The Friday Post – 12th of December, 2014

This week we have a 7th Foxtrot Ranger with a grenade launcher and… not much else. Actually I have drawn up some Flames of War buildings for North Africa and will draw up some tech coffins and another shipping container too. I’m hoping to have the Infinity related things done this weekend and the FoW buildings done next weekend, however Christmas is fast approaching and I’m hosting my parents and grandparents (my siblings being overseas or at work or both) and I’ve a lot that needs to be done around home. So chances are that terrain will be it before Boxing Day. Maybe I’ll get another miniature or two done before then too, but housework is likely to raini on my wargaming parade for the next fortnight.

Foxtrot Ranger


He is here to show the rest of the Ariadna forces that it’s not just the women who can be tough as nails and be light on clothes but painted up in snow camo. I decided to camo up his face and arms like the way Corvus Belli displays the model. I think it worked out ok, infact I’m pretty pleased with him and I am looking forward to shooting grenades all over the place sometime soon.


Just some more shots, rear and right side.

My tankhunters and Dozer Engineer came in earlier in the week, so I’ve picked them up and they’ll likely be next on the list of models to be painted. The rest of my order should be in within the next week, given the supplier has them all in stock.

Right now though, sleep. Might post something over the weekend, likely won’t because I’ve things going on. Till the future times, enjoy.

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