Success on a Sunday – Now with 100% more Painted Infinity Terrain

Actually that is a lie, it is infinite percent more painted Infinity terrain (100% of nothing being nothing). That hardly matters though because I did it. I had my doubts after I didn’t get as much done yesterday as I thought I would. It’s a fairly standard thing really: you settle on a hobby project, get started, plan things out, think “ok, this will take this unit of time” – surprise! everything ends up taking much longer! Not today, son, not this day: the building I was working on is battle ready.

There are details I still want to add, but in terms of the building’s functionality on the field, it is good to go. Yesterday I started on the doors, did some painting work on the roads and assembled the roof. The roof turned out really well, although it fits a tight, and there are small gaps at the foot of the slope, these aren’t issues that detracts from the table. Today I finished the doors and then got painting, doing the shipping container I made, the exterior of the building and finishing the road pieces. I’m very pleased with my work and look forward to using on the battlefield!

The End Result


Here we have a couple of shots, including wonderful backgrounds of my garage-cum-hobby room, complete with Flames of War terrain on the shelves. I can’t recall how noticeable it was in the work in progress shots, but I decided to cut a couple of strips of 3mm MDF and glue them to the back of the base to fix the over hang of the stairway wall. I used wood putty to fill the gap between these strips and the base that resulted from my skill with the jigsaw (or lack thereof) and smooth the end result over. I also used a small strip of 3mm MDF to fix the bit where the stairs meet the first floor, which I had accidentally cut out.


The doors and roof both involve two layers of cardboard (from a box of Wheeties) in between which cut up pieces of plastic from the blister packs I’ve painted recently. The middle skylight piece has a little bit of paint along one edge, I might see if I can’t fix that with a small amount of Windex on a paper tower or something at some point. The only other significant blemish is where the wall from the stairway joins the building: there is about a 4mm gap or so. I overlooked this while doing the gap filling on the first floor overhang bits (with Green Stuff). Not sure what I am going to do about this. I might just leave it and not bother, it isn’t overly problematic, but it is a pretty significant gap.

I should’ve taken a picture of it on its own, but the shipping container came out really good. It’s just a couple of coats of Terracotta colour craft paint with some dodgy written kanji on it to pass as some fictitious company logo. Simple, easy, quick as you like and looks nice on the table. As for the roads, my (lack) of jigsaw skills were really the main issue with them. They’ve painted up well – no I’m not fussed the road markings are all that clean, straight and smooth. The road surface is also dirty, which is intentional. The sand on the side is painted just the way the table is: Beasty Brown equivalent followed by desert yellow equivalent followed by bonewhite equivalent.

The Table


As you may recall, the building, road pieces and shipping container are to fit into a whole Operation Firestorm inspired desert board. As you can see above, that is what progress looks like. Progress is beautiful.

A weekend to be proud of! Now to the week, where I will ponder what to make next and paint up a model (or maybe two, but unlikely). Until next time.

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