The Friday Post – 28th November 2014

Hohoho, been a while since I’ve done one of these! This weekend: Kazak Doktor and a Building!



Pretty stock standard, nothing spesh. Camo is on the jacket, white splotches on the stonewall grey jacket just like on the body armour of my heavy infantry (Vet Kazaks, Tank Hunter). I was tossing up between this and the uniform, and even considered no camo on this model because of the nice two tone with the jacket and uniform. I think the choice of the camo jacket was the correct one though.



Here we have the building I’ve been working on. My last post contained all the pieces cut out, and here we see the completed ground floor. Note some issues. Firstly: cutting straight with a jigsaw is somewhat of a challenge, especially when you’ve never used one before. So I cut 5mm in too close on the back end of the base. Rather than shifting the whole building forward on the base, I decided to erect it as I had planned, leading to the stairs overhanging by 5mm or there abouts. I’ll fix this later through a couple of strips of 3mm MDF glued together I think. Other thing is the gap where the stair walls join at the corner. I’ll fill this with modelling putty, or wood putty, that’d should do the job too.


Good things through were painting the interior first. This was something I learnt from my test straight foamcore buildings earlier in the year.


And here we have some shots of the first floor, which I completed the following day. I was incredibly surprised at how well it all went together (this goes for the ground floor as well, but not so much) and even more so how the first floor sits nicely on the ground floor and is (fairly) easy to remove and replace in the right spot. The first floor is 3mm ply that is seated within the walls, the base of which are ring with a 5mm strip of foamcore cut at 45 degrees. The foamcore running around the outside masks the cut between the ground and first floors and ensures the first floor sits on top nicely and can’t be knocked off.

Again with the first floor we have some issues with gaps, again these will be fixed up with modelling or other putty. I still need to sort out the roof for the first floor. The pieces I cut out were, as I thought they might be, a pig’s breakfast. I’ll remeasure and redo and we’ll see how things go. Once that has been sorted I will paint the exterior.

After the exterior is painted I will move on tot he details. The first things that need doing will be the external doors, which will be held in place as I mentioned in my last post with magnets. These are strong enough to hold the light weight of the card and plastic I will be using in place. The other details I intend to do are a couple of desks with computer terminals (one downstairs, one up), some crates and or boxes (probably some on the open area up top and in the room below) and maybe a shelf for some smaller boxes down stairs. The reason for these interior details are twofold. Firstly they might be used for mission objective purposes. The second reason is that the floor space of the building is quite open, and I’d like to add detail to fill it in, create some interest and variety.

This whole project is taken longer than I first thought it might, but I’m doing my best to remain patient and do the job right. The Cult of Now really is an insidious affliction of our modern society.

this weekend holds Pathfinder tomorrow (Saturday) and games of Infinity on Sunday. I’m hoping to upload images and write those up, so hopefully I’ll have an update again Monday. Until then.

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