September 2014: Flames of War North Africa Month

I had intended that the last quarter of this year would be dedicated to Bolt Action once I my Infinity forces and terrain at a playable place. This intention was unfulfilled, however, as the result of my long awaited Stuka Ju87 dive bombers for my Deutsche Afrika Korp (DAK) finally arriving. This was followed a couple of weeks later by the arrival of the DAK Flak 88s I was waiting on. I’ve still got another two Panzer III L/Ns on order, but to work around the niggling issue of not having a properly organised force, I requisitioned three Panzer IV F2s that I had intended for my Hungarian mid war forces.

My aim was to spend an hour or so after work each day painting with a larger block dedicated to the task on Saturdays and Sundays and I was very pleased to exceed this aim. In the first week of the month I knocked off my second Panzer III platoon (the first had been done a while back) which includes two Panzer III Ls and a single Panzer III N (none of my panzer platoons are full strength at this stage, mate and I are doing a slow force build up thing), Week two involved assembling and getting my Stukas and 88s ready for undercoating and painting, my Panzer IVs were already at that point. After undercoating on the weekend, week three involved painting my Panzer IVs (three PIV F2s), followed by my Stukas on the following weekend. Finally, I painted and based the 88s in week four.

My colour scheme doesn’t adhere to historical accuracy very well (to the best of my knowledge). My panzers are Iraqi Sand, with German Grey tracks that are then drybrushed Gunmetal Grey. The Stukas are Iraqi Sand on top with Beasty Brown and Green Brown camo, the undersides are Stonewall Grey. Finally, my Flak 88 crew are in Khaki Grey with Iraqi Sand helmets and Beige Brown boots, the guns are Iraqi Sand. All fleshtones are Flat Flesh.

I’m very pleased with the result (images below), a force totaling 1525 points which fits the Panzer Company force organisation chart without any hiccups There is plenty of room to expand, filling out my panzer platoons and adding a third being on the top of my list. For the meantime though, I need to get a battlefield ready for us to fight over!


The whole force, ready for battle on my kitchen table.


Command section with a Panzer IV F2 and Panzer III L.


The Flak 88s. I have painted the tractors, but I haven’t based them – I don’t think I will bother at this stage, they don’t really serve much purpose unless you are assembling the guns for towing.


Panzer platoon with two Panzer IV F2s and a Panzer III N.


Panzer platoon with three Panzer III Ls and a Panzer III N.

DAK - Priority Air Support

Finally the Stuka Ju87G dive bombers!

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