on my right flank (we were playing N2, not N3). He then spent three orders (all the rolls were bad, so bad) to activate a console with his last specialist.

My second turn and I used all my available orders for group one (reduced to two with the HMG and kempeitai being unconcious and the other two miniatures being in hidden deployment) to move my Domaru Butai up and try pull off a long shot speculative E/M grenade on the TAG. It failed, no surprises. I then went rambo with my hacker. She gunned through the centre of the field, avoiding or saving against a couple of AROs. She then hacked the mobile brigada, immobilising him, then shot at him and wounded him, then went into close combat and shanked him. This put the Nomads in loss of Lt. His turn two and he used his two orders to pop my hacker with his sniper. I was disappointed because I wanted to hack his TAG, but I’d already won, so I wasn’t bothered.

My turn three and I tried to E/M the TAG again, and failed. I revealed the Raiden ‘just cos’ and then spent my remaining orders (all group 2) on lobbing speculative light GL fire over a wall at his sniper (failed), then his last specialist (failed) then his last specialist again (crit, killed her). My mate used his last turn to pop my Raiden with his sniper.

In the end I had connected to more consoles that he had (2VPs) and completed one of my classified objectives (hacking one, 1VP) to be 3VPs to his 0. Victory to the JSA!

It was a pretty fun game, though the dice were against my mate pretty big. I learnt an important lesson about placing camo markers rather than using hidden deployment too. I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time.

The Old Hobby

We all start somewhere, and like (probably) most of us out there I began with Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. While clearing out a case to transport my Infinity on Sunday I ended up setting up my Blood Angels army on one of my cardtables.


Looks nice set up like that. Too bad GW are pricks and I find their game wanting! Still, it was nice to reflect on hobby years gone by and see an old force set out in all its glory.

The Painting Pile

So that brings us to the end of this update and the end of 2014. To finish, I’d like to share the following image:


This is my pile of Infinity blisters and boxes that require painting – plus two more minitures which I’d already got ready for painting and have now started on (AP HMG line kazak and dozer engineer with MUL control device). That’ll probably keep me busy for a good two or three months I reckon! I hope to get the Flames of War terrain done/done-ish this weekend though, so perhaps an update on that next week?

Until then, enjoy the last fleeting moments of the year that has been and don’t get yourself on the front page of the paper. Happy New Wargaming Year!

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