The Weekend and What Next?

The Weekend

So the bad news is that the FoW battle I promised (and was very much looking forward to) never eventuated. My mate had a Big Night on Friday night and wrote himself off for the Saturday. Meanwhile I had a Big Arvo on Saturday and wrote myself off for the Sunday (been a long while since I’ve done that!). So good and bad really.

What I did do on the weekend, however, was get myself some Norman knights, some new brushes, a can of dark yellow Army Painter spray and some Nuln Oil (G Dubs black wash, I like inks and washes in pots rather than dripper bottles, the only time I’ll buy G Dubs paints these days).


The Norman knights I grabbed were a box of the Conquest Games ones (these are available on Warlord Games website too). You get 15 hard plastic knights, plus bases – except these are four singles and four doubles, luckily I had some singles laying around for other reasons so I’ve enough for each rider to be based solo. You get four of the above sprue, plus one other sprue with three horses (and the bases on another). The models look nice, with good detail. There are four body variants, three with mail hauberks, one unarmoured. In the above image I’ve used my dark yellow Army Painter spray to undercoat (they were out of grey, but stuff it, I’m really taking to yellow after my DAK).


I’ve assembled eight so far. They aren’t glued to their mounts and their shield arms are separate (for ease of painting purposes). I plan to assemble the rest over the week, fill out the bases and be ready for painting on the weekend. I’ll probably do a bit of reading on painting Normans too.

What Next

Other than the the task of assembling my knights, I’ve also got my Soviet Bolt Action blisters ready for undercoat: maxim MMG, 82mm mortar and the command blister (which contains two officers of different rank and a medic) – as you can see below.


Again, I intend for these to be painting ready come the weekend. Not sure what I will start painting first though. So in terms of what next, I’ll probably post something about painting these things in the next week or so. This weekend I am thinking of doing a little project I’ve been thinking about for a while and making some trees, except that I don’t really have the paint for it, so I might head to Spotlight and pick up some more tubes of cheap craft paint. We’ll see how things go and report back in Friday’s post.

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