Since Last Time

So I’ve not been inactive since my last update, in fact I have been fairly active working on Infinity related things. I’ve got the desert table base done and I am now working on terrain for it (with varied levels of success). In addition, most of the massive Infinity order I put in about a 2-3 weeks ago came in the week before last. Loads of stuff for both my Ariadna and Japanese Sectorial Army, with a few more things still to come (not many though).


Loads of stuff! Loads of it!

The Board

So the board has been sanded, painted and it looks nice.


The left image was a work in progress one, can’t remember afer which colour, the one on the right is the finished product. It was done as follows: glue sand to board; seal the sand; beasty brown equivalent colour house paint; heavy drybrush (sort of, more like a lighter normal coat) of desert yellow equivalent colour house paint; dry brush of unbleached titanium craft paint. The end result still is quite brown really, but it matches very well with my Flames of War DAK force, though my JSA have darker looking bases, so that was a bit of an annoyance. Still, it will do the job and that’s all that really matters.

Some Miniatures

I’ve also started on some of that pile of miniatures I purchased. The Traktor MULs (very bottom box) I’ve passed on to my parents for them to gift to me at Christmas (I care not for surprises. I have – for years – purchased the gifts I want people to give me and passed them on to them to gift me. It’s just easier when you have hobbies no one else follows/is involved in). So far I’ve painted the Scout and the Veteran Kazak.


First we have the Scout. Of the two he is the one I think I’ve done the better job with. The cloak was good fun – and pretty easy – to paint. The camo pattern is based on how you paint splinter camo for mid/late-war German infantry. Actually it might be exactly how you do it, I forget if the splinters are supposed to intersect the dark lines or join colour patches. Point is, snow camo, looks pretty cool.


A couple more shots of the Scout from the other side. It’s a pretty sweet model, I don’t think the image of it on Corvus Belli’s site really sells it enough because I always thought it looked a bit odd. But it is good. Also leafy tuft. I’ve painted/drybrushed the top of it to make it more snowy.


Next we have the Veteran Kazak and his AP HMG. At 61pts and 2SWC (1 if you field him as your Lt)  he is a pretty pricey model to field, but it is an AP HMG on a model with no wound incapacitation. On these heavy infantry models I invert the Stonewall Grey and White to do the camo on the body armour (that is the armoured vest is Stonewall Grey so while the camo C and S lines are still German Grey, the splotches are Dead White). This is actually the first model I’ve done where I decided to do camo on the body armour and shoulder pads. My Tank Hunter with his autocannon and Veteran Kazak with T2 rifle both only have camo helmets. Given the small amount of clothing visable, I didn’t bother doing camo on the pants/jacket as well as the armour. I think it might be a bit over the top if I did anyway. This model has a fairly bizarre pose. I think the head really needs to be vertically straighter because as the model has been designed it looks a bit mangled.

A Building

Finally we have the first bit(s) of terrain for the desert board.


On the left is the design I sketched up during some down time at work. On the right is the pieces all cut out and ready for assembly. The only thing I’ve altered from the drawing is not having a flat roof for the first storey part. Instead I am going to to try some sloped roof with skylight thing. The idea being that you could use it for an excellent vantage point, but you”ll not have cover to benefit from. I think this will give a good trade off in terms of pros and cons for that part of the terrain. The other thing I’ve added is the parts along the bottom right of the image, which are for a shipping container to use as scatter terrain. I’ve still not quite got how I will do it in my head because I want the doors at either end to be hinged. Other things that aren’t shown in this image include the MDF I’ve cut out for the bases (which were drying after a black spray undercoat at the time) and the doors (which I’ll do last). I intend to have doors that can be opened and closed on the three external doorways. These will be held in place by rare earth magnets (I really need to remember to order a pack or two from Battlefront), and should be pretty easy to remove with 5mm of foamcore between the magnets (I’ve not actually tested to see if they’ll even hold actually. I should probably do that at some point). The other detail that isn’t too clear in the photo is the cardboard I’ve cut out for the corners of the building, plus the cardboard squares I intend to glue on for patterned decoration. I’m not sure how it is all going to turn out in actuality, but we’ll wait and see and hopefully it isn’t too shabby.

Anyway, that is all for now, happy wargaming!

2 thoughts on “Since Last Time

  1. That veteran pose drives me a little nuts, too. Like he’s been frozen, mid-dance move (… and spin, and POINT!).
    Nice paint job, though. Mine is among the first four models I ever got, but it’s still unpainted. That pose turned me right off using it for a while and I’ve only recently started fielding it again (I had stopped as soon as I got my Mormaers). Even at 61 points though, the veteran is brilliant in action. Especially when he brings an AP HMG for a single SWC point. You can’t leave him out in the open (can you say bullet magnet?), but played with some care he can be devastating; I don’t think he’s ever failed to more than pay for his cost, even when that cost has included an irregular turn (we’ve been using N3 loss of lieutenant rules).


    • Aye, I knew when my mate got to him when looking through my order when he started making spastic sounds like he was having a fit! Straightening the head is all that really needs doing. I’ve no doubt he’ll be worth the investment. I’ve found my V Kazak w/ T2 Rifle to be very survivable and have taken him as a Lt V Kazak w/ AP Rifle with success in the couple of games I’ve done so (I play my JSA more than my Ariadna). I’ve not had a look at any of the N3 stuff yet (previews wtc), I intend to hit it all at once when the rulebook arrives here.

      Cheers for the comment 🙂


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