The Friday Post – 10 October 2014

Well, I had very much hoped I would be posting about the imminent painting of my farming commune to take place on the weekend. Unfortunately I’ve been slow getting the rooves for the houses together. I’ve gone through a process of trial and error, trying to do something fancy and ultimately failed. Moral of the story: KISS! (That’s Keep it Simple, Stupid!). The other thing I hoped to achieve this week, painting the last character for our current Pathfinder game (mine, actually, a human cleric) is also not done – though I am close. So that is something to look forward to next week (or maybe the weekend).

The Rooves (that are not yet on fire)

The rooves for the houses of the farming commune have been Frustrating. I wanted to try something fancy, hot on the tail of my pleasing outcome with the barn roof. What I wanted to do was to cut roof beams that would slot onto the walls of the buildings and onto which I would glue thick card for the fake fur (for the thatch) to be glued to.


I cut six roof beams per house: at one end they had a 45 degree cut, and at the other two 45 degree cuts to form a 90 degree cut out which would slot onto the walls. These were then glued together with beams facing each other and the third coming off perpendicular to the centre of these – as per the image above. Gluing these together was Annoying because I have a bad case of the Can’t Cut Straight to Save My Life disease. I suspect this comes from my hand eye coordination (or lack thereof), a result of my being legally blind. Given this is, after all, an underlying (though no doubt uncommonly mentioned) theme of this blog, I will chalk it up as a Challenge for the blind wargamer.


The next step would be to glue a couple of slats along the beams, joining the two separate sets of three together. These beams were cut at 45 degree angles at the ends and would be arranged for card to be glued over the top, or foam core to be glued between – I hadn’t fully decided. I never did glue a second set of beams on, as you can see from the above image. Yeah. I think it speaks for itself. It wouldn’t sit right, I wasn’t happy with how it was looking. Cluck it. Time to KISS.


So I decided to go back to the tried and true method: draw up the roof on card, cut it out, fold it up, sit it on top the walls unaided. Just like I had done with my Eastern Fronts houses for Flames of War (these will appear in more than one FoW AAR in the future, I know this for certainty). I was armed with the power of greater knowledge in that I knew to be successfully there had to be some degree of overhang. What do you know, it worked out great!


I’m still playing around with the roof pitch through trial and error, but have go to the point where I am resorting to Mathematics and will have things done tomorrow morning – tonight being given over to Friday Night Magic with a mate. I still hope to have things painted on Sunday, a very reasonable aim given my clear weekend (bar the usual chores).

Until then, happy wargaming!

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