L is for Lazy

So I’ve not done much wargaming related things these past two (three?) weeks. Primarily this is a result of me not knowing what to do next. The list is quite long: I’ve things to paint for Bolt Action; I’ve Norman knights to paint; I’ve plenty of terrain I could make, including more buildings for Infinity, things for Bolt Action etc; I can paint the buildings I already have for Infinity; and the list goes on. The problem is, I’m not sure where to start.

This problem is amplified by my day dreaming at work for the past few weeks about my plans for my Infinity desert table. I have always had a habit of dreaming up grand new things when previous grand things have yet to be completed, which is Problematic. The Infinity terrain I have at the moment is just generic light urban stuff – commercial/residential type things (I guess? They’re really just Generic Buildings). What I’d like to do, though, is have a table that each of my forces go with. Currently this means I’d like a desert board for my Japanese Sectorial Army and a snow board for my Ariadna (the boards being determined by how I have based/painted my miniatures).

The main thing nagging me to move on to these projects is that I’ve learnt more about making terrain, some “do”s and “don’t”s etc and I want to make things that are bigger and better than what I already have. A secondary consideration is that Infinity is the game I play the most (even if I’ve not had a game in a few weeks) and it is something my non-wargaming mates are willing to subject themselves to when they are round for D&D/Pathfinder/Shadowrun/Whatever.

The Plan

So it is that I have begun my desert board. I’m starting with the desert board for my JSA because they are what I consider to be my primary force – they are my largest force and the force I preference to play games with.

The premise of the board (from WWII wargaming I’ve learnt that battlefields are so much better if they have a purpose/meaning/function – if they didn’t, why bother fighting for them?) is the field is an oil processing installation, possible on the frontline of Yu Jing/JSA claims, in an arid area of some unnamed planet.

The board is a 1200mm square (4ft square) – your standard Infinity table size – a blank one of which I have had for quite a while (I purchased two 1200mm square 5mm thick MDF boards last year, the first I’ve painted dark bluey grey on one side and functions as my generic city board). Onto this I have now glued a patchy layer of sand. The fact that it is patchy was deliberate as it matches how I’ve done the bases of my miniatures. this afternoon I also put down the first coat of paint, which is a Beasty Brown colour Dulux house paint (a 500ml tin of which I purchased years ago for just this sort of project, but never ended up getting around to using). My next steps will be to put on a heavy dry brush type layer of Desert Yellow (again, I purchased a 500ml tin years ago) and then dry brush with Unbleached Titanium (craft paint, but I’ll be brushing this on and focusing on the sand while going much lighter or even sponging the patches where the sand hasn’t glued).

For my terrain I’m drawing inspiration from the Battlefield 3 map Operation Firestorm. If you do not know it, it involves an oil processing facility/filling station, plus warehouses on one side of the map, which is what I want to replicate. I want terrain enough to make a significant compound feature oil storage tanks, piplines spanning the map and high, razor wire topped fences (a mix of wire mesh, concrete walls and half and half). In addition, I will make black bitumen roads to cross the field and probably weave through the oil processing installation. Finally, I’ll likely make some hills, rock piles and scrub for outside the installation and scatter terrain like steel I beams (out of coreflu), crates and maybe some planters for inside the installation. The materials I will use are primarily foamcore (walls of buildings),and 5mm MDF (for floors and bases), with small PVC pipe for the pipelines and XPS for the hills/rock piles. Finally, I also hope to acquire some diecast vehicles or plastic kits in 1:64 scale (I believe this will suit Infinity best) of oil tankers to use as terrain pieces too.

Other News

While I am kicking on with my grand new Infinity terrain plan (I should add, I do have enough straight foamcore buildings made that I can do a whole City Generica field for Infinity with easy, even if they are unpainted) I have also put in a very large order of new Infinity things. So expect to see some updates in the future as I get those models painted (when they arrive), including things for both my forces. In addition, I’m also getting myself into boardgame mode. Over the past two weeks I’ve added four games to my collection (Pandemic, Cosmic Encounter, King of Tokyo and The Resistance) and will likely add at least one more within the next fortnight. The perfect thing to stock up on and get stuck into with Christmas and the new year fast approaching. Hard to believe that 2014 is less than two months from over!

Until next time, however, happy wargaming and I hope to be updating in the near future with more exploits of my desert table and new Infinity models.

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